Essay on Populism, Socialism and Anarchism

The fundamental argument in this paper is that socialism is an effective ideology in handling healthcare pandemics. However, the essay reviews two other ideologies, that is, populism and anarchism to evaluate their efficacy in medical crisis mitigation. The premise of this essay is the determination of how the various ideologies inform the policies that are formulated to handle the crises. Socialism, as a foundational ideology upon which social, political, and economic regulations are made, offers effective solutions to pandemics such as the Covid-19 outbreak.

Statement of Purpose Essay Sample

The key contribution to human knowledge by the field of psychology is analyzing and providing critical solutions to the fundamental social, cultural, and political questions. I developed strong interest in studying psychology during my time as a student while gaining an associate degree in acting. During the studying period, our instructor always emphasized the need to broaden knowledge in psychology in addition to development of methodological toolbox for theatre analysis and performances. The knowledge would influence performance styles ranging from the cultural to historical perspectives. I also learnt that development of creative piece of art requires strong understanding and analysis of human behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. I strongly believe that enrolment in BA in social sciences with greater focus on psychology will assist to learn new ways of understanding how and why human beings think and act as they do.

Evaluation Essay Sample

Main Gap in Knowledge Accuracy in measuring the progress of construction is critical in a successful building project. Yet, the automated methods that are used in measuring the progress of such development, as revealed in previous studies, have exhibited limitations mainly because of incomplete data. The objective of this paper is to develop an accurate and fully automated approach for measuring the progress of construction (Anderson, David & Charles 75). The procedure employs the use of 4D BIM in concert with 3D data that is obtained through the use of remote sensing technologies. The methods have three phases, which include alignment of as-built data with the planned model, marching as-built data to BIM information, and revising the status of as-built data (Granberg, Douglas & Riemer 67). The accuracy of the completed building is validated using the 3D data that was acquired from the actual project site. The purpose is to collect data directly from the site to ensure that there is a useful measurement of the progress of construction.

Audience and Resource Development Essay

Part 1 Audience and resource development play an important role in arts and media industries. Audience segmentation, for instance, is vital in making decisions related to the marketing processes. For example, a particular group of people may be attracted to artwork that is not appealing to another. This fact means that it is important to segment the audience in a way that people with the same interests are placed together. The Inc. article by Amy Nelson titled “Women Drive Majority of Consumer Purchasing and It’s Time to Meet Their Needs” compares purchasing decisions between men and women, which highlights the issue of audience segmentation. In such a case, Segmenting the market in terms of gender would be appropriate in order to avoid targeting the wrong group. Therefore, the article stresses on the importance of audience segmentation.

Marijuana and Depression Essay

Psychology news articles are important because they inform the general public, including medical professionals and laypeople, on vital health aspects regarding different conditions. Thus, they should be objective, factual, and not misleading. Psychological health issues are common and many people seek effective solutions, making mass media articles the go-to sources. The public trusts them to deliver authoritative information. However, such articles are written by journalists who are not psychologists or medical professionals. They rely on other resources researched and published by experts in the field to get accurate information. However, they rephrase and translate the information to make it relevant for their news articles. As a result, the information is prone to bias, misrepresentation, or misinterpretation, which could be misleading. Hence, this paper makes a critical analysis of a news article written by Javier Hasse and published on Forbes online. It is about the effects of cannabis on depression symptoms. This analysis also examines the reporter’s representation of the findings of a scientific study on the same subject, showing that it is accurate.

Fossil Fuel Abolition Essay

One attribute which is of immense concern in the contemporary days is the abolition of fossil fuels. It is a social justice topic given the fact that it puts people’s lives and livelihoods at danger. There is insurmountable evidence of the fact that the use of fossil fuels is responsible for environmental challenges. In fact, over the years, it has led to global warming and respiratory challenges that account for a large number of human deaths, destruction of property, and land dereliction (Chaston, 2016). Moreover, there is no doubt that over time, the continued use of the source of energy is poised to jeopardize the well-being of people in the future. The world has the ability to abolish the use of fossil fuels, but that decision has never been taken for several reasons. It is high time that a global resolution is made to completely abandon the use of fossil fuels.

