Company Analysis Essay

Executive Summary The modern society has seen the development of certain features that are integral in the creation of easier systems to work with. The development of the technological features within companies has been a great step to including better practices and ensuring the development of an innovative culture within an organization. In consideration of the development of a proper channel for carrying out activities, Ruby Construction Company is an organization that has sought to include technology to ensure that they have better services. The creation of the activities of the company has led to better and much more instructional steps that can help in the accrual of reasonable value in the long term. The company, which plans to use telecommunication devices within the company and build an app for their external services, seeks to ensure that there are proper initiatives taken to enhance their functionality. The project aims at creating an avenue where the company can enhance their business processes and also work to ensure that the employee relations are in the best consideration. The use of information for the employees and relations through interactive communication devices will give the company a great avenue to conduct their activities. On…

Essay on Accounting Theory

Competitive business environment requires better predictive figures that can assist in making the right decisions. Similar arguments have been put forward by to business operators and executives to make the right decisions and strategies. Finance managers require competence in financial knowledge to enhance business growth through prediction. In the accounting imperative, successful management of every business requires relevant accounting information. The effective use of available assistance in accounting consequently improves accounting as well as other systems of minor enterprises. In this aspect, the small and medium sized enterprises ultimately contribute towards economic growth. The accounting professional is guided by certain standards that are generally accepted around the world. The political and economic factors come into play in the formulation of accounting standards.

Student Engagement on Asynchronous Online Discussion Essay

Introduction Online learning and coursework have become popular in the last 20 years with many institutions of higher learning having some kind of online learning. This is driven by the need to increase learning opportunities, incorporate people from different cultures to gain a broader perspective, and the fact that some course can be learned quickly. Institutions of higher learning are now incorporating online learning into their learning models as long-term strategies but the challenge has been on finding ways of ensuring that students are engaged in asynchronous online discussions, seeing as this is a critical part of learning. Just like traditional face-to-face learning, it is important to ensure that learners participate in the learning process as it builds confidence and ensures that learners are engaged with the course material.

Deviation from a Social Norm Essay

The society has a set of rules and conventions that prescribe what constitutes acceptable behavior and what is not or out of order. The social norms guide the way people should conduct themselves or relate to each other. When we are growing up, we get to appreciate and practice these norms. For instance, it is abnormal for one to walk around naked or dressed in a manner that is unfit. Anyone who engages in activities that are considered to be outside the norms is perceived to be abnormal. I grew up knowing that every shoe is worn in a specific foot. I decided to deviate from the norm, as part of a mini-experiment, by wearing the right show on the left foot and the left shoe on the right foot.

Essay on Empirical Data

Position When filling the questionnaire, indicating ones professional position was left optional for the respondent. Although some of the respondents left the part blank, a majority of them felt the need to indicate their profession or the positions they hold in their respective careers. Evidently, the positions range from across a wide array of professional occupations. Gender Filling in gender was also optional for the respondents. Some of them indicated their gender while others ignored this part of the questionnaire. Age The participants were required to indicate their age when filling the questionnaire. All the respondents indicated their age brackets on the form. Over 90% of this population was aged 35 years and above. Only two were between the ages of 30 and 34. Such a trend can be attributed to the fact that individuals over the age of 35 have already established themselves as professionals in their respective fields. Individuals below the age of 30 do not necessarily indulge in business activities, particularly trade fairs since most of them are still pursuing their studies.

Wearable Technology Research Essay

Executive summary BlackWing management received an approval for the planning phase of the new wearable technology. Being a private company that offers transportation to individuals not only in government but other sectors as well, it is only practical to keep up with advancements in technology that would not only make work easier but also play a role in the early identification of threats to their clients. The overall goal of the new wearable technology is to create a synchronization system between the employees which goes a long way in guaranteeing top-notch service delivery. BlackWing acknowledges that the world is changing and the company should embrace change not only for the present crop of employees but also for the future workers. A. Description and justification The main wearables that will be used by the BlackWing transportation agents are smartwatches, trackers, Bluetooth-enabled headsets and implantable devices. All these devices are connected via Bluetooth to the wearer’s Android phone but they are tracked via GPS systems from the main control room.

Essay on Japanese Post-War Economic Boom

Throughout the history of man, the human resource has been the most influential capital resource in the society. It is characterized by human labor which has been the main contributor for economic growth in the society. The society is based on the principles of division of labor that has allowed different individuals to perform different tasks that supports growth and development. This aspect has been especially critical in the business environment that heavily relies on human labor in order to ensure the production of goods and the provision of essential services. Through human labor, businesses are able to make a profit and thus increase their revenues which in turn enhance their productivity and ensure their growth. However, human labor is very fickle and it is highly influenced by a number of factors that affects their productivity and input in the labor market. One of the major factors influencing human labor throughout human history has been discrimination and especially through gender discrimination. This essay seeks to highlight and discuss how human labor was essential in the economic development of postwar Japan. However, the main objective behind the article will focus on the role played by women and their contributions in the…

Argumentative Essay on Employee Motivation

Organizations, whose employees are unmotivated often, encounter some issues in regards to productivity. Thus, managers are encouraged to develop and implement a variety of motivational strategies to ensure that the employees are well motivated. Therefore, it is apparent that motivation is a crucial aspect of managing employees. The following document is a critical evaluation of the concept of motivation. The concept of motivation is derived from the term “motive” which refers to needs, wants, desires and or drives within human beings. Thus, motivation can be described as the process of stimulating people to a variety of actions, which include accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives. In the context of an organization a wide range of factors that can be used to motivate employees include job security, job satisfaction, success, recognition, and remuneration among others. It is critical to note that the core responsibility of a manager is to ensure that employees perform at their best hence the need to motivate the employees (Albrecht, 2015). In this respect, the central role of the leader is to create interest in employee performance. To achieve motivation managers need to implement the motivation process, which comprises of three stages namely; drive stimulus and satisfaction.…

The Presidency Essay

The president of the United States comes with powers that are conferred by the Constitution and the Senate. Certain responsibilities of the president need to be verified and supported by the Congress as and when they arise in the doctrine of separation of powers. The president has constitutional powers that are granted expressly by the Constitution in Article II. Moreover, he has executive powers to manage and plan for national and international interactions. Johnson and Crisp (2003) mention that the president has also soft powers – powers to attract and inspire certain actions in the country as opposed to coercing arms of the government to undertake the same actions. Furthermore, the president undertakes activities such as lobbying and backchanneling to interact with political and non-political organizations, thus influencing public and foreign policies. This paper examines the powers of the Congress and the president in relation to the management and issues of foreign affairs. Finally, this paper analyzes the powers provided by the Constitution, various laws, and responsibilities, as well as the relationship they imply between the president and the Congress.

The American Dream in The Great Gatsby: Fallacy or Not?

The American Dream is a concept that has existed since the unification of the states and can be found in some of the nation’s early readings. Just like today, different influential figures of the past defined the motif diversely, perhaps based on their context. For instance, for the Puritans, the American dream was perceived as in tandem to the pursuit of righteousness, for Thomas Jefferson, it was the fulfillment of his political ideologies, and for Benjamin Franklin, it symbolized the “self-made man” (Pearson 638). However, in a general sense, the doctrine holds that every individual, through his or her efforts, can achieve whatever goals they set for themselves, including political, social, and financial aims (Pearson 638). However, the post-World War 1 era characterized by economic prosperity brought with it changes to this American myth, and it started to be more and more materialistic. While this notion has been credited with building American society, it has also received scrutiny from various literary sources which have analyzed its inflated expectations.