Essay on Different Types of Organizations

Introduction The vast diversity of organizations create significant difficulties for their classification. Organizations that, at first glance, can be attributed to one group by one criterion, can vary significantly in another. For a manager or a person engaged in research in the field of management, the typology of organizations plays the role of a guidebook that helps to create a particular image of the surrounding reality. Given the interaction with the external environment, organizations can be mechanistic and organic. The application of the term mechanistic to an organization is used to show that the system is designed like a machine mechanism intended for production operations (Buhler, 2011). The term organic gives the organization the quality of a living organism, free from the shortcomings of a mechanistic structure. The mechanistic type of control structure is characterized by the use of formal rules and procedures, centralization of decision making, narrowly defined correspondence in work, and a rigid hierarchy of power. The disadvantages of the mechanical structure relate to the lack of flexibility, excess controllability, excessive centralization, and the formation of irrational information flows (Buhler, 2011). The organic type, in contrast to the mechanistic, is a decentralized organization of management, which is characterized…

Valley and Ridge Aquifer System Essay

Hydrologic Setting of the Area Valley and ridge aquifer system extends from Southwest region of Pennsylvania to Northeast region of Virginia. The aquifer system is the major water supply for the regions. Its hydrologic settings are formed mainly due to limestone that is exposed in the core of anticline of valley and ridge aquifer. These regions receive heavy rainfall of as high as 43 inches on average annually, which provides 13 inches of water to the aquifer system, and through a proper mechanism, the rainfall can result in the recharge of the aquifer. Valley and ridge aquifer system is composed of layered Paleozoic sedimentary strata that are folded and deformed by a series of tectonic collisions during about 200 million years ago. The collisions cause fracture that has high permeability and contains holes, which allows the rapid recharge of aquifer system by rainwater. The water runoffs to less permeable regions such as shales and sandstone and is collected as groundwater above the limestone at the valley edge (Swain, Mesko, & Hollyday, 2004). The water collected in the aquifer is closely linked to surface water bodies, such as lake, river, and wetlands. This relationship is, however, affected by the position of…

How to Ensure Quality Sleeping Essay

Lack of sleep severely affects physical abilities of the human organism and may cause many health issues. In the contemporary world, people tend to obtain not enough energy from sleeping, which leads to stress, disorders, mental instability, and other physiological problems. Therefore, to ensure sleep, it is necessary to plan the time rationally, maintain regular rest time, and exercise before going to bed. Since today people spend too much time on technologies willing to engage in everything they presume is necessary to accomplish their goals, insufficient sleep might become a daily issue. Without a strictly scheduled sleeping time, people are not able to focus on work or studying, which implicates a lack of performance. “There are multiple overlapping areas of performance that are substantially affected by inadequate sleep, including speed, endurance, strength, attention, executive function, and learning” (Simpson, Gibbs, and Matheson 267). In particular, insufficient sleep today will undoubtedly result in distraction during the studying process tomorrow, which may affect my grade.

Media and Culture Essay

America’s Got Talent (AGT) show is watched not only in the United States but all over the world. For 5 straight summers, 12 out of the 13 years that AGT has been aired, the program has been the most watched to only losing the top spot only once to the first season of the Under the Dome series (Fitzgerald 2018). Based on the Nielsen L+ playback rating, the American Got Talent show makes the top 10 and takes the first spot of the most TV shows watched during the summer (Fitzgerald 2018). The fact that no other show, including the populous American Idol, means that AGT has remained at the top for 12 consecutive seasons similar to has further substantiated the dominance of the program (Fitzgerald 2018). An analysis of AGT in relation to the circuit of culture and the identification of a range of issues of the show provides a basis for appreciating the program as a form of widely accepted culture all over the world. The government of the United States regulates the production of airing of the AGT talent program. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rates and regulates films and shows in the United States…

Argumentative Essay about Money and Happiness

A common assumption in the media and everywhere else is that being rich means that one is happy. The debate on money and happiness has been going on for a while. There is a belief that the more money one has, the more comfortable he/she becomes. With money, one can buy the basic needs. Though money can satisfy our physical needs, we need to understand that happiness is not material. Instead, satisfaction is a more profound natural feeling that comes out of a person and is not necessarily dependent on money. What we need to understand, therefore, is that money does not bring happiness as many people would imagine. For long, people have not understood that money can only help a person in making individual choices. Having large amounts of money does not necessarily lead to happiness. The belief that being rich is having a lot of money is often misconstrued (Badiou 75). Given a chance, it is evident that most people are likely to choose riches. However, we should ask ourselves if money can make others to love us. The desire of human beings is the need to love and be loved in return. It is the feeling that…

Is Being a Dreamer More Important than Making Practical Decisions?