Heat Waves Essay

Recent discoveries by several meteorological departments around the globe have indicated an upsurge in global temperatures. This is a clear indication that despite the worldwide standstill due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the earth continues to face global warming. One significant consequence is heatwaves, which are gradually being recorded all over the world. Heatwaves are a period of unusual higher temperatures than the average lasting for more than a day. For instance, the earth’s coldest place (Antarctica) has reported a record-high increase in its surface temperatures. This increase is due to heat being trapped into the earth’s atmosphere by gas polluted by humans. Minimum temperatures have gone above the zero marks for three consecutive days (Bergstrom, Klekociuk, & Robinson, 2020). The maximum recorded were all above 7.50C. In January, a new record of the highest maximum temperature was 9.20C, which was broken in February. A new Maximum temperature of 18.40C became the new high. Days later, a new high was recorded; 20.750C. Temperatures of these magnitudes are considered very high when compared to the supposed normal of -70C (Woodyatt, 2020) Adverse effects have therefore been reported around the continent. Some of these effects have been advantageous and disadvantageous to the eco-system.

Blue Ocean Strategy Literature Review

Clear business strategies help to replace previously ineffective management systems and help businesses to achieve success. The word strategy was commonly applied in the military field where precise outcome must be delivered with a little chance left for failure. Over time, the meaning of the word strategy has evolved due to its application in other activities, particularly in business environment(Sarjana, & Khayati, 2019). Strategizing is not as easy as most people perceive it because it involves well-organized and chronological events. Business strategists face the lack of clear understanding of their competitive environment and interpreting competition effects in the business. The paper seeks to conduct a literature review of the blue ocean strategy while offering its in-depth analysis. It purposes to identify the existing literature on this strategy for a better understanding. Thus, the review will focus on relevant academic articles whose selection was based on the keywords “strategic planning” and blue ocean strategy. The literature review provides term definitions, frameworks, and tools relate to the strategy. Based on the literature review, it is clear that the blue ocean strategy has become one the most recent themes of research that needs further study (Rezaire, 2019). The paper utilizes three articles from…

Developmental Theories Across the Lifespan

Article 1 Summary The article, Cognitive and Affective Association with an Ecologically Valid Test of Theory of Mind across the Lifespan, examines theory of mind (ToM) performance across the lifespan of elderly adults. ToM is defined as the ability of a person to recognize mental states (Nolaker, Murray, Happé, & Charlton, 2018). That is, being able to understand and acknowledge that the desires and beliefs of another person differ from one’s own. While ToM tends to be stable during adulthood, the authors indicate that it has not been examined among the elderly. Moreover, isolation and health issues experienced by the elderly create a risk for social functioning. The study conducted hypothesize that ToM will decrease with age. Six adults aged between 17 and 95 years participated in the survey, which was done in their own homes (Nolaker, Murray, Happé, & Charlton, 2018). Cognitive functions were tested as well as empathy to determine ToM abilities. The results verified the hypothesis as they showed a significant difference in levels of ToM across age. Ideally, having a working memory is essential in enhancing the concept, and as adults’ age, their memory is compromised. The results of the research are supported by other studies…

Problem Solving and Decision Making Essay

Question 1 Part a A problem is any circumstance whose current state is different from the desired state. In principle, it is a situation where what is happening is not what is sought, and the higher the discrepancy between the wanted state and the existing state, the more significant the problem. Part b Decision making entails choosing what to do out of two or more options. Most situations often require individuals to weigh among numerous possibilities before selecting the best one based on a tradeoff between the advantages and disadvantages identified. Part c Scientific decision-making can be defined as the use of the scientific method in the decision-making process. The scientific method entails the systematic observation, investigation, measurement, and conceptualization, empirical testing, and adjusting of hypotheses. Usage of the scientific method in decision-making ensures that manager pick the best alternatives.