Passive Investment of Equity Securities Essay

Passive investment, also known as passive management, refers to a business investment strategy that aims to maximize profits in the long-term by minimizing both buying and selling activities in an organization. The approach’s primary focus is on the market-weighted portfolio, which is attained through different means such as imitating an external index’s performance by purchasing […]

Contact, Conflict and Colonization Essay

The contact between Native Americans and European explorers, from 1492 to1750, resulted in a host of consequences from exploitation to wars and cultural conflicts. Interaction between the two different groups led to several deaths from conquest by Europeans, who viewed the culture of native Americans as inferior compared to theirs. With sophisticated weapons, the Europeans […]

Arab Spring from the Relative Deprivation Theoretical Perspective

The emergence and proliferation of the Arab Springs in 2010 left many political scientists puzzled. Scholars associate the Arab Spring with people’s desire to dismantle authoritarianism in favor of democratic values. The events following the uprisings in the world made scholars such as Bischof (15) observed a convergence of a confluence of factors making Arab […]

Stereotypical Character: Middle Class

The middle class character typically falls between the working and the upper class within the societal hierarchy. In the western culture and most developing countries, individuals in the middle category have a higher proportion of college degrees compared to their lower class counterparts, thus they tend to have a snobbish outlook. Their income is sufficient, […]

Conceptual and Operational Definitions of a Nurse Practitioner

Introduction Various scholars and health care practitioners have tried to the definition the role of a nursing practitioner, but unfortunately, a universal definition does not exist. In this regard, the purpose of this study is to investigate the roles of a nursing practitioner (NP) by providing conceptual and operational definitions of the construct “nurse practitioner.” […]