Leadership and Management Speech

Speech 1 Mr. Alfuraih discusses how potential leaders should build passion in their employees. According to him, employers must motivate their staff for positive productivity. Passionate leaders focus on achieving their objectives and empowering others. Being a leader is not just about succeeding but rather making it as a team. He suggests that the leader shares and is honest with the staff about the company’s objectives, building trust, and accepting suggestions for the workers to depend on them. The actions of a leader should empower workers to behave similarly. There is a difference between the passion that ignites a leader and a person who ignites others’ passion, which is a significant difference between successful and unsuccessful leaders. To achieve success, the leader allows themselves to share the passion with their colleagues. By talking about how to achieve success, what resources are necessary, and smaller goals will lead to prevailing of the primary goal. He also discusses the importance of a good education and studying Master’s in Business Administration. Being an MBA holder, a person can conduct research and differentiate a good leader’s potential from a successful one. Similarly, the way government institution finances are not the same as private institutions.…

Elevator Speech About Workplace Violence

Summary of the Issue Workplace violence among nurses has been one of the most challenging issues in many hospitals, mostly because nurses interact and work together with patients. Hence, workplace violence has become one of the most pertinent issues in Texas. Violence has resulted in injuries that require a day away from the workstation. The Texas Nursing Association (n.d.p.2) posits that patients are considered to be the most common perpetrator of the violence against workers. Often, workplace violence can be prevented if leaders put proper safety measures in place. According to the Texas Nursing Association (n.d.), approximately 49.8% of nurses reported experiencing physical violence, while over 80% percent have reported facing verbal abuse. Therefore, violence negatively affects nurses. Workplace violence results in post-traumatic stress response as a majority are unable to return to the same work environment. In contrast, others leave the profession and decide to follow other careers. The Texas state needs to adopt key policies with the aim of reducing violence among healthcare workers.