Jane Tompkins Indians Essay

Jane Tompkins asserts the view that perspective makes more sense when different people offer their account of the same story as opposed to when the same people are consulted to give their account of different stories all the time (Tompkins). She posits that issues arise when all accounts of different events are normally determined by the same frame of reference of the observer. She mentions this as the reason why people never know what really happens in history. Tompkins seeks to appeal to the ethos of her audience by the way she employs tactics like Kairos and exigence.

Book Summary Essay Example

The book, A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960, highlights the American economic history in a succinct and chronological manner. The authors, Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz, prepared the book in the 20th century and sought to underpin the ways economists perceive the monetary theory as well as the country’s policies. Today, the book is one of the most referred and cited academic resources in the study of economics. The in-depth information and coverage of the period between 1867 and 1960 allow the reader to obtain important knowledge regarding the growth of the country’s economy as well as the policies that were put in place by the governments during the period. Through a chapter by chapter summarization of the content, it is clear that the book is an essential resource in the study of economics.

Psychological Well-Being Essay

Introduction Psychological well-being refers to an individual’s engagement with existential challenges of life. In the last several decades, there has been a shift to the positive aspects of mental well-being. The standards that people used to measure well-being had not been theorized. Carol Ryff developed a model of psychological well-being that is centered on six dimensions. The six core dimensions of psychological well-being are self acceptance, personal growth, and purpose in life, environmental mastery, autonomy, and positive relationships (Ryff 100). Environmental mastery refers to how an individual manages their life situations. Purpose in life focuses on the extent by which an individual feels their life has meaning (Kállay and Rus 16). Positive relationships measures the depth of connections they had in ties with significant others. Autonomy measures if a person believes they are living in accordance with their own personal convictions. Self acceptance focuses on the knowledge and acceptance of themselves, including their limitations.

China Trade Research Paper

China’s economy went through massive transformations in the second half of the 19th century and start of the 20th century. At the beginning of the 19 century, China’s economy was the largest in the world. It was more than twice that of India, which was the second largest economy in the world. It was also six times bigger than that of the Great Britain, which was the largest in Europe and was 20 times that of United States. Their GDP was 84% of the world’s average. By 1870, the country’s GDP had fallen to 60% of the global average. The country went through further recession and by 1980, the country’s GDP was equivalent to 24% of the world’s average. As China’s economy receded during the second part of the 19th century and early 20th century, the economy of other Western countries grew after the Industrial Revolution. The country however implemented market-based reforms that have modernized the country’s economy, which has led to a GDP of 103% of the world’s average. The paper addresses the question, How did historical events such as the Opium war, the Taiping Rebellion, the Warlord Era and the Civil War affect China’s trade with other countries…

ADHD Mindfulness Based Therapy Research Paper

Abstract A child with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is often perceived in a negative point of perspective due to their one of their many symptoms of non-compliance in their homes and their schooling systems. Typically, a child with this diagnosis undergoes traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and medication prescriptions. This study explored the effects of Mindful-Based Therapy and interventions for children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder to decrease their symptoms of non-compliancy. Some studies conducted only included the children individually, or in groups, and others were conducted with the parents of the children as well. The results of these interventions will not only prove that Mindful-Based Therapy and trainings will benefit the non-compliant Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder child’s parent satisfaction, but will also have a significant positive change in the child’s behavior all around.

Commercial Property Management Research Paper

The Property Description The commercial property selected for this task is a shop for sale located at St Johns Street, Clerkenwell in London. This is a four-storey Georgian commercial building with a striking ancient look, as shown in Figure 1 below. The key characteristics of the property include the following: Size: the gross internal floor area of the building is about 86 m2. It has four stories comprising of a basement, ground floor, first floor and second floor. Architectural style: this is a Georgian terrace house meaning that it is of Georgian architectural style. The key properties of Georgian terrace houses include: grand proportions, spacious, comfortable, increased sense of light and space, sash windows, high windows on the ground and first floors and smaller windows on the second floor, balanced interior layout, white-painted render, and symmetrical flat exterior. All these properties are resent in the commercial property being analyzed. Tenure: property has a freehold tenure meaning that the owner has outright ownership of the building and the land on it with no time limit on ownership and does not have any limitations on the use of the property. This presents a good opportunity to improve the property and increase its…

Negotiation and Strategy Essay

In modern conditions of intensive economic development, management is one of the pivotal tools for the development of a company. Management regulates the material and labor resources, their implementation and the effectiveness of their use to reduce costs and increase revenues. In addition to the regulative function, management functions include the preparation of direction of the organization and analysis of the state of the company in the market, considering a competition. To analyze a large company, such as Lenovo Group Limited, it is necessary to reckon with several factors affecting its state and development: Computer hardware in Electronics Industry, company history, structure, strengths and weaknesses of a company, opportunities and threats, revenues and costs, negotiations , investment, partnership, strategy and tactics of the manufacturer.

Pollen Allergy Essay

Seasonal changes could adversely affect the health of patients who have been diagnosed with pollen allergy. This is so because, pollen allergies are normally spread by wind and season changes tend to affect the rate as well as the intensity with which the wind does travel. There are times when the weather is windy and during this period, the spreading of the pollen grains causing the allergies is normally at a high rate compared to when it is less windy. In the article, “Never-ending Allergies? Blame multiple Pollen Seasons,” the author discusses the combined impact of tree and grass pollen on public health (Eva, 2019). The article summarizes the insight of Dr. Donald Stark, who is an allergist at the University of British Columbia. Stark claimed that people could be allergic to both tree and grass pollen that could make allergies to last the entire summer.

Meaning of Life and Death Essay

The meaning of life has attracted the attention of many philosophers, poets, writers, and other representatives of the humanities. For a long time, the problem of human immortality did not go beyond the framework of religious discourse. Today, the opposition of infinity and limitation is present in both minds of scientists and artists. The advancement of science and technology nowadays leads to the question of humanity. Therefore, immortality is an essential part of the meaning of life because the concept influences the development of scientific paradigms and contributes to new worldview trends in culture, philosophy, and medicine.

Example Admission Essay

As a highly persistent and goal-oriented but at the same time, modest student, I need the scholarship to further my education and get an opportunity to pursue my chosen career. I am a responsible and confident person because I always complete all the tasks that are assigned to me and value responsibility and purposefulness in others. I understand that my education is not only the next stage in my life that I should successfully complete but the foundation for my future career and expertise in the field. I believe that I have a potential for becoming a successful professional in the future because I am accustomed to learning significant loads of new information and expressing proactiveness, which, to my mind, is an essential feature of a successful student. Moreover, I consider myself to be a good problem-solver and decision-maker, but I lack the practical experience to test associated abilities and skills. The scholarship will help me enhance my knowledge and skills and support my personal and professional development. In turn, I believe that if I reach my full potential with the help of scholarship, I will show high academic performance, which will positively affect the reputation of our college.