Virginia’s Slave Society Essay

Virginia’s Slave Society is a document that covers the slave trade history that occurred in the 18th century. The document describes the early lives of the Africans who were brought to America purposefully for providing cheap labor for the masters. The Africans labeled slaves because all of them were brought into America without their consent. They worked tirelessly with no pay just a little food and water to give them energy for more duties. The document was authored by Hugh Jones in the year 1724. The author had the first-hand experience of how the American culture was changing during the slavery period. From the author’s insight, the document was meant to enlighten us on how the slaves became appealing to the Americans of such time. In 20 years between 1680 to 1700, the number of slaves in Virginia alone grew from 3000 to 13000. The numbers show how cultural exchange within the period shaped Virginia of today. Even the Indians were also caught in the slavery. Indian slavery was of critical importance to Anglo-Indian relations in Virginia (Rice, 171-172).

BYD Analysis Paper

Theories and Techniques Theory of Constraints The theory of constraints is one of the methodologies used to identify the most limiting factors that can hinder a company from achieving a desired goal. The five steps of the theory of constraints include identifying the constraint, exploiting the constraint, subordinating and synchronizing to the constraint, elevating the performance of the constraint, and repeating the process. In the first step, the objective is to identify the constraint that is present at the time of the analysis. In exploiting the constraint, the objective is to make quick improvements to the identified constraint using resources that are available. Subordinating means reviewing all other activities that are related to the constraint to determine whether they are in alignment with supporting the constraint’s needs. The fourth step of elevation involves assessing if the constraint still exists and using additional resources with further actions to eliminate it (Vorne, 2019). Here, necessary actions continue until the constraint has been broken and it may require capital investment. The final step, repeating, is necessary because these five focusing steps are a continuous cycle of improvement so the next constraint ought to be identified and dealt with.

Research Essay on Delta Airlines

Airline Industry The airline industry is highly competitive and significantly volatile. It requires high capital investment and depends on the movement of people from one part of the world to another. Competition, low profitability margins, customer care requirement and global business dynamics are among the key issues affecting the industry. The industry is affected by any extraneous events such as government regulations, political stability, natural and man-made calamities among others. In the wake of COVID-19 which has affected the global supply chain adversely, the airline industry is one of those worst hit.

Annotated Bibliography on Parenting Styles

Larzelere, Robert E., Amanda Sheffield Ed Morris, and Amanda W. Harrist. Authoritative Parenting: Synthesizing Nurturance and Discipline for Optimal Child Development. Washington: American Psychological Association, 2013. The researchers summarize most of the current parenting studies and integrate them to argue on the aspects of authoritative parenting. The authors also combine some of the best parenting styles and evaluate their influence on the revolutionary prototype of parenting. The book’s main objective is to demonstrate the contrast of authoritarian parenting on previous permissive parenting. The source argues that the only way parents can become authoritative is by combining demandingness and responsiveness. Further, conclude that authoritative parenting enhances firm discipline and an appropriate mix of warm nurturance. These findings portray various styles parents can utilize while interacting with their children to instill discipline and improve child development. Most of the feedback and data in the book is guided by perspectives from parents who share their preferable mode of parenting. Besides, the research also focuses on clinical and developmental psychologists to form an evidentiary basis of its argument. The book has a separate section that indicates the responses received from psychologists, parents, and the youth. Notably, the authors have incorporated these findings and compared…

American History Essay

Introduction In the American context, the study of legal history and the correlation that law and the legal organizations have to the community that forms their environment gives a deep dive into the country’s legal framework and their interdependence. The law, on the other hand, refers to all the aspects from the local regulations and the rules that are subdued by the various administrative agencies, to the statutes and court rulings. Therefore, legal history focuses on how the law and the legal institutions conduct their businesses and their dynamism aspect that is concerning the constantly changing conditions politically, economically, and socially (Reimann Pg 672). Additionally, legal history is interested in the people who are governed by the rule of law and how these individuals strive to influence law and the legal players. Therefore, this paper shall delve into the study of law and legal structures that help individuals understand American history in the twentieth century.

Reading Aloud Lesson Essay

“2030: A day in the Life of Tomorrow’s” is a book by Amy Zuckerman and James Daly that explores how new technology can transform how we live. The book is nonfiction and has illustrations making it an easy read for children in the 3rd grade. The story follows a day in the life of a boy living in 2030. In the book, it is typical for a boy his age to have a talking dog, a robot that cleans the house, and a data orb that gives him information about general things (Zuckerman & Daly, 2009). The cartoon illustrations help bring to life the idea and the many interesting aspects of this future world.

Clinical Case Presentation

Subjective During routine visits to the hospital, patients complain of noticing blood in the urine. Although the patient had no complaints of dysuria or any pain, he complains of irritation. Upon diagnosis and assessment, it was concluded that the patient has hematuria where blood is characterized in the urine. Hematuria is usually is not a cause of major alarm, though it should not be ignored because it can indicate a serious disorder. Hematuria can range from gross hematuria where blood can be easily noticed in urine to microscopic hematuria. A cross-examination of the urine is normally conducted on patient urine, to determine the reason for the bleeding. Hematuria is characterized by red or cola-colored urine due to the presence of red blood cells (Bataille et al., 2016). In most cases, hematuria occurs without any sign and symptoms with no point unless when the individual passes blood cloths in the urine, which can be painful. The clinical presentation involving urine in the blood has far-reaching causes that are not limited to medical conditions. The causes include bladder infections (acute cystitis), Kidney Cancer, Urinary tract/kidney infections, enlarged prostate, and vigorous exercise. Besides, there are other causes and risk factors that can be…

Essay on Biology and Other Life Sciences

The economic and social disruption caused by covid-19 pandemic is devastating as such as the outcomes are still inevitable. And while the impacts keep varying from country to country societies and economies are still affected at the core resulting to an overall impact on the global scale. The uncertainty with the virus is still overwhelming as impacts keep escalating. Nonetheless, day to day activities have to keep running as scientists keep digging deep into the pandemic. Therefore, in my paper I am going to draw conclusions from different authors on how they reviewed the emergence of covid-19, its development and the measures in place to contain the virus.

Essay on Populism, Socialism and Anarchism

The fundamental argument in this paper is that socialism is an effective ideology in handling healthcare pandemics. However, the essay reviews two other ideologies, that is, populism and anarchism to evaluate their efficacy in medical crisis mitigation. The premise of this essay is the determination of how the various ideologies inform the policies that are formulated to handle the crises. Socialism, as a foundational ideology upon which social, political, and economic regulations are made, offers effective solutions to pandemics such as the Covid-19 outbreak.

Statement of Purpose Essay Sample

The key contribution to human knowledge by the field of psychology is analyzing and providing critical solutions to the fundamental social, cultural, and political questions. I developed strong interest in studying psychology during my time as a student while gaining an associate degree in acting. During the studying period, our instructor always emphasized the need to broaden knowledge in psychology in addition to development of methodological toolbox for theatre analysis and performances. The knowledge would influence performance styles ranging from the cultural to historical perspectives. I also learnt that development of creative piece of art requires strong understanding and analysis of human behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. I strongly believe that enrolment in BA in social sciences with greater focus on psychology will assist to learn new ways of understanding how and why human beings think and act as they do.