How to Improve the Physical Workspace

A comfortable and efficient workspace is the key element ensuring the successful performance of the employees. Thanks to a friendly and encouraging environment, workers can present better results and manage their duties with passion. However, besides the employer’s initiatives, the workspace is also impacted by external factors such as the COVID-19 pandemics. The improvement and optimization of the work environment is the primary mission of each employer who strives to upgrade the productivity of the staff. The physical comfort and convenience of the employees allow improving their well-being and increase the effort and time provided to the assigned tasks. Even the most experienced and well-skilled workers will not be able to produce positive results when feeling adversely at the workplace. The duty of the employer is minimizing the cases of dissatisfaction and adjusting the environment to the needs of all staff members—for example, the maintenance of the proper, convenient temperature and modern air conditioning system. The working equipment should be constantly monitored and enhanced.

Situation Analysis Sample

Introduction Organizations revolve around both its internal and external environments. Situation analysis focuses on both the internal and the external factors that may affect a business (Rosalba). Starbucks and Costa operate in the coffee business. Therefore, there are controllable and uncontrollable variables that influence both companies. The market shares and segmentation strategies also affect the companies’ operations. Controllable and Uncontrollable variables Starbucks and Costa are the leading coffee shops in the world. Starbucks offers a large selection of experimental flavours besides coffee. These flavours include Pumpkin spice latte, Vanilla Bean Latte, and signature Frappuccino, among others (Ichwatus, et al.). On the other hand, Costa offers an assortment of coffees, tea, and hot chocolate (Ayu, et al.). Both companies have a number of strengths and weaknesses.

International Diversification Strategies Essay

Part 1 An unrelated diversification strategy can create value through internal financing and limiting assets. Internal funding through shareholders, investors, and loans are used to develop or further a product that has the promise to excel in the market, thus raising its value. The second way diversification creates value is through asset control, where a firm might relocate assets or seize them to monitor cash flow (Chapter 13). Companies may pursue international diversification due to the following reasons. Firstly, it allows the firm to confidently invest in a product as the risk reduces with the partnership since financing comes from two sources. Secondly, a firm can generally expand or specific departments such as production, which increases presence in the markets and raises future sales. (Chapter 13).

Applied Organizational Behavior Essay

How Organizational Culture Helped Eagle Group The article, “What Makes a Team Work?” encompasses the successful Eagle Group team. The success of any given team entirely depends on organizational culture. Bolman and Deal (1992) posited that Organizational culture is the tool utilized by a team to get things done. The system used or known as the organizational culture, is a combination of expectations and standards that make the team members committed to the excellence of the team. In the underlying scenario, the team members of Eagle Group had varied capabilities and personalities. Also, the team members were determined that they used unconventional techniques that had profound impacts, leading to the team’s success. It is important to note that the organization’s success depends on the allegiance of team members on tasks given.

Egyptian Art Essay

Most of the material culture derived from ancient Egypt is aesthetically formed. The elite nature of Egyptian art could be attributed to the level of control the elite class and royalties or artistic and architectural creations. The Egyptian elite dedicated a vast amount of resources to create durable monuments and beautiful products that were survivable to modern times. The association of Egyptian art with the elite demanded for the creation of complex forms that were idealized and rendered extensively to create near natural mimetic compositions. Pictorial representations of Egyptian art also exemplify the rendering of human forms to near natural impressions. These proportions and scale of human features allow the adoption of multi-register compositions in Egyptian art. Consequently, visual impressions of Egyptian art were very distinct to early civilizations such as the Bronze age Chinese, who used non-representation characters for a span of 1000 years (Hartwig 10). Despite these realistic artistic impressions, modernist art critics have formed negative evaluations of Egyptian art.

Team Building, Communications, and Delegation

A Significant part of daily human life consists of communication and teamwork within expansive situations and encounters. In the complex systems of healthcare, verbal and non-verbal exchanges between health professionals can determine unit operations as well as cost, quality, and safety of care. While there is no consensus on how institution leaders can adequately equip their employees with these critical skills, most agree that the criterion of success for the contemporary multidisciplinary healthcare environments necessitates sustained team effort and delegation of tasks. Effective communication and collaboration present a pragmatic opportunity for managers to enhance the delivery of care across various levels: patients, health professionals, teams, and the entire organization.

Army Health System Essay

The wars and their outcomes have shown that there are certain characteristics of the army that play the definitive part in its success no matter the century, the weapons, etc.. The health system of the army is among such factors. This essay will discuss two aspects of the army: firstly, it will define and explain its role in shaping the operational environment, and secondly, it will elaborate on the SHAPE strategic role, exemplifying it by describing the mechanisms of one of the ten medical functions within it.

Salary Negotiation Discussion Essay

My first time negotiating a salary, I had been poached by an organization because of my stellar performance in the previous organization, whose pay was very dismal. I always dreamed of working with a more prominent organization, such as the one that had poached me. During the salary negotiations, one of the company directors asked me how much I expect as a salary from them. I said, “between $45000 and $50,000 per month, net salary. The director paused for a moment and said, we “will give you a net salary of $67,000”. I was shocked because I was expecting him to complain that my quotation was too high and I should go down. Instead, he proposed a figure that was more than $20,000 higher than the minimum I expected. When I joined the company, I realized that I was the lowest-paid employee in my job group. Therefore, the figure that the director offered me lower than what he expected me to quote. The experience taught me that I have failed to undertake some severe steps before the salary negotiations.

Impacts of the COVID-19 Crisis Essay

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is now experiencing a period of uncertainty. Every country’s administration across the globe has urged its citizens to focus more on personal health and safety. It is during these moments that an individual’s self-discipline matters most because everyone has a significant role to play in the fight against this pandemic. Evidently, the COVID-19 crisis has impacted my pathway to optometry school through my academic, professional, and personal life. Becoming an optometrist requires hard work, diligence, and dedication. In this case, one must spend four years of undergraduate studies effectively to grasp all the concepts of the field. School time can undoubtedly be fun despite being a vital season of acquiring skills. However, for the optometry discipline, missing school for an extended period will impact my problem-solving skills. The homeschooling environment has not provided some inspirational moments that I received when interacting with my instructors.

Disability Concept in “Alice in Wonderland”

Alice in Wonderland is a classical fairytale that combines adventure with fantasy. Lewis Carol wrote the story during the 19th century. The storyline features a young girl named Alice who travels in a world populated by anthropomorphic creatures. Throughout her encounter with the animals in Wonderland, Alice demonstrates that disability is a significant problem in society. The story of Alice promotes the stigmatization of disabled people and the effect it has on the American culture regarding the concept of disability. The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) defines disabled persons as individuals with a physical and mental impairment that undermines their ability to carry out normal activities. The first encounter of disability in the story arises when Alice follows a rabbit and falls a long way through a hole, eventually landing in Wonderland. She eats a particular substance that makes her shrink in body size in an attempt to enter through the small entrance into the greater section of Wonderland (Deems 68). Her shrinking body size disables her from accessing a key intended to open the door. She then eats a second substance that makes her body swell so large that she hits the ceiling.