In the Early stages of life, dreaming is inevitable; almost everyone in their childhood has something they want to be in life as well as the kind of life they would want to lead. At that point in time, it appears as though the dreams will come to pass without a proper guideline on how the dreams or goals set to be achieved then will come to pass. Dreaming of success or a great future may proceed to adulthood and in this case, dreamers know exactly what they want to achieve, be it owning a Lamborghini or living in the most expensive mansion. Unfortunately, these dreams in most instances never come to pass. Practical decision-makers may have been dreamers in childhood but as they grow up hard realities get them in line. Such people make decisions based on realities, they also work towards their futures based on the practicalities of life, if one line of thought seems to lead them nowhere they change course.

Aggression Caused by Video Games Essay

Video games have become one of the most recurrent themes amongst the youth especially. More than 150 million Americans play video games, which is a significant percentage. Video games are largely associated with causing aggression as they have immense power of influencing minds. Over the last couple of centuries, video games have drastically diversified. There are several different themes of video games that have become popular. One of the most popular themes is based on violence. Several video games are built on underlying themes of wars and violence. Consequentially, they become the causal factors which strategically cause violent thoughts and behavioral patterns amongst people. This is one of the major factors which can be considered as creating dysfunction in society.

Philosophy Essay on Mind, World and Knowledge

Epistemology is the philosophical study of the origin, nature and limits of knowledge. The word epistemology is derived from the Greek words episteme which means knowledge and the word logos which means reason. The following study tries to elaborate and give further insight on the primary sources of knowledge that exist today. Epistemology is both normative and descriptive. Descriptive epistemology refers to assertions that are made without a person undertaking any evaluations into the matter. Descriptive claims try to explain an understanding of a matter without basing the evidence to established standards. One potential illustration of the descriptive aspects of epistemology is that knowledge existed before man came into being. For example, animals have knowledge about weather patterns which describes their migratory tendencies during certain intervals. The above illustration is an example of knowledge that was in existence long before man mastered the trends and patterns of weather. Normative epistemology refers to assertions that are made after some degree of analysis or investigation that has been carried out relative to existing standards and or principles. To illustrate knowledge is not static but rather is ever evolving owing to the fact that the earliest men relied solely on rain fed agriculture…

The Allegory of the Cave Analysis Essay

The allegory of the cave is one of the most prominent works of Plato. It is a theory created by Plato asserting that knowledge which emanates from senses is not factual and that real knowledge can only be acquired through philosophical reasoning. Even though the theory is intriguing to read it has a deeper meaning. Plato uses a lot to symbolism to clearly explain his theory. Plato uses the cave to symbolize the school of thought that believes that knowledge comes from empirical knowledge such as the things we see and hear (Peterson 275). The caves indicate that people who depend on empirical knowledge are trapped in a “cave” of misunderstanding.

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone Essay

Introduction J.K Rowling uses the motif of an eleven-year-old boy and his life experience to bring to life several themes relatable to the real world. Harry is an orphan who has to live with his relatives, and it is apparent from the onset that he is not welcome. He is forced to live in a cupboard beneath a staircase and has to do so many duties that would not normally be assigned to a ten-year-old boy. Despite all these circumstances, Harry soon discovers that he is a significant figure, as he secures an admission to the Hogwarts School of wizardry and sorcery. His parents have left him enough money to ensure he gets the education he needs and the school year begins with much success on Harry’s side. Things take a turn for the worse when strange occurences start to happen at the school and it is eventually revealed that a precious and important item, the sorcerer’s stone, is being hunted for by Voldermont who is the villain responsible for killing Harry Potter’s parents. Harry and his friends, Ron and Hermione, work together to ensure the stone is safe and, in the end, Voldermont is unable to access it.