Essay on Insurance

Answers to Deep Dive Questions Over the recent years, the number of people applying for insurance has risen steadily. People from around the world need to feel secured from losses or even uncertainty that might arise within the economy. Therefore, to safeguard themselves from the economy’s unpredictability, many people have opted for an insurance policy. According to Chad, insurance means an arrangement by which an individual, State, or company undertakes to provide a guarantee of compensation against a possible eventuality, such as damage and loss (Chad). Since insurance was first introduced, it has developed globally in its commercial form. Insurance plays a big role in the economy and people’s lives by providing stability to the functioning of the process. One of the main roles insurance plays is providing security and safety. Humans always have a fear of sudden loss, especially in business or when they fall sick. Insurance provides financial support to businesses which have succumbed to certain accidents and reduce uncertainties in human life by providing medical support (Chad). Moreover, insurance promotes economic growth. This aspect is ensured through mobilizing domestic savings and turning the accumulated capital into productive investments. Insurance also acts as a source of collecting funds…

Billie Eilish Essay

Pop culture, as one of the inherent elements of any culture, refers to ethnography as the instrument of its assessment. Due to ethnography, one can explore the transformations of a particular culture and assess its critical components. Within pop culture, such investigation can occur via analysis of singers’ and groups’ creative work, unique cultures, and specifics of fan clubs. Billie Eilish is the contemporary pop figure who represents the twenty-first-century adolescent angst culture. Studying as well as a recording of human culture is a core purpose of the ethnography. The singer represents the relevant example of ethnographic analysis in the context of the unique culture. Fans all over the world have been trying to alter their appearances and styles of clothing to feel and show a sense of belonging. They may not necessarily communicate much, but they are always there for the people that need them. From the ethnographic perspective, such sense of connectedness and experiencing common emotions, such as love, depression, hope, complicated relations with peers, and losses predispose that the adherents of Billie Eilish culture view outsiders as individuals that can harm their emotional state and disappoint them.

Essay on Stock Screening Exercise

Introduction Stock screening refers to a tool through which traders and investors sort out stock by considering certain criteria that a given user sets out (Akinde, Peter & Ikpefan, 2019). Notably, this criteria comprise of measurement of management strength and financial performance, valuation of ratios, historical volumes, and prices as well as market data. As such, stockholders would have control over the activities of the business (Christiana & Putri, 2018). Moreover, stock screening remains considerably a socially responsible venture, given that shareholders choose stock depending on social or environmental issues (Kantarelis, 2018). Therefore, investors tend to be rewarded for companies that are considered to be socially responsible. This paper, therefore, seeks to establish various applicable style box to generate a 25 security portfolio which satisfies growth and value investing styles.

Compulsory Voting Essay

Compulsory voting has received scholarly and public attention as a technique to mitigate some of the challenges of low voter turnout. It could help increase the diversity of voters to ensure that more people influence political policies. It would also ensure large voter turnout which would enable underrepresented groups to address their concerns and hold politicians accountable. It might appear to be forcing some people to do something they do not want, but some measures can be implemented to combat this perception. Voting in Jamaica should be made a compulsory duty since it would be beneficial for the citizens and the democratic system without infringing anyone’s rights. Compulsory voting would assist the majority of Jamaican citizens who want to vote, but are unable due to some manageable inconveniences. In Jamaica, as much as 50% of eligible voters do not cast their ballots (Carter). While most people understand that they have a responsibility to vote, they still do not participate in this important process. Elliott found that the most popular reasons for not voting were being busy, conflicting schedules, and transportation issues (662). To solve these types of inconveniences and enable willing voters to vote, voting should be made compulsory which…

Creating Inclusive Culture Essay

I believe that culture, which is characterized by gender, race, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds, plays a critical role in determining and influencing human interactions, behaviors, and expectations in the society. I was born and raised in a small in Northern New Jersey. My younger brother and I had to complement my single mother’s income from several blue-collar jobs by completing different chores and taking up summer jobs as early as at 14 years old. Therefore, I am a descendant of a working culture whose members take pride in fulfilling their material needs through hard work and self-sacrifices, which are the core of the American way of life. Accordingly, family and work are the core tenets of my culture, as demonstrated by the individual and collective efforts of the community to satisfy their desires through genuine dedication and determination.

Racialization Essay

Racialization begins with understanding the historical background of the Asian American category of people in the United States, this group of people comprises of at least 30 groups. However, the dominant people in the Asian American class are the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. Within the United States, their cultural, ethnical, and racial differ from that of the Americans. Studies have shown that this group of people do comprise up to 5% of the total population of the Americans. Owing to the absence of laws that govern the immigration for Asian Americans to the US, the majority of them in the year 1965 moved in and settled in the United States (Chang 174). They did this with a variety of reasons key among being to reunite with their family members who were initially there. Besides, they also migrated in large numbers in search of a better educational facility for themselves and sought for working opportunities.

Persuasive Essay on Smoking

Introduction Each individual must contribute to a sustainable future. However, it is sad to realize that every puff on a cigarette is a guarantee on the partaker’s looming death. Smoking is a ticking time bomb of severe consequences on the whole humanity. That is why most smokers on their death beds regret their disregard for the effects of smoking cigarettes. Tragically, they end up confessing that smoking ended their lives. Smoking is the cause of fatal diseases, such as cancer and some respiratory and vascular illnesses. For instance, CDC(d) outlines that over 16 million Americans are suffering from a condition related to smoking. Besides, smoking claims more than 8 million lives annually (WHO). Thus, it is essential to enlighten the public about the effects of tobacco and the dangers of chemicals contained in cigarettes to secure a brighter future for everyone.

Sociology Essay Questions and Answers

How do television and the internet compare as media of communication? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Television for long was the principal means for communication, before the emergence of the internet. Both are media for communication, which differ in terms of advantages and disadvantages. Since TV was invented, it has become a part of people’s lives. Currently, TVs are becoming more elegant and have more functions. Both TV and the internet are sources of entertainment. People can view videos and other information on both platforms. However, the internet offers a wider variety of info compared to TV, due to its massive access to information to more platforms. Both TV and the internet can be used as a platform for education and learning. However, the internet offers a wide variety of information due to its multiple sources. As much as the TV can provide information such as historical facts, how to undertake various activities such as cooking among other educational information, the internet has a wide variety and timely information, which is way more than what the TV can offer.

Analysis of Amos and Andy

Amos and Andy can be described as a sitcom series with an entirely black main cast that brought unique verve to television humor. Given that the main cast included black actors and actresses, it is evident that the characters were bound to expose several ethnic stereotypes addressed by Ethnic Notions, a 1986 documentary that analyzes black caricatures in media. Such stereotypes arguably depict the life of black Americans while describing a certain level of contrast to the white race. Ethnic Notions lays a foundation for this contrast as it examines several plots and stereotypes relative to the African American community. In particular, the documentary summarizes the depictions of several historical films and television shows. By analyzing the plot and characters in Amos and Andy, it is clear that there is a significant level of continuance in the stereotypic nature of its black characters.

Essay on Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

The idea of feminism has always evoked mixed reactions among both men and women. People’s definitions of feminism are influenced by their upbringing, which in most cases, results in a negative depiction of feminism. Even though feminism is about equality and balanced gender roles that do not discriminate against women, it is not easy to change the perceptions and attitudes towards gender roles in modern society. Society’s perception of feminism is a reminder of Roxane Gay’s statement in her book “Bad Feminist” that “rules will never change for girls no matter who they are or what they do.” In modern society, men are celebrated more than women because they are perceived to provide greater value (Gay 2).