Project Scope and Work Breakdown Structure Essay

The Concept of Scope and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Scope is an integral part of every project. Specifically, it constitutes all the objectives and goals to be achieved in a project. The scope helps team members to evaluate the progress of the project by listing all the requirements and the stages of development. For instance, the scope of the research entails calculation of costs, deliverables, deadlines, and tasks in the project. It is easier to identify mistakes and challenges facing the project by analyzing the scope of the project. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is that part of the scope that streamlines all the activities of the project. In essence, WBS creates effective and efficient flow to achieve the set goals. Furthermore, WBS provides the opportunity for analyzing adjusting the budgets of the project. Many changes take place before the completion of the project through Work Breakdown Structure. Just like in other projects, Work Breakdown Structure will suffice Solar Array Project meant to lower the cost of rebuilding in CA. Components of Work Breakdown Structure in the Project

Wh-movement Essay

One aspect that makes Spanish a widely studied Romance language is the inversion found in its wh-questions. The pre-verbal subject is impossible in wh-questions for the language in question, although it allows either pre- or post-verbal subjects. The approach does not represent a syntactic phenomenon, at least not according to contemporary thinking. The concept makes Spanish highly sensitive to well-known working memory, accounting for the basic constructions that provide properties for syntax analysis. Basics of Wh-movement in Spanish The properties of working memory explain various characteristics of wh-movement in Spanish and open different avenues through which the reduction of wh-questions proceed to its bare essential: minimalism. The process entails raising V to T, coupled with the elevation of the subject to SPEC of T. Finally, when the wh-movement possibly rises to SPEC of C, the syntax does not need to address any constraints regarding the interaction of the preverbal subject and wh-phrase since the independently required constraints on working memory handle them.

Conflict of Interest in the Financial Service Industry

Conflicts in the financial industry occur if the client and the financial advisor have different interests in their contractual relationships. In such instances, the responsibilities of financial advisors differ with their private interests (Conflicts of Interests). Clients seek financial advice to identify potential risks, investment objectives, and time horizons in their projects. The clients usually state restrictions and investment limitations they may be facing to obtain appropriate information from financial advisors to deal with these constraints. The advisors have discretionary authority to decide on behalf of their clients. However, financial advisors can misuse this privilege for their own financial or material gain. Conflicts of Interests The source of the fee is a significant cause of conflict of interest in financial advisory relationships. Fee-based advisory firms are affiliated with insurance agencies or registered broker-dealers. These firms earn a commission for selling investment or insurance products of these agencies (Burke et al. 3). The conflict of interest arises when financial advisors recommend their clients to purchase the products of a particular insurance or investment agency to increase the commission that the former earn. For example, a financial advisor may recommend their client to buy common stocks of a specific company through a…

Physical Description of Buddhas in the Buddhist Religion

Object: Buddha Overview of the Object The term ‘Budha’ simplifies the ‘enlightened one.’ This is the most significant surviving representation of Buddha after his death. It is not just about the portraits we see today but dates back to hundreds of years ago. By the time Buddhism reached China, it has continued to play the most significant role in devotional practices. Physical Appearance, Colors, and Description Some of the unique features include the fact that it is defined by an impressive stature, pose, and dress. The key features also reflect vital human characteristics. On various occasions, gestures can differ depending on the situation at the time. However, the Buddha, in general, brings out a clear reflection of the various conventional features that render it unique and brings in the sense of attachment to all believers of Buddhism. Its physical appearance depicts the symbols of radiance; the halo around its head, for instance, or sometimes the entire body. The radiance of Buddha is also depicted by the flame at the top of the head, accompanied by a gold-covered surface.

Public Speaking Ideas for Students

Chris Anderson, a long-serving Ted talks host, draws on his experience about what makes a great talk in the video titled, ‘Ted’s secret to great public speaking’. He stresses the importance of focusing on a single idea when giving a speech or talk. He then proceeds to give guidelines on how to project the idea effectively in order to make a great speech. The most helpful ideas by the speaker were; to make use of the power of language, to stir the audience’s curiosity and to ensure other ideas are connected to your primary idea. The ability to link the ideas together forms the basis of a good speech. The speaker emphasizes the importance of using the power of language. Realistically, when explaining some concepts it is likely to use complex words that the audience does not understand. I concur with the idea because perfect execution of the power of language helps the audience to get up to speed with your concepts (Barkhuizen 26). However, this can only be effective when the speaker correctly identifies their type of audience. Taking advantage of the power of language helps to influence the decisions made by the audience with regard to the issues…

