Leader Member Exchange as a Driver of Results among Sales People

Servant leadership focuses on followers as the primary components while organizational gains are peripheral. Six characteristics have been associated with servant leadership: empowerment and development of people, displaying authenticity, humility expression, stewardship, providing of direction, and interpersonal acceptance (Graham 107). However, the characteristics overlap with other leadership models thus the specification of two unique distinctive aspects: serving first and being selfless. A servant leader will recognize the uniqueness of each person. A servant leader finds interest in follower’s values and beliefs by focusing on the followers’ growth aiming at advancing both financial and non-financial terms of the organization like profit and employees’ growth (Grisaffe et al. 53). The followers consider the servant leader as trustworthy when they depict honesty humility traits.

Schizophrenia as a Substance-Related and Addictive Disorder Research

Abstract The use of drugs has been identified as one leading cause of schizophrenia. In fact, research has established that more than half of American schizophrenics have a history of drug abuse. Schizophrenia affects slightly more than 1% of the American population (Benaiges et al., 2013). Schizophrenia is a chronic and often severe mental disorder that makes an individual to think, feel and behave in an abnormal way. For example, a person may see things that are not there or imagine being in danger yet they are not. The disorder makes the day-to-day life of an individual difficult and often unbearable as they have to cope with frequent hallucinations, delusions, thought disorders and movement disorders among other challenges (Asher & Gask, 2010). The individuals living with schizophrenia do not show the right emotions at different situations have reduced feelings of pleasure and limit their interacting with those around them. The use of drugs is the leading risk factor that makes an individual easy to get schizophrenia. There are no specific treatments for schizophrenia, but the available treatments are helpful in eliminating the symptoms. The treatments may include the use of antipsychotics and psychosocial therapies to help an individual avoid the…

The Advantages of Planting Trees Essay

An essay isn’t the easiest thing to come to grips with. It is time-consuming and oftentimes tedious. To make the task a little easier for students we are providing this sample that you can use to see the overall structure of a solid essay, from a gripping introduction to a conclusion that sums up all points nicely. The importance of trees has never really been in question: between providing raw materials and all-important oxygen, people have always known that trees are crucial to society. But while people are generally aware of a resource’s value, somehow the importance of keeping that resource available is often lost on them. Trees are an important resource for society, but planting them is even more so. Planting trees not only maintains a resource for society to use but also promotes ecological longevity and aesthetic beauty for the world at large. Very few resources on Earth are unlimited. Unfortunately, trees are not included in that small list. Even worse, trees are not replenished at a pace that matches their rate of consumption. It takes decades to grow a tree that can provide meaningful levels of oxygen or raw materials, but only hours to cut one down.…

Homemade Cooking vs Fast Food Essay

Homemade cooking is one of the most vital elements of the normal life of any human. It is necessary to admit that people need food not only to receive nutritious elements but also to deal with hunger and to satisfy the moral need of eating something delicious. It is not a secret that homemade cooking, especially for a family of several members, is not a simple task; it requires a lot of preparation and effort in order to cook something delicious and edible. In addition, the pace of life several decades ago was completely different from the modern one. Therefore, the fast food chains and the fast food itself started to spread across the planet rapidly. It was an instant hit because there were not any inconveniences regarding the fast food, it was cheap, people did not have to wait for the food for too long, and people did not need to prepare for the fast food, as the employees of the café did everything. The same aspects are present in the modern world. However, in recent years, many people have become concerned about the quality of fast food and its influence on health, making it one of the most…

Distributed Leadership in the Education Sector

The majority of organizations endeavor to ensure that they put in place structures and functions that necessitate achievement of their core objectives. Failure in undertaking such measures leads to the organization registering poor outcomes or unexpected negative results that have severe effects on the industry. While the educational sector has and continues to experience various challenges, one of the major problems that has caused serious results in the sector is the limitation of distributed leadership applications, especially as it relates to decision-making in Saudi Education Ministry.

Is Global Climate Change Caused by Humans?

