Health Effects of Air Pollution Essay

Question 1
In the article “The Unexpected Health Effects of Air Pollution,” David Peden identifies air contamination as a significant environmental concern. It postulates that contaminated air causes more adverse human implications than just mortality (Peden 309). The discourse examines several other potential pollution-related illnesses, such as attention-deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, and neurocognitive disorder.

Question 2
The primary sources of this article are scholarly journals and research reports. For example, the article utilizes data from the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health, which is a recognized commission for informing key decision makers about the cost of pollution on economic and health development. Therefore, the article sources are reliable since they are supported by evidence.

Question 3
The consequences of the article include an increased focus on air pollution as a critical public health risk. The discussion implies that key decision makers about health development must expand their attention to the effects of air pollutants on human health. Moreover, the article portends an increased financial outlay to solve the new set of diseases.

Question 4
Based on the article’s information, the audience can conclude that air contamination is a significant public health hazard. Notably, it finds that the health risks presented by air pollution are as critical as those offered by other issues, such as poor food quality. Although the conclusions are justified, mentioning the financial implications for these findings would improve the interpretations of the evidence that the expert has made.

Question 5
Some of the questions that emerge from the article include: How many more people die due to the undiscovered impacts of air pollution? How much more implications does air pollution have for human health? How much longer will it take environmental scientists to deal with this issue?

Additional Question: Point of View
The point of view presented in the article is that environmental scientists have not exhausted the impacts of air pollution on human health. The author seeks to expand the scope of focus on the effects of contaminated air. He believes that air pollution is similar to other critical environmental issues.

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Work Cited
Peden, David. “The Unexpected Health Effects of Air Pollution.” North Carolina Medical Journal, vol. 79 no.5, 2108, pp. 309-311.