Research Essay on Delta Airlines

Airline Industry The airline industry is highly competitive and significantly volatile. It requires high capital investment and depends on the movement of people from one part of the world to another. Competition, low profitability margins, customer care requirement and global business dynamics are among the key issues affecting the industry. The industry is affected by any extraneous events such as government regulations, political stability, natural and man-made calamities among others. In the wake of COVID-19 which has affected the global supply chain adversely, the airline industry is one of those worst hit.

Learning Portfolio Example

Visual Methods In block 2 of the module, the seminar about visual methods provided satisfying insights about the future of visual research and how these methods can be applied effectively to research work. Mannay (2015, p.1) and Pauwels (2011.p. 68) contend that visual methods are critical components in contemporary research as they offer substantive improvements to research methodologies and varied techniques of data analysis as well as efficiency in carrying out empirical work. The seminar adequately examined how creative visual methods can be used as agents of improved communication in settings where the sender and recipient understand each other better through visual expressions. Visual methods have been used in electronic and print media communication through newspapers, internet and advertisements. The visual message is well organized and eye-catching to the recipient to encourage their participation (Kehrer and Hauser 2013, p.3). Similarly, these methods have proved effective when used for research and provision of evidence in various fields as well as policymaking in matters of national interest.

Schizophrenia as a Substance-Related and Addictive Disorder Research

Abstract The use of drugs has been identified as one leading cause of schizophrenia. In fact, research has established that more than half of American schizophrenics have a history of drug abuse. Schizophrenia affects slightly more than 1% of the American population (Benaiges et al., 2013). Schizophrenia is a chronic and often severe mental disorder that makes an individual to think, feel and behave in an abnormal way. For example, a person may see things that are not there or imagine being in danger yet they are not. The disorder makes the day-to-day life of an individual difficult and often unbearable as they have to cope with frequent hallucinations, delusions, thought disorders and movement disorders among other challenges (Asher & Gask, 2010). The individuals living with schizophrenia do not show the right emotions at different situations have reduced feelings of pleasure and limit their interacting with those around them. The use of drugs is the leading risk factor that makes an individual easy to get schizophrenia. There are no specific treatments for schizophrenia, but the available treatments are helpful in eliminating the symptoms. The treatments may include the use of antipsychotics and psychosocial therapies to help an individual avoid the…

Social and Emotional Adjustment in Migrants’ Children Research

Introduction Migration takes place in prosperous / dysfunctional conditions. The modern economic and political situation in the world has significantly increased the intensity. According to the Federal Migration Service, the number of migrants in the USA is increasing every year. According to the calculations, there are more than 10 million people. The annual population growth in the CIS and Baltic countries in the 1990s was about 250 thousand people. The number of migrants in the USA is 5% of its population. A significant part of the migration flow in the USA is the most attractive from an economic point of view. According to the results of research conducted by the research program in 2001-2002, 28% of illegal migrants are aimed at staying in our country. Migrations spread ethnic and cultural mosaic, reveal and aggravate ethno cultural contradictions between different groups of the population, experience social tensions. Increasingly, people’s attitude towards visitors is unfriendly and even hostile. According to the data of the Levada Center in 2009, about 67% of Russians believed that their city or district could do without visitors. In 2002, 45% of Americans suggested restricting entry to the country, while 44% were in favor of eliminating barriers for…

Gender Differences Research Paper

Introduction and Problem Statement A large number of researchers, educators and policy makers believe game as are very important as learning tool starting with the former US president Barrack Obama.The National Education Technology Plan (2010) goal was to make sure that there is engagement of students to games since this would help them sharpen their skills. According to policy makers, games enhance our learning and are an integral part of a fundamental education change, shifting from acquiring another person’s idea to active learning and later empowering other people to inquire.Thus, in this study, the researcher was intending to investigate the achievement and choice behavior of female and male high school students having an option of taking 36 Week American History course in the game based format (Regan, 2012).

Methodology and Results on Effectiveness of Sanctions Research Paper

Types of Research Designs Sanctions do not produce the explicitly intended results in most cases, while in others they do. In this research, the effectiveness of sanctions on nuclear hub North Korea is established. In theory, sanctions are aimed to constrict a country’s economy instead of coercing the leadership into a positive policy change. Based on this idea, only one out of three of the proposed turnover is achieved (Bapat and Morgan 2009). This research focuses on causes of failure of sanctions against North Korea. Furthermore, it will help to show how the country has managed to survive and even start thriving in the midst of increased sanctions from United States (US), Japan, China, European Union and North Korea among others (Noland 2009). The methodology used is the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the current economy in relation to the previous one. Through this we aim to establish what loopholes exist in these bans. From the results obtained on the gaps in the imposition of restrictions, new informed policies will be created to address the issue.

Climate Change and Land Cover Research Paper

Climate change is sometimes triggered by human activities as well as natural disasters, including volcano eruptions, among other examples. In the past, social structures were used to protect community members from the hunger associated with such harsh conditions. For this reason, Kawelka tribe’s unique gifting ceremony might have taken a different turn from this perspective, wherein the impact of climate change and understanding such interactions are mired in controversy over concepts that demystify whether pattern from climatic conditions. They concentrate on the effects of climate change by exploring their impact on the productivity of plants. Group Description The Ongka’s Big Moka documents certain cultural practices that are on the brink of extinction because of the rapid rate of modernization. The filmmakers decided to transverse 5 continents, exploring the behaviors and values of the endangered societies therein. The Kawelka tribe of New Guinea is one of such groups, which adhered to its beliefs at a time when values seemed to acquire new meanings. For instance, the Moka is a festive ceremony that is a useful tool for tribesmen who want some level of influence in matters affecting the community. One could only attain this coveted leadership stature through the number of…

Valve Train Tribology Research Essay

Executive Summary The valve train tribology exercise was conducted to explore the parameters influencing the selection of lubricants for valve train components. The analysis entailed the examination of variation of minimum lubricant film thickness with oil grade, camshaft speed, oil temperature and change of maximum Hertz contact stress with camshaft speed. film thickness data generated several insights, including the shape and type of plots that were drawn according to the operating conditions described below, and an explanation for the ensuing behaviors.

Evolution of Fast Food Research Paper

The evolution of the fast-food industry became a culture largely because of civilization. As early as ancient Greece and Rome, inns were meant to serve people who needed food on a limited budget and time frame. With time, civilization and globalization took control of both the economic and social spaces. People needed efficient and reliable food services, and this is where fast-foods bridged the gap. In light of this growth, McDonald’s is one of the forces to reckon with in the fast-food industry because of its brand image, constant evolution, and revolution of its products. This is an annotated bibliography on the evolution of the fast-food industry. Research Question: How did the McDonaldization of the fast-foods industry become a culture?

Wind Turbine Blade Erosion

Introduction During their operation, the winds turbines are exposed to a wide variety of both the atmospheric and environmental conditions; Due to this, the blades show a varying degree of leading edge erosion. Leading edge erosion is a substantial risk to wind turbine performance and blade maintenance (Sareen, pg,1531). The attempts to investigate the effects of the leading edge erosion on the blades of the wind turbines is carried out using the Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method. Over the past few years, wind power generation has developed significantly due to its clean and renewable characteristics. The scope and the size of the modern wind turbine have emerged as a result of the need to capture the wind energy and the development of the technology. A single turbine can produce energy in the range of 8-10W with their diameter of being around 160m.