Tesla Balance Sheet Research Paper

Tesla Inc. formerly known as Tesla Motors, Inc. is an American company founded by a group of engineers in the year 2003 with an intention of developing electric vehicles and in the process highlighting that electric or plug in automobiles are the best vehicles and they can be fast and fun to drive as contrasted with the traditional gasoline vehicles (About Tesla). Currently, the company designs, manufactures and sells not only electric cars but also clean products for energy generation and storage which are scalable clean. This is an indication that the company operates through two segments which are inclusive of energy generation and storage and automotive (About Tesla). The company undertakes all its operations with a belief that the sooner the world ceases from relying on fossil energy and focus on the zero-emission future, the better. Tesla Inc is an American automotive and Energy Company listed in NASDAQ stock exchange with its headquarters in Palo Alto, California in the United States (About Tesla).

Digital Marketing Case for Aldi

Abstract Aldi is a family-owned discount supermarket chain based in Germany. The company has more than 10,000 retail outlets in over 20 countries, and is still expanding its operations to other niche markets in Europe. In line with technological developments and contemporary marketing strategies, Aldi uses digital marketing tools to create brand awareness, retain old customers, attract new clients, enhance its publicity, interact with clients one-on-one, and improve its customer care services. In this regard, the company is active on social media pages, such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Using Google+, it also sends emails to subscribers to inform them of new products in the market, significant price-cuts in its chain stores, promotional giveaways, the opening date of new branches, managerial changes, employment opportunities, and many more social and business issues. Technology has changed the company’s digital marketing operations, and Aldi adjusts quickly to offer top-notch customer services to realize significant increase in sales. Overall, digital marketing has helped the company to get recognition, maximize profits, and engage with customers directly.

Death Penalty Argumentative Research Paper

Introduction The institute of the death penalty is one of the most acutely debated both from the point of view of criminal law science and practice and from the point of view of conformity with the principles of constitutional and international law. Despite the seemingly obvious tendency to limit the death penalty in the modern world, the issue of the use of capital punishment is not only relevant to modern public policy, law enforcement, and legal science but also reveals new aspects and interrelations with other areas of the legal system and public life. The complexity and inconsistency of state doctrine and legal practice regarding the death penalty is complemented by the extreme decentralization of North American federalism. The effect of these factors in combination with significant differences in the political, social, and legal traditions of different states leads to the extreme diversity of the practice of the death penalty institution in the modern United States.

Dysthymia Evidence-Based Practice

Researchable Question: What evidence-based therapeutic intervention is best suited for a young Latina diagnosed with dysthymia engaged in individual therapy? Introduction The dysthymic issue is a ceaseless burdensome condition. Even though manifestations are less extreme than those seen in significant dejection, adolescence beginning dysthymic point is characterized by a loud and long haul discouraged or touchy inclination, a more terrible result than real gloom and, often, comorbid disarrange. Dependable burdensome side effects appear to be in charge of long-haul incapacitating results on social expertise learning, psychosocial working and ensuring expert life, most likely adding to a higher danger of backsliding or advancement of real sadness. Throughout the year’s extraordinary accentuation has been put on this issue. Distinctive causes, signs, and indications have been viewed by different analysts. This illness is an extreme condition of continual grief, and it perseveres for something like two years. Sufferers of this issue will, in general, think discouragement is a piece of their character so times they probably won’t examine the circumstance with anybody. This exploration will see proof based helpful intercession most appropriate for a Latina determined to have dysthymia while taking a gander at different treatments included and clinical aptitude.

Female Architects Research Paper

Among the many positive changes that the industrial revolution brought about, the most outstanding one was the impact it had on the lives of women. Before this period, the responsibilities of women were limited to house chores and non-technical duties such as repairing clothes. Their primary responsibility was to raise children. This notion and stereotype began changing as the revolution unfolded. For instance, many small farmers were forced to relocate from their small lands after the Enclosure Movement and Agrarian Revolution. Most women were affected by this mass women. Those who moved were forced to migrate to urban centers where they had to look for work in mines and factories to earn a living. During this time, gender inequality was highly rampant as females were perceived to be inferior. Women were less valued at the workplace and paid wages that were much less than their male counterparts. They were paid almost 50% less than men. Moreover, women were subjected to aggravating working conditions. Most of the works they were engaged in were dangerous and tiring.