Discussion of the Book by Esmail

Chapter Two Schools should be more responsive to diverse students’ educational needs, which should be the case since minority people in the community contribute to a significant population. Statistics Canada estimates that one in five people is a member of a visible minority. Schools failing to be more interesting, engaging, and responsive to ethnically diverse students can be seen as a form of discrimination since many students do not have their interests being considered in their learning institutions. Educational leaders need to employ active actions to ensure that ethnically diverse students in their institutions are accounted for when coming up with policies. According to (Gay, 2002), the quality of education for diverse students can be improved when instructional programs that consider their cultural heritage are implemented in schools, which means that the students’ diverse cultural heritages should be executed in schools to be more inclusive to diverse students. Teachers who are responsive to their students’ educational needs and implement culturally responsive teaching are likely to address their diverse students’ needs, which effectively improve their teaching skills and help them get through to their students (Bonner et al., 2018). It is therefore clear that it is necessary for schools to be…

Cognitive Dissonance Essay

Topic Chosen The subject matter of the essay is cognitive dissonance. This phenomenon may be defined as the condition under which a subject is induced to entertain inconsistent thoughts or attitudes with respect to a given topic. Externally and artificially imposed dissonance might be expected to have a cooling effect upon subjects’ willingness to enter into relationships with peers with whom they encountered pointed disagreement (McLeod, 2018). Source The peer-reviewed source article for this analysis is cited in an up-to-date APA-styled bibliography as follows: Vaidis, D. C., & Oberle, D. (2014). Approaching opponents and leaving supporters: Adjusting physical proximity to reduce cognitive dissonance. Social Behavior and Personality 42(7): 1091-1098. Problem Investigated The exact problem investigated dealt with how individuals might use physical distance from or proximity to peers as an indicator of their level of comfort with relationships to which they were forcibly introduced. The theory of cognitive dissonance asserts that the mental agitation that results from a shift of opinion from one’s initial stance results in a certain unease. This unease, in turn, influences how these individuals approach the prospect of face-to-face meetings with other individuals who can be expected beforehand either to agree or to disagree with their…

Narrative Analysis Example Essay

Question 1 Focalization is the restriction of the narration based on the perspective, knowledge, and experiences of the narrator. In some instances, the focus of the narration is dictated by the characters and other entities within the world where the narrated story is occurring. It defines the perspective with which the narration progresses and links to the feelings and opinions expressed. Fixed internal focalization combines the fact that a singular focus is established and that the focus is on a character within the narrative. This is maintained throughout the story. In Atwood’s Footnote to the Amnesty report on Torture, the man who cleans the floor indemnifies himself from the gruesome activities by taking the perspective of a worker just carrying out his duty to make a living (Vendler et al. 70). He’s glad to have this job because there are few others. He isn’t a torturer, he only cleans the floor: every morning the same vomit, The same shed teeth, the same piss and liquid shit, the same panic.

Chinese Population Growth and the Environment

In the past seventy years, the Chinese population has rapidly grown and become the highest in the world. This trend started in 1949 due to the post-war baby boom, higher life expectancy, and the pro-natalist policies of the Communist Party (Howden and Yang, 2015). From 1950 to 1979, the Chinese population grew from 554,419,273 to 986,132,202, with the average annual growth rate of 1.97% (Howden and Yang, 2015; Macrotrends, 2020). In 1979, the government implemented the one-child policy to curb this rapid growth because it started to put enormous strain on the economy and the environment. It caused pollution and accelerated depletion of non-renewable natural resources. Nevertheless, the policy failed to fulfill its purpose, and the population grew another half billion, amounting to 1,439,323,776 in 2020, although the annual increase from 2019 was only 0.39% (Macrotrends, 2020). The high number of Chinese population creates such environmental problems as pollution resulting from coal combustion, water depletion and pollution, air pollution, and deforestation.

Solidarity and Moral Deference Essay

Solidarity is considered the most human value. It means standing with one another through tough or good times. The shared feeling or action, especially with common interests, is considered solidarity. It is a representation of the basis of other human values, including companionship, honor, loyalty, or friendship. There are various factors that can prompt individuals or groups to act in solidarity. Some of these include love for one another or shared disdain of certain situations, establishments, or prevailing aspects of the society. People can show solidarity by acting together to champion for their rights or to counter some undesirable establishments in society. Wilkins Donegal is an Ugandan-based Indian professor who has committed his efforts towards the support of equal rights for women. Wilkins has come up with a foundation in Africa where he offers training for women in various empowerment projects. Apart from offering training, he is providing monetary incentives to needy women so that they can be self-sufficient. According to Wilkins, women empowerment is a positive step towards solving poverty, which has gripped various societies in Africa. Women in Africa for a long time have been subject to uneven societal prejudices that favor male dominance. This has so far…