Identity Interview Reflection Paper

A person’s identity is a topic of concern in many disciplines including education. Besides, personal identity formation is a vital developmental task that starts in childhood and continues throughout a person’s adult life. Consequently, one’s identity is not static. My identity has been shaped by my background as a minority in the U.S. However, the U.S. culture has also played a huge role in my identity formation. I would therefore identify myself as being bicultural and a believer in biculturalism. According to Schwartz and Unger, biculturalism represents proficiency and comfort with both one’s traditional culture and the culture of the nation or region in which one has settled (26). However, the focus of this paper is not my identity. Rather, the paper seeks to trace the identity of a Chinese born American and how the environment has helped to shape her identity. While the home environment has played a part in my interviewee’s identity formation process, the school and peers have had the greatest influence on my subject’s identity.

Chicago Teacher Union Strike Essay

In case of a conflict arises, each side is tempted to make unilateral decisions on important issues since they believe negotiations will hit a wall. The 2011 Chicago teachers’ strike made headlines that shifted the fight over public education. This labor strike was the first in over 25 years, and it was not only focused on wages but also insisted on maintaining the existing health benefits and standardized testing. In any conflict, there must be wins, losses, and draws; this was also the case with the Chicago teachers strike outcomes as the teachers and the union came out as the biggest winners.

Islamic and Common Law Essay

Abstract The contents of this paper will analyze scholarly articles on the topic of Sharia law and Common Law and provide a comparison based on the information derived. The analysis will show that glaring differences exist between the two sets of laws. The judges follow the Islamic sharia which if they cannot interpret it, they are at liberty to choose other sources. By contrast, for the common law, judges must follow the precedence that the courts of a similar level set or use the direction of higher courts. The paper covers the sources of both sets of laws, the punishments, and the influence of scholars in formulating the legal system.

Meaning of the Statue of Liberty Essay

Introduction The United States is known for cultural diversity as it accommodates people from different ethnic groups and nationalities. As such, it strives to unite all its citizens regardless their personal differences. The Statue of Liberty is one of the widely recognized symbols of Unity in the United States. Initially, it represented the reinforced relationship between France and the United States as it was a gift from a French artist to the United States. The Statue also denoted the United States’ freedom from colonization and also freedom to welcome people from different parts of the world. However, its meaning has changed with the change in political ideologies overtime. Today, the United States’ has a stringent immigration policy that prohibits entry of immigrants into the country. Such changes divide people’s beliefs with some arguing that the Statue represents the country’s pluralism and others believing that it symbolizes racial separatism. The Statue of Liberty portrays the United States’ pluralism as shown in the opportunities the country offers the immigrant, yet it is misconstrued by people who state that it is a sign or racial issues in the US.

Benny and the Dreamers Documentary Essay

Benny and the Dreamers is a documentary about the Pintubi people’s initial contact with the European society. The entry of Europeans led to a massive disorientation of the existing social and economic lives. The White settlers dispossessed the indigenous population land and forced them into missions. A minority group of the Pintupi people from modern-day west Central Australia can piece together the initial contact with the White man, the impression of the White man’s world, and their reactions and expectations of what the White man’s world would deliver. Benny and the Dreamers points out to the initial versions of the contact with Europeans and their way of life, which changed the traditional way of life completely. Evidently, from the film, the change is a fascinating experience while some term it as a harrowing experience. For the Aboriginal people, contact with the White man led to the gradual erosion of a nomadic way of life, which they practiced for over 40,000 years (“Benny and the Dreamers: Creation | NFSA”). Tjapaltjarri and Ngamurarri vent their dissatisfaction in Western religion by quitting the missionary to return to their ancestral land, culture, and religion. The elders explain the significance of dreaming and creation.

The Land of Surprises Book Review

Cathy Haque welcomes you to go on an astounding adventure to The Land of Surprises – where you’ll find that couple of things are what they appear. You may imagine that the Greek method for getting things done and the Greek attitude aren’t altogether different from your own, yet this isn’t the situation. While we react to challenges, inconveniences and issues by saying “Such is reality!,” the Greeks living on Crete express “That is Crete!” It takes remote newcomers settling on the island brief period to acknowledge exactly how laidback and joyful the Greeks living in the farmland are. There is one short expression that another remote inhabitant will get in the blink of an eye, and that is the Greek for “It doesn’t make a difference!”

Gluten Intolerance Essay

Gluten intolerance is a term referring to three disorders in humans resulting from adverse reactions to gluten. Gluten is a protein mostly found in wheat, rye, barley, and oat. The three disorders are namely; autoimmune celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and wheat allergy. Gluten intolerance occurs in the gastrointestinal tract when the proteases are unable to break down gluten proteins. Although the symptoms in all three disorders are almost similar, the underlying causes depend on the gluten protein. Celiac disease is described as the most fatal gluten intolerance. It is a reaction to a gluten protein called gliadin. This reaction destroys the inner linings of the small intestine causing an abnormal absorption of nutrients and minerals which leads to health complications.

Article Summary Essay

The author, Betty-Ann Heggie wrote the article “The Benefits of Laughing in the Office” to demonstrate the strengths and benefits that humor and laughter present in the office. Heggie opens the article by sharing her own experience which had prompted her to think deeply about laughter. During a business trip in Europe, when her boss made a joke at lunch, she laughed loudly and nonchalantly. She was surprised that her laughter seemed to have made others uncomfortable, her boss included. She wondered whether her laughter had always irked others. She even contemplated on shifting to a different department or changing her career to one that was more relaxed. After sleeping over the issue, she decided that she would not only keep her job, but she would also keep laughing. She also decided that she would keenly observe how her laughter influenced others. She was surprised to find that her laughter did not, even to the smallest extent, obstruct her advancements. In fact, she found that when she was away from the office, her laughter was missed by her colleagues. She realized that her laughter served a need. Most of her colleagues appreciated her laughter more than she knew. As a…

James Blake Miller Essay

In the modern society, it is almost impossible to identify an outstanding individual to look up to as a hero. Most people today are analytic and are not easily persuaded to trust someone they should consider a hero without fear of being led astray. However, many have exemplary risked their lives for the success of the society. Apart from the willingness to fight for everyone’s freedom, my modern day hero of choice is someone has been outstanding in his career and is always willing to lay down his life for the sake of his people. James Blake Miller is that modern-day hero. He became the staff sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and fought many battles not only in America but also in the overseas countries such as Iraq and Djibouti. Apart from protecting the lives of all the America, Miller’s ambition was to set other countries free from terrorism.

Short Stories Summary Essay

Dehumanization can be defined as an act of undermining the individuality of a person such as making someone feel less of a human by using false or demeaning actions. Utopia and dystopia are themes that explore the dehumanization due to the tendency of not telling the truth about ascendancy and give an illusion of a perfect society. Utopia can be explained as a state or condition that is ideally perfect in respect of laws and customs. Dystopia is a society that is characterized as an illusion of a perfect society that is maintained through an oppressive control. In most instances, people depict societal leanings as perfect based on their beliefs on a certain aspect. This bearing creates an illusion, which does not illuminate the reality. To put utopia and dystopia into perspective, the illusions regarding a perfect society in three narratives will be examined and a discussion of their failure to maintain the perception of exemplarity.