Macroeconomics Example Research Report

Since personal income tax remains inevitable in all economies, the adjustments of tax rate have certain long-run and short-run effects that determine financial decisions of taxpayers. From a macroeconomic perspective, changes in tax policies play a significant role to acquire successful tax structures that influence economic growth. In the United States, changes in personal income tax are heavily dependent on the regulations in the Revenue Act of 1964 (RA) and the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 (TRRA). While the RA decreases the marginal tax rates of personal income, the TRRA increases tax expenditures and decreases the marginal tax rates of personal income, capital gains, and dividends. Both legislative regulations create an average cut of 2% in personal income tax (Mertens and Ravn 1223). The US government designs income tax codes to ensure a wide variety of capital income ownership, thus generating a large amount of taxable income (Saez and Zucman 528).

Eportfolio Research Paper

Executive Summary As a coach, it is important to know how to connect with patients to allow them feel comfortable talking about their problems during psychology sessions. In the process, the healthcare professional also increases his or her body of knowledge by evaluating the client’s social, emotional, and physical needs. This is an e-portfolio about my coaching sessions with client B when the client talked about her problems and ambitions as I tried to help her work towards being mentally and emotionally prepared. The key elements of the sessions involved understanding the patient and solving her problems using models such as the Karpmann triangle, GROW, strengthoscope, and solution-focused theories. A qualitative analysis of both the patient’s and coach’s performance is also covered. The results of the sessions showed that using theoretical models significantly improved interaction and problems-solving in mentorship sessions.

China Trade Research Paper

China’s economy went through massive transformations in the second half of the 19th century and start of the 20th century. At the beginning of the 19 century, China’s economy was the largest in the world. It was more than twice that of India, which was the second largest economy in the world. It was also six times bigger than that of the Great Britain, which was the largest in Europe and was 20 times that of United States. Their GDP was 84% of the world’s average. By 1870, the country’s GDP had fallen to 60% of the global average. The country went through further recession and by 1980, the country’s GDP was equivalent to 24% of the world’s average. As China’s economy receded during the second part of the 19th century and early 20th century, the economy of other Western countries grew after the Industrial Revolution. The country however implemented market-based reforms that have modernized the country’s economy, which has led to a GDP of 103% of the world’s average. The paper addresses the question, How did historical events such as the Opium war, the Taiping Rebellion, the Warlord Era and the Civil War affect China’s trade with other countries…

ADHD Mindfulness Based Therapy Research Paper

Abstract A child with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is often perceived in a negative point of perspective due to their one of their many symptoms of non-compliance in their homes and their schooling systems. Typically, a child with this diagnosis undergoes traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and medication prescriptions. This study explored the effects of Mindful-Based Therapy and interventions for children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder to decrease their symptoms of non-compliancy. Some studies conducted only included the children individually, or in groups, and others were conducted with the parents of the children as well. The results of these interventions will not only prove that Mindful-Based Therapy and trainings will benefit the non-compliant Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder child’s parent satisfaction, but will also have a significant positive change in the child’s behavior all around.

Commercial Property Management Research Paper

The Property Description The commercial property selected for this task is a shop for sale located at St Johns Street, Clerkenwell in London. This is a four-storey Georgian commercial building with a striking ancient look, as shown in Figure 1 below. The key characteristics of the property include the following: Size: the gross internal floor area of the building is about 86 m2. It has four stories comprising of a basement, ground floor, first floor and second floor. Architectural style: this is a Georgian terrace house meaning that it is of Georgian architectural style. The key properties of Georgian terrace houses include: grand proportions, spacious, comfortable, increased sense of light and space, sash windows, high windows on the ground and first floors and smaller windows on the second floor, balanced interior layout, white-painted render, and symmetrical flat exterior. All these properties are resent in the commercial property being analyzed. Tenure: property has a freehold tenure meaning that the owner has outright ownership of the building and the land on it with no time limit on ownership and does not have any limitations on the use of the property. This presents a good opportunity to improve the property and increase its…