The primary contributor to climatic change is the accumulation of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere leading to changes in the global weather patterns. Global warming has been attributed in human and natural contributors. The prior includes activities like burning of coal, oil, and gas. Other activities like deforestation and burning of forests have also distorted the climatic patterns. Engaging in these activities poses a threat to the wellbeing of people and other living organisms; hence it is immoral. Besides, the practices have led to environmental degradation which constitutes the non-moral premises. The natural factors are occurrences like volcanic eruptions and aerosol release. Scientists have revealed that human activities are the largest contributors towards global warming. Besides, natural events mentioned rarely happen. Therefore, humans are the major cause of global climatic changes.

The Influence of Social Institutions on Gender Roles Essay

Introduction Women are disproportionately represented in many social institutions, such as politics, religion, institutions of higher learning, and the modern workplace In a society which is rife with many different gender stereotypes and biases, the dominance of men in many social institutions has continued to emphasize gender roles. The society has a set of different ideas about how men and women should behave, dress as well as present themselves (Grusky 43). Therefore, gender roles in the society can be defined as how people are expected to groom, speak and conduct themselves according to their assigned sex. For example, it is of the essence to note that girls and women are expected by the society to dress in feminine ways, be polite and nurturing. However, men are expected to be aggressive, bold and strong. Every society has gender role expectations and they differ from group to group. Social institutions such as family, religion, school and mass media reinforce gender roles in the society.

Role of Nursing in Family Care Essay

Introduction Despite extensive efforts to prevent cancer and find its cure, each year cancer causes a lot of suffering in people. Although many are cured, they undergo devastating suffering along the way arising from psychological, physical, financial, and spiritual problems. Research by the Canadian Cancer Society shows that one in two Canadians (45% of women and 49% of men) develop cancer in their lifetime: these are 2010 estimates (2017). Not only do cancer patients need comprehensive treatment but also particular attention to themselves as whole persons. It is where nurses come in play as experts who understand the causes of their suffering and what it would take to make them complete again. They make the person, instead of the disease, the focus of their attention. This paper analyses the role of a family nurse in the Smith family case. Maggie is a surviving cancer patient in a six-week post-op recovering at home. To help the family through the emotional healing process, the paper analyses how the nurse assesses evaluates and implements various methods of the family playing different roles. Family nursing in Canada and challenges faced when dealing with cancer.

Applying Economic Concepts in Workplace Essay

There have been many changes to society over the past 50 years, including the expanded number of ladies entering the work drive, the predominance of families where all adults work, increasing eldercare obligations, and the rising significance of proceeding with education. These progressions are among those that have expanded the requirement for adaptability in the working environment. Such needs can be met with adaptability as far as when one works, where one works, or the workload one has, including time off after labour or other life occasions. Accordingly, work environment adaptability incorporates actions that enable laborers to keep making gainful commitments to the workforce while taking care of family and other obligations. The most common flexibility options that benefit the workplace immensely are working from home or telecommuting and allowing workers to decide their own shifts. Providing such options to the employees ensures that the company can retain their best people who can continue to benefit the company.

Rape and Sexual Assault Essay

Rape and sexual assault is a social problem that occurs all over the world. It tends to affect both genders, but research shows that women suffer first of all. A few inquiries show that only a small percentage of cases are properly addressed. Some simple statistics therein testifies to the fact that one in every four women has experienced sexual assault, and that approximately a third of all adolescent girls say that their first sex experience was not intentional but rather forced (Silverman 76). The definition of sexual assault encompasses many factors, and it does mean not only forced sex or rape but also includes some other forms of coercion encompassing attempts to get sexual favors, unwarranted sexual advances, and any other acts that presuppose force applied by one party in effort to gain some sexual service from the other party. When it comes to a coercion, people tend to ignore some aspects, seeing them as normal. An example is where a woman gets forced to have sex with the employer to obtain a specific job or promotion in the office, something that gets accomplished through blackmail or threats. Coercion also encompasses instances where people get drugged or simply forced…