Permission of Student’s Freedom of Speech

Permission of speech is one of the issues that has resulted in several contentious debates in schools. Some students engage in talks that sometimes offend others. Conflicts that erupt in some of the learning institutions result from hate speech. Students claim that freedom of speech is one of the human rights that everyone must enjoy. However, they forget that some of the words they speak can cause harm to the whole institution. Students engage in fights because of provocative words spoken by their friends against them. They end up hating each other because of the hostility that results from such comments. Restricting students from speaking is also a violation of their rights. It is necessary to give the students freedom of speech with guidelines to prevent them from hate speech. Schools teach communication skills, especially when they realize that students are involved in the racist statement. Such an action will help the student to enjoy their freedom of speech and improve their communication skills.

Freedom of speech is essential for various reasons. First, it offers a free interaction environment where students can borrow ideas from each other. Communication is only possible when students are allowed to speak to each other.

They only need a guideline to prevent them from using offensive words. Secondly, freedom of speech will enable students to interact with their teachers at different levels to improve their learning. Any restriction of speech can prevent teacher-student interaction, which can finally affect learning. Such interactions are guided by the policies to ensure that the students use acceptable language while communicating. Finally, freedom of expression help students to give their opinion concerning the issues that affect their learning. Students should be allowed to express their thoughts about the issues that affect them so long as they do not offend others.