Character Analysis Essay Example

Characters are an integral part of any fictional story. Authors use characters to showcase a lesson or a theme. The behaviors, physical attributes, and changes that a character can go through in a story build the story’s plot. The reader or audience relates with the characters by how they behave in a story. Phoenix Jackson is a character used in A Worn Path. Eudora Welty, the story’s author, presents an old woman walking across a weary path to a nearby shopping center. The entire story shows Phoenix, an old woman who is brave by courageously approaching various wild animals, humorous in making fun of the moments she has with wild animals, and caring by looking after her sick grandson.

Benzene Essay

In the contemporary world, people rely on industries for jobs and products, such as food and manufactured goods. However, these sectors expose workers and the surrounding populations to benzene, which adversely impacts human health. In the US, through Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the government imposes restrictions to reduce human contact with high levels of benzene (American Cancer Society 2016). For example, the agency limits exposure to this element in workplaces to 1 ppm during an average workday and a maximum of 5 ppm over 15 minutes (American Cancer Society 2016). Despite these efforts, benzene exposure is a widespread occurrence that causes significant health complications and diseases, such as cancer.

Race and Privilege: School Student’s Community

Social identity descriptors and daily experiences My collection of social identity descriptors in my daily life include race, gender, and religion. Race is my major social identity descriptor that has a considerable impact on my daily experience. Having come from a racial minority group, I sometimes feel alienated from the social structure in the United States. While dealing with a group of white students, it is easy to have a distorted perception and develop an inferiority complex when I am in their presence. However, as noted by McIntosh, my perception when dealing with people of other races is largely influenced by how they treat me (189). When they are positive and exhibit respect, I tend to feel comfortable and accommodated. My experience is relatively different from the student community that I relate to within the school because of our racial and cultural difference. As noted by Lingras, the action of different racial groups is largely influenced by what they learn or experience from an early age (11). Therefore, in the American setting, I have learnt that there are different forms of treatment among different people based on their race. For instance, as noted by McIntosh, whites are more likely to…

Ethical Dilemma in Abortion Essay

Abortion is one of the most controversial moral issues that raise ethical questions related to the unborn child’s rights. The proponents (pro-choice) and critics (pro-life) provide moral insights to support their arguments, making it difficult to accept or oppose one position. However, it is essential to understand both sides of the views about moral issues in abortion. Pro-choice argues that abortion is morally right because women have complete control over their bodies. At the same time, pro-life suggest that it is ethically impermissible to kill an unborn child because life begins from conception.

Effectiveness of Capitalism in the United States

Capitalism is an economic structure that allows private actors to control and own property. The free-market system also allows individuals to use their income to meet their own interests. Further, it enables businesses to coordinate the supply and demand chain by responding to people’s needs. Capitalism has been effective in the United States since it limits government interference on the market supply and demand chain. Nonetheless, it allows some degree of government intervention to protect private property and regulate some aspects of the economy. Primarily, the U.S. market is predominantly based on an autonomous system since demand and supply forces influence the prices of commodities and services. Capitalism in the United States is morally acceptable since it facilitates production diversity and promotes freedom and cooperation between market players.

Chekhov’s “Joy” Essay

Chekhov’s collection of short stories is characterized by similarity of themes, most often, the portrayal of Russian life in the early stage of industrialization. The most evident theme, one which Chekhov explores thoroughly through satire, is the huge gap between classes that existed at the time. In “Joy,” Checkhov uses protagonist Mitya Kuldarov to represent a status quo problem. For Mitya, recognition from the local newspaper, despite being about his alcoholic antics, is a blessing in disguise. Mitya shows no remorse or embarrassment. The state of economic classes in Russia at the time the story was set, availed people with little hopes of climbing the economic class ladder. Mitya is convinced that appearing on a local newspaper presented an opportunity to be known countrywide, to be named alongside the most distinguished and hence, higher chances of acquiring what everyone in the lower economic classes was chasing after, wealth. Mitya is unaware of the negative light that the paper presents him in. He is eager to show the newspaper article, which he carries with him in his pocket, to all the neighbors and friends. For him, this is an achievement that his entire community should learn about.

Changes in English Language Over Time Essay

Sly Definition (past): to strike Sentence: The baseball player needs to sly the ball before running towards the goal. Definition (present): showing cleverness; ingenious; furtive; good at hiding plans Sentence: The wife has no idea how sly his husband is until she finally finds out his mistress Changes: The first use of the word sly was during the 13th century. The Middle English used sleighe or sli, attributed by the Old Norse slœgr. It was also similar to the Old English word slēan, which meant to strike URL: Dapper Definition (past): from the Middle Dutch – active, nimble Sentence: The humming bird is a dapper animal. Definition (present): neat, smart, trim and active Sentence: The gentleman looks dapper in his black suit. Changes: the word dapper was first used during the 15th century (1400–1450). The late Middle English used the word daper / dapyr, while the Middle Dutch used dapper as nimble, stalwart, quick, strong. It was later related with the German tapfer, which meant heavy and with the Old Church Slavonic debelu (thick) URL:

Reflective Writing Example

Predominantly, plastic has become one of the essential materials known to humans with a myriad of uses due to its versatile nature. Nowadays, plastic is found in many household items and have become essential to people’s lifestyles. However, plastics have adverse consequences for human life and animal life. Moreover, the sustainability of the environment for the future is highly contingent on the plastic waste disposal systems that are in place. Although the ratio of plastic recycling to improper waste disposal favors the latter, the health and environmental risks associated with improper plastic disposal may be the required motivation that will facilitate innovation of alternatives that would contribute to a more sustainable environment and a healthier lifestyle.

National Management of the Impacts following the Coronavirus Outbreak

Introduction How can a country shield its citizens and economy from extreme short term and long term adverse effects following the covid-19 crisis? Countries such as Norway, Singapore, and China have experienced 4,651 cases, 926 cases, and 81,554 cases as of April 1st, 2020, respectively (“Coronavirus Cases”). These countries have been forced to take extreme measures with China and Norway undertaking total lockdown. The actions have impacted the economic health and citizens’ working procedures. Consequently, the three nations are at the risk of experiencing a national food security crisis and economic recessions. It is critical for countries experiencing the Covid-19 crisis to design effective measures for economic recovery and national food security in the short-term, during the crisis, and long term periods.

The Impact of Neural Circuits Essay

Summary The purpose of this study was to explore the role of neural circuits in determining human behaviors and decision-making. A qualitative design was used to evaluate relevant and current evidence on neural circuits and how they influence decision-making and behavior among human beings. The findings indicated that neural circuits play an essential role in human behavior and decision-making. Introduction Neural systems are usually tuned to facilitate stable and efficient processing of information from different parts of the brain and generate strong behaviors (Silston, Bassett, & Mobbs, 2018). A specific neuron receives thousands of synapses and links with a similar number, forming circuits in the brain. This process requires an effective balance between stability, flexibility, and learning from and adapting to new environments, which is vital in executing human behavior (Silston et al., 2018). The mechanisms through which neural circuits in the human brain influence behavior have puzzled biomedical investigators for decades. Various brain and psychiatric disorders can be triggered by the dysfunction of neural circuits, including depression, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and Parkinson’s disease (Tay et a., 2018).