Saudi Arabia Economy Essay

History of Saudi Arabia Economy Saudi Arabia is a country whose economy is founded on oil production, with little diversification achieved in the past. The past rulers of the kingdom have exchanged cash for loyalty. This cash is mostly derived from oil business that they conduct in the international markets. However, increased calls for a transition from non-renewable sources of energy towards green ones have shaken the nation’s prosperity in the future. One of the biggest problems is the fluctuating oil prices in the international markets, which means that the Saudi government cannot plan adequately for the future of its citizens. In the past, the nation used to gain much revenue from the exportation of crude oil, making it one of the most affluent countries in the Middle East. The position has not changed but has become more threatened by increased global concerns about the high emissions from oil and petroleum products.

Essay on Hong Kong’s Unrelenting Protests

Following three months of protests, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam gave into pressure and announced the withdrawal of a questionable bill that would allow the extradition of suspected offenders to mainland China for trials. Despite the fact that the proposed law was the original cause for protests from over a million Hong Kong occupants, the protests have extended in scope with nonconformists likewise requesting investigations into the police’s use of force, reprieves for captured protestors, withdrawal of the use of the word “agitators” against them, and all-inclusive suffrage. Furthermore, in a general sense, the protests have developed into a more extensive articulation of discontent with China’s administration of Hong Kong under the one nation, two frameworks system. Thus, it is expected that the protests be set to proceed for a long time to come. Meanwhile, the subsequent strains between Hong Kong and mainland China have presented challenges for organizations working in the region in terms of their business improvement, worker retention, and leadership in particular. To deal with these difficulties, leaders need to comprehend the context around the protests and their impact on business.

Recruitment Plan Sample

Recruitment and selection plan is the process of selecting the best people for a certain job vacancy among a pool of applicants. Human resource managers use the selection process as the critical decision-making method. Recruitment plans make the hiring process easier. It helps the managers in ensuring that they hire people with the right skills and qualifications for the specified job. When an organization has a good recruitment plan, it is capable of finding competent employees in a timely manner thereby, avoiding lapses in employment. This is a recruitment plan for Taft Avonics International.

The Extinction of Boreal Caribou

Introduction Boreal caribou is one of the biological species facing extinction due to human activities. These animals were once present in more than half of territory in Canada. However, over the last half a century, their historical range has been lost as pointed out by David Suzuki Foundation and Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (2013). The primary risk to the survival of the caribou is industrial development, which has fragmented their habitat and made them even vulnerable to predation. Currently, only 30% of Canada’s boreal caribou is self-sustaining. The future of boreal caribou is not absolute, and their extinction is imminent devoid of an effective conservation measure. Brief Summary of the Issue The population of boreal caribou has been witnessing dramatic fluctuations since the early 1900s. Following a peak approximation of 100 thousand in the 1900s, the population dropped by about 85% to 10-15 thousand caribous in 1925. According to the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) Assessment and Status Report (2014), it increased significantly by 84% in four decades, reaching about 94 thousand in the mid-1990s. In 2002, the population declined to approximately 68 thousand, and, since then, it has continued dropping. In 2013, the…

Analysis of King Lear and King Oedipus

Fate and personality caused the fall of King Lear and King Oedipus. These two great kings suddenly lost their thrones and became dependent on their daughters (Bond 3; Shakespeare). However, the circumstances that led to their misfortunes were different. Nonetheless, the leaders embraced their journeys and discovered who they were. The characters King Lear and King Oedipus are similar, as they lose their power when they learn the truth and eventually discover their identities, but differ on the events that led to their fall. The change in the fate of the two kings can be described as peripeteia. Their lives changed drastically from noble individuals to paupers. On his part, Oedipus, who becomes blind, is exiled from his kingdom in Thebes and forced to seek refuge in Colonus (Bond 4). Comparatively, Lear is pushed to escape from his daughters in the middle of a storm (Shakespeare). Interestingly, the two leaders depend on their daughters during the trying moments. Lear relies on his daughter Cordelia who finds and looks after him when his mental state worsens (Shakespeare). Similarly, Oedipus turns to his daughter Antigone, who leaves him for Colonus (Bond 3). The two kings lose their thrones to their relatives.

Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart Essay

“Things Fall Apart” is one of the most exciting yet informative novels. The book is centered on Okonkwo, a wealthy and revered warrior in the Umuofia clan in Nigeria. Okonkwo is continuously haunted by his father’s behaviors, including, being lazy, unable to fend for his family, and constantly falling into debts, which are not valued in the Umuofia clan. To eliminate the family shame, Okonkwo strives to build his family’s reputation. He works hard to become a wealthy and respectable man in society. However, the most fundamental part of the play is how Okonkwo’s character changes from the beginning of the story to the end. Due to the fundamental role that Okonkwo plays as the main character, examining how he develops various versions of himself to reflect the different social circumstances and media is fundamental to understanding the influence of societal issues on a character.

Essay: Is Vaping Collateral Damage in the War on Smoking?

Electronic cigarettes are marked as less harmful alternatives to smoking. The electronic cigarettes are a current development in tobacco harm reduction. People who switch from tobacco smoking to the use of electronic cigarettes experience significant health benefits, such as better oral hygiene, healthy skin, and an improved sense of taste and smell. The use of these products has grown over the past years, with millions of people using them currently. Electronic cigarettes and some vape flavors contain nicotine, an addictive substance in tobacco; hence, the use and sale of electronic cigarettes undermine the war on smoking. Vape releases vapor that has carcinogens and nicotine-related toxins. Vaping is currently marketed as a safe option to smoking, and advertisers aim to convince their clients into thinking that vape emits water vapor, which is not valid. Vape flavors contain contamination of nicotine and addictive metals from the manufacturing process. Vaping can hinder smokers from quitting smoking, and this results from gradual addiction caused by nicotine elements in some of the vape flavors. Youths and non-smokers are likely to embrace vaping, which can lead to them becoming addicted thus seeking more concentrated options to smoking, such as the use of tobacco-related products high in…

The Inquisition in Mexico Essay

Question: What was the purpose and the role of the Inquisition in the occupied by Spaniards Mexico? The Inquisition is one of the most notorious institutions in the history of Medieval Europe. It is known as a ruthless machine of terror protecting the ideals of the most radical Christianity. At the same time, little attention is paid to the tribunal of Inquisition established by the Spaniards in Mexico. Surprisingly, the main purpose of the Inquisition in Mexico was not to convert indigenous people to Christianity. The primary aim of this institution was to monitor Christian beliefs of Spaniards, who had moved to new territories, which was recognizable in trials against bigamists and the promotion of conservative Christian values.

Understanding Net Worth Essay

My net worth dictates the social class I fit in and my influence in that network. Net worth is also reflected by my social standing and ability to afford essential goods and services. The upper class dominates over lower classes, not just politically but also economically. High-income earners rule over the low-income earners, make policies that affect how available resources are distributed thereby influencing how I access those resources. The disconnect between the two classes leads to the hegemonic oppression of low-income earners. Low-income earners have a low net worth. Nearly half the people at this income level spend 20 percent or more of their income on premiums and health care each year. According to Schoen et al., less than half of Medicare beneficiaries receive Medicaid assistance in the form of low premiums and shared costs. Prior research has shown extensive evidence of unmet care needs as well as financial hardship (2). As a low-income earner, I am unlikely to realize the purpose of Medicare. Woolf et al. note that the greater the income, the lower the likelihood of disease and premature death. Studies show that Americans at low-income levels are less healthy than those with higher incomes (1). The…

Facebook and Twitter Post

Facebook Post Facebook is an important communication platform if done appropriately. According to Guffey, Loewry, and Griffin (2019), avenues such as Facebook offer an interactive environment for individuals to engage with each other. A good Facebook group communication needs to be precise and interactive. Group Name: Healthy Harvest Farmers Union Message: As a sustainable oriented group, Healthy Harvest Farmers Union is an organization offering farmers with education and training on best practices in modern farming. The Farmers market remains our greatest success story. This annual event began in our neighborhood and has now spread into other places. Through the event, we have been able to promote best practices among the framers and encouraged businesses in the neighborhoods to engage in sustainable practices. Our extension farming aims at teaching farmers innovative ways to manage their practices through regenerative agriculture. As an organization, we believe that in as much as it is important to have new thinking regarding the local and global food systems, we also require a new doing. Around the world, many individuals and organizations have come up with innovative ways and solutions to make farming more sustainable.