Incarceration Policy Analysis

The United States (U.S.) has the highest incarceration rate in the world. The federal government considers incarceration to be the most practical correctional observation method. However, incarceration has undue pressure on the U.S. economy while it is unable to rehabilitate prisoners. In the U.S., about 47% of incarcerations are drug-related. Nonetheless, it is observed that most prisoners live incarceration worse than they entered. The issue of incarceration and racial inequality is also at the front line in the legal system’s ethical violation. In education, policies favoring the white and creating limitations for the minority populations are prevalent. In this regard, racial minorities are constantly subject to unfair hearings, making them populate prisons. Therefore, the U.S. legal system is seen to be unjust in terms of race. Simultaneously, its ability to rehabilitate offenders remains questionable due to the high associated costs and poor outcomes.

Space Exploration Definition Essay

Humanity’s interest in space exploration is enduring and universal, but some people question whether people and governments should invest resources in the field when the challenges on Earth that societies have to contend with are yet to be solved. People are driven to discover new worlds, explore the unknown, and push the limits of scientific research. I believe human space exploration is critical because it helps to address crucial questions about our place in the Universe. By addressing the challenges regarding human space exploration, investment in research is imperative. I believe society should be driven by a desire to expand technology and understand the possibility of life beyond Earth. Space exploration is no longer the preserve of governments because the private sector has recognized the importance of exploring mysteries of the Universe. The Imperial Space Shift shows that private citizens and companies can join the space race and contribute to the quest for a better understanding of the heavens.

Elevator Speech About Workplace Violence

Summary of the Issue Workplace violence among nurses has been one of the most challenging issues in many hospitals, mostly because nurses interact and work together with patients. Hence, workplace violence has become one of the most pertinent issues in Texas. Violence has resulted in injuries that require a day away from the workstation. The Texas Nursing Association (n.d.p.2) posits that patients are considered to be the most common perpetrator of the violence against workers. Often, workplace violence can be prevented if leaders put proper safety measures in place. According to the Texas Nursing Association (n.d.), approximately 49.8% of nurses reported experiencing physical violence, while over 80% percent have reported facing verbal abuse. Therefore, violence negatively affects nurses. Workplace violence results in post-traumatic stress response as a majority are unable to return to the same work environment. In contrast, others leave the profession and decide to follow other careers. The Texas state needs to adopt key policies with the aim of reducing violence among healthcare workers.

My Rock Climbing Experience

Scaling overhanging rock faces is a scary but exciting experience whose thrill lies between the fear of falling onto rough rocks lying a long way down and the satisfaction of getting perched on a summit like a conqueror. Rock climbing is a way of cultivating bravely and an experience that tests commitment to dreams. Growing up in a highly outdoorsy family, I have rich memories of how my brother and I used to go camping, hiking, and mountain biking. I learned tying knots, using the belay device, and climbing during my membership at the Vertical Endeavors club. Despite having climbing skills, I have never pursued bold rock climbing or mountaineering activities. My continually growing academic commitments and joys of socializing have barred me from intensive climbing. However, I have always wished to feel the thrill of rock climbing at Boqueron in Peru’s foothills, an experience that recently awakened my liking for climbing.

Cartesian Substance Dualism Essay

According to the concept of Cartesian substance dualism, humans are consistent f two substances, namely; a body, and the other a person (mind). Descartes explains that the “person” element is not a purely mental substance. This means that it cannot be described in terms of consciousness and or thought separate from all other elements. However, persons and their bodies are both substances and possess unique identity conditions. Since the two, body and person (mind), are essentials of what constitutes a human being, then the concept qualifies as a form of substance dualism known as Cartesian substance dualism. Remember that dualism is the idea that the body and the mind are unique entities, each of which exists isolate and identifiable from one another. Under the concept of Cartesian dualism, the mind and body substances engage in a two-way interaction forming a functional unit which is responsible for human experiences.

Argumentative Essay: Comparison Between Married and Single Women

Historically, marriage has become one of the most important activities of human life as people marry both for political, financial, and social welfare. However, in the recent past, the world is experiencing an increase in the number of single women as more women avoid marriage or opt for divorce. The trend of some women choosing to remain single has raised several debates, with those supporting marriage arguing that marriage women get financial support to their families, their children are less likely to slip to poverty, and it reduces depression. The opposing side argues that marriage is a patriarchal system used by men to control women, and it also exposes women to health problems caused by depression, among others.

SWOT Analysis Essay

Introduction SWOT-analysis helps identify the organization’s threats, opportunities, weaknesses, and strengths; thus, it is essential in this time of COVID to improve the healthcare facilities’ performance. Regarding this, the framework concentrates on both the external and internal factors of associations, making it easy for organizations to make changes where possible. For instance, St. Mary Medical Center (SMMC) is an acute care hospital providing several services such as pediatric, emergency, trauma, medical, obstetrical surgical, and plays a significant role in treating COVID-19. The hospital has four hundred and sixty beds but moved the COVID unit to a more prominent location with thirty beds, all having negative pressure. Relating to SWOT analysis, the hospital faces various strengths such as social support, weaknesses such as inadequate staff with opportunities such as educating the community, and threats such as insufficient knowledge on the disease when dealing with COVID-19.

Essay on Democracy and Campaigns

Senator Daniel Scott Sullivan is the United States senator for Alaska who was chosen by under the Republican Party since 2015. The Senator is currently up for re-election in the coming US 2020 election. He had held public offices before being a politician. He served in the United States Corps Reserves, clerked for judges in the United States Court of Appeal, among other public offices. The Senator was a responsible leader who cared for the life of infant rebuking child abortion. However, he believes that in cases of rape or when the baby is a threat to the mother’s life, the mother may opt to abort the child. He has previously seen the enactment of bills in areas of his concern. He primarily sponsors bills in areas such as environmental protection, armed forces, and national security, crime, and enforcement of laws among other sectors.

A Reflection on “To Sell is Human” by Daniel Pink

Summary In To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink presents an interesting perspective of the marketing department and its impact on the nature of outcomes witnessed in the business world today. Significantly, the art of selling products and services exposes individuals to various scenarios that influence their general perspectives on life. Selling requires marketers to deploy specific skills that convince individuals about the importance of purchasing certain commodities at a particular time. Even though one may not need the said good at the time of selling, Pink highlights the concepts marketers should use to close a sale. According to the statistics gathered by Pink, every American is directly or indirectly involved in the process of selling. Importantly, Pink opines that the art of selling is an inevitable process because of its role in enhancing the quality of life. Throughout his assertions, Pink uses relatable examples that enhance the reader’s understanding of the science of selling. For instance, the author indicates that every person, regardless of his or her professional background, is involved in the selling process when convincing other people to embrace their ideas. From this observation, understanding the best practices used during the selling process enables individuals to accomplish their…

Short Film Analysis: Lunch Time (2017)

Lunch Time is a 15-minutes 2017 Persian film that was written and directed by Alireza Ghasemi. The film was co-produced by Ghasemi himself and The Global Community of Silent Filmmakers (The Globe CSF).The masterpiece film opens with a scene of a teenage girl (16-year-old) who has presented to the hospital to identify the remains of her dead mother. However, the young girl cannot be allowed into the morgue by the receptionist on grounds that she does not have any identification documents including a photo identity card. The girl faces a lot of obstacles due to bureaucracies and policies that are implemented to her disadvantage because she does not have anybody from her family to help her. In this short film analysis paper I will argue that Lunch Time by Alireza Ghasemi is a film about how society continues to oppress the girl child instead of supporting and empowering her. The film writer/director has used film form, narrative form, mise-en-scène, and cinematography to illustrate this idea.