Climate Change and Its Effects Essay

Question 1
In the article, “Climate Change Caused by Human Activities is Happening and it Already has Major Consequences,” Kevin Trenberth argues that human beings are the central instruments of climate change. The author explains that climate changes caused by humans could keep up in future (Trenberth 463). However, the society is not doing enough to prevent this problem and mitigate its potential impacts.

Question 2
The primary sources of information for this article are research institutions, such as the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP). The sources used are reliable. Additionally, Kevin Trenberth is a prominent scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, so his opinion and findings are credible and trustworthy.

Question 3
The article implies that dealing with climate change should be approached from the perspective of human activities. Also, the findings suggest that the costs of climate change should factor in the direct influences on drought, heavy rainfalls, and society and environmental impacts. Finally, the article findings imply that relevant authorities should focus more considerable attention on the dangers of human-induced climate change.

Question 4
Based on the information presented, the audience can logically conclude that climate has been attributed to other less significant causes. Notably, the author concludes that humans make the most severe contribution to climate change. A more reasonable interpretation of the evidence presented by the article is that there is a need to widen the outlook on the implications of human-induced climate changes beyond global warming, to include the direct costs to the environment and society.

Question 5
Some of the emerging questions from reading this article include: Are humans ready to take responsibility for climate change? Is it possible to reverse the damages caused by climate change? How can human-induced climate change be mitigated in the wake of increased population and technology?

Additional Question: Assumptions
The author is taking the population increase for granted in this article. While the human contribution to climate change is indisputable, Trenberth does not acknowledge that the world population is increasing. In this regard, their impact on climate change remains high.

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Work Cited
Trenberth, Kevin E. “Climate Change Caused by Human Activities is Happening and it Already has Major Consequences.” Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law, vol. 36, no. 4, 2018, pp. 463-481.