Obesity as the Global Health Issue Essay

The issue of obesity is considered to be a health concern that affects the overall health of a person and can lead to more serious illnesses. In particular, obesity is characterized by the excessive fat ratio in the body and it is measured with the body-mass index (BMI) which considers the weight and height of a person. Obesity can also be regarded as a behavioral issue that should be addressed from a psychological perspective. Nevertheless, the implications of obesity and its effect on the health of the population make this global health issue alarming for the world population.

Needs Assessments and the Role of the School Counselor

Selected Statements Feeling sad or depressed Skills for resolving conflicts Getting along with other students better Concerns about alcohol and/or drug use School counselors play a pivotal role in carrying out school counseling programs to improve the performance of learners. Accordingly, the improvement of a learner should be perceived from the aspects of social and psychological status of students. The counseling programs designed by the experts help learners to ensure career, social, and emotional development opportunities. It is important to note that learners tend to face many challenges in the learning environment. There is a need to guide them on how to tackle the prevailing challenges to go against all odds and achieve their career goals. Therefore, counselors directly influence the activities of the school.

Is The Fetus a Person?

Is The Fetus a Person? A fetus is an unborn offspring fully developed from a primary embryo. Merriam Webster defines a fetus as an unborn vertebrate especially after attaining the basic structural elements of its kind. The fetus is considered a person because it has already acquired the human structure at the specified gestation period. This understanding depends on people’s moral and ethical backgrounds. Some comprehend the fetus as a non-living creature, validating abortion, while others consider it a living being, dissuading termination (Miller, 2007). A fetus is considered a community member in some cultures because it is fully developed and awaiting adjustment to extra-uterine life.

Leadership in Digital Forensics Essay

Leadership is a diverse and essential requirement in the personal and professional spaces. According to the leadership principle, all forensic science professionals are leaders. The society today depends on the fairness and credibility of the criminal justice system, hence the need for sound leadership in the field. Forensic scientists play a fundamental and essential role in the criminal justice system and keep communities safe. Leadership principles are the guiding beliefs and actions that leaders can apply to push them towards success. In criminal justice, how well digital forensics performs is directly related to how effective leaders guide and move with their actions.

Alibaba Innovative Strategy Essay

Alibaba is one of the world’s most re-known e-commerce businesses serving merchants from across the globe. Based in Hangzhou, China, the company does a significant share of the internet-based merchant business. Established towards the end of the 20th century, the company has a market share of 60% (Yun et al., 2020). Despite starting with a different business idea, the firm’s owner re-strategized into Alibaba to attract more opportunities. Jack Ma invented Haibo Translation Company in 1992, then Alibaba followed after, growing significantly over the last two decades (Yun et al., 2020). Combined with China’s welcoming attitude towards science, technology, and innovation, Alibaba has become better in terms of performance (Yun et al., 2020). Therefore, Alibaba was established and further designed to bring more profits innovatively.

International Aid as a Means of Financing TVET in Developing Nations

One of the main challenges facing developing nations is the lack of skilled workforce to drive their economies to the next level. Technical and Vocation Education and Training (TVET) institutions have been identified as educational centers of excellence that can help to promote sustainable development in developing countries. The main objective of TVET is to produce quality high skilled human resource that possess both the right attitudes as well as values. Unfortunately, most developing nations such as Kenya are unable to fund TVETs. This is where international donors come into play. Research has consistently showed that with the right quality skilled human resource, developing nations can be able to create employment for themselves and in so doing rescue millions of young people from poverty (Clegg 478). For this reason, international aid can be directed towards the development of TVETs with the main intention of lifting millions of people from poverty.

Gender Stereotype Essay

Visual Text Analysis of Gender Stereotype Guardians are one of the best mingling powers in a kid’s life and their messages about sexual orientation jobs and generalizations add to a youngster’s hope for achievement specifically professions and inspiration to seek after those vocations. Earlier exploration recommends that guardians impact their youngster’s word related goals by affecting their scholarly qualities and convictions. The qualities and convictions that guardians pass on to their kids might be established in sex generalizations. Specifically, the generalization that young men and men are more capable in math than young ladies and ladies are embraced by numerous guardians. In any event, when there was no sex distinction in target test scores, guardians who held sex stereotypic convictions about numerical execution overestimated their child’s mathematical capacity while belittling their girl’s number related capacity as demonstrated Clarke-Stewart and Parke (2014). Over the long run these parental discernments started to impact the youngster’s own assessments of her numerical capacity, her probability to take math courses later on, and eventually her word related yearnings (Al Kayed and Al_Khawaldah, 2020). Likewise, unpretentious types of parental generalizations might be proven in the space of science. At the point when guardians talk with their…

Ethical Decision Making Process in Business

Question 1 Ethical Decision-Making Process Regarding the position of Edward, the Comprehensive Contractors’ outings present a challenging position for the overall specificity of work determining its quality. Initially, it is essential to mention that the Comprehensive Contractors represents a principal supplier of Dazzling Designs providing the latter organization with the labor and required equipment. The principal ethical dilemma, which arises, indicates an increased price for the product because the customers will have to involuntarily pay for the $8000 outing session. In terms of the duties and rights theory of ethics, it is obligatory to pay attention to the factor of human behavior. The identified ethical theory implies that the personality treats another person with respect, which means that the partner, colleague, or supplier has to uphold the rights of the individual as well. The factor of duty implies that the person is obliged to adhere to the specific deeds to not cause negative outcomes In Edward’s situation, the rights and duties theory relates to the 1) customer’s position; 2) Edward’s authority in a team. Hypothetically, Edward should consider the alternative ways of entertainment in terms of the minimization of the ultimate expenditures. The identified decision should be focused on the…

Essay on People and Land

Garcia argued that the existence of land rights limits or denies people the right to use their land. In doing so, they influence people by affecting land-based vital activities, such as farming, which are central to society’s survival. From that perspective, land rights have blocked some individuals from using land as a critical source of livelihood. Garcia indicates that “a generation ago,” people and society depended on land as a source of livelihood through “land activities like ranching, farming, and working the forests” (81). Nevertheless, the rise and establishment of land rights eroded or eliminated the freedom of ranching, farming, and working the forests, coercing people to look for employment as an alternative to sustain and provide enough for themselves and their families. Implicit to the idea of looking for employment was the notion of food sufficiency since land rights had limited people from accessing some pieces of land they depended on as a source of livelihood. By limiting people’s access to tracts of fertile and productive lands, land rights have affected farming and ranching, coercing people to look for employment to sustain themselves since the small tracts of lands they have access to cannot provide plenty to maintain the…

John Stuart Mill “On The Subjection of Women”

The autonomy of the human being is a common central value in ethics and political theory and a political theory is devoid of moral purpose unless it seeks to increase a person’s autonomy. More, “the true virtue of human beings is fitness to live together as equals; claiming nothing for themselves but what they as freely concede to every one else” (p. 633). A society evolves towards a liberal democracy when it creates the norms, institutions and practices that give its people the chance to develop and manifest themselves as fully and freely as possible. As women’s roles have been (and are) prescribed and more predetermined than men’s, their path to autonomy and self-assertion is even harder, and longer.