Water Pipelines Rehabilitation in Phoenix

In Phoenix, Arizona, there is a single-source water line which delivers water to more than sixty percent of the city’s population. Therefore, as the most critical pipeline in the city, maintaining uninterrupted water supply services is non-negotiable. To this end, the city has undertaken to rehabilitate the existing water line so as to add fifty […]

Summary and Critique Essay Example

Summary Powell, R. (2017). Research Bets and Behavioral IR. International Organization 71, S265-S277. Behavioral economics has become popular especially in determining the elements of rational-choice approaches regarding international relations. The field of economics deals with finding the link between assumptions and conclusions. The author highlights that behaviors of individuals tend to deviate from the characteristics […]

Organizational Behavior Problems in Walmart Essay

Introduction The paper at hand presents an analysis of the organizational behavior (OB) challenges that the leading retail corporation, Walmart Inc. faces in its daily operations. In particular, it focuses on analyzing various organizational behavior issues that are significant to the activities of the company to identify the present-day business problems that it experiences. Before […]

Magiciens de la Terre Essay

Concept and Criticism Jean Hubert Martin examined non-Western art during his landmark exhibition “Magiciens de la Terre” at a time when international exhibitions were majorly focusing on Western art only featuring artists from Europe and North America. The “Magiciens de la Terre” rocked the art world by provoking heated arguments among artists that did not […]

Jazz History: The Swing Era

The jazz music genre is as fascinating as its sociopolitical and politico-economic underpinnings, the two latter narratives which virtually no scholar affords to skip or skim through carelessly without significant ridicule. The story of jazz is a narrative beyond music and one which evokes discussions that few researchers feel comfortable documenting. One notable jazz period […]

Course Summary Essay

Public health plays a vital role in safeguarding me against the spread of diseases and epidemics, ensuring I receive quality healthcare in healthcare centers, protecting the environment, and providing education that allows me to live a healthy lifestyle. For instance, through public health, I received immunizations for life-threatening diseases, and my workplace has a policy […]