Essay on Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

The idea of feminism has always evoked mixed reactions among both men and women. People’s definitions of feminism are influenced by their upbringing, which in most cases, results in a negative depiction of feminism. Even though feminism is about equality and balanced gender roles that do not discriminate against women, it is not easy to change the perceptions and attitudes towards gender roles in modern society. Society’s perception of feminism is a reminder of Roxane Gay’s statement in her book “Bad Feminist” that “rules will never change for girls no matter who they are or what they do.” In modern society, men are celebrated more than women because they are perceived to provide greater value (Gay 2).

Black Lives Matter Essay

Racism and brutality have been concerns for a very long time, with the people of color being on the receiving end on many occasions. Many human rights activists and organizations worldwide have tried to protest against the murders of black people, especially in the hands of authorities. The problem remains persistent to date, as many cases of police brutality against black people keep occurring. The world must consider better ways of addressing the problem of racism and police brutality against black people. A proposition in the form of the policy can serve as a better solution to the problem of racism and police brutality, as it will ensure proper courses of action to take when such incidences happen. Black Lives Matter is a movement that is picking momentum, especially in the United States due to the effect of police brutality against black people. The issue of law enforcement officers using more force when apprehending people of color has become a big issue in the U.S. and across the world. Black people have been experiencing “disproportionate interactions with the criminal justice system” for a long time (Williamson et al. 401). The reason for the quick emergence of the need to address…

Essay about The Nature of Creativity

Creativity is the ability to find new ideas that deviate from the accepted patterns of thinking, successfully solve problems in a non-standard way, and resolve the issues in certain fields of operation. Creativity involves viewing problems from a different angle and solving them in a unique way. Creative thinking is an essential skill in business, science, culture, art, politics, and other areas of life that involve competition. Many scientists tried to find the connection between creativity and intelligence, creativity and mental health, and creativity and genetics. Experiments show that creativity is more complex than it seems to be and has a strong connection to different fields of science; however, it continues to remain one of the main determinants of success later in life.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a chronic behavioral disorder that begins in childhood and can continue into adulthood. ADHD is a severe neurodevelopmental disorder that is caused by various risk factors and characterized by different symptoms. ADHD presents in three main subtypes – predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive/impulsive, and a combination of the first two subtypes (Mayo Clinic, 2019). ADHD can lead to several complications in children if not addressed adequately. ADHD can be prevented at different stages of a child’s growth and development.

The Hunger Games Movie Review

My friend, Anthony Thatcher, is uncertain as to whether his girlfriend will relish her birthday night-out watching “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins (2012). As a long-trusted childhood comrade, I desire to see Anthony create memorable moments with his adventurous companion named Theresa Jones. Besides passing time and getting entertained, I believe that the movie will help the couple to reinforce their connection, relieve stress, and appreciate art. Additionally, the film will sensitize them about social issues and offer unforgettable film therapy (Ross, n.p.). Since the narrative involves an apocalyptic world where a sixteen-year-old girl is relentlessly trying to survive in dystopia, Anthony and Theresa will discover new approaches to overcoming life hurdles and remaining focused on their personal and collective goals.

Employee Discrimination on the Grounds of Sex

Despite being an evolved democracy, a model for most countries struggling to meet even the basic standard of human rights, the US still grapples with the question of discrimination. Discrimination along the gender line is inherently a social issue, but because of contributions from policymakers, feminist campaigns, among other things that have heightened pressure to relook the problem and expand the interpretation of discrimination prohibiting laws to include modern concepts such as orientation. Sex discrimination is an essential concern in equality discourses since when perpetuated in areas such as workplace environment, it marginalizes certain genders and fosters social inequality, reducing the odds of attaining the desired level of social and economic equity. It is predominantly a women’s issue and explains largely the genesis of systemic prejudices in workplaces that forms the basis gender inequality, but LGBT people raise legal issues, and since sex is a protected quality, sexual orientation is an undeniable corollary.

Ethical Dilemma Essay Example

Ethical codes are an essential aspect of each professional because they promote humanity and respect human rights in society. Professional, moral principles promote an individual’s need to recognize and appreciate other people’s specialization areas. The professional code fosters the division of labour in society. In our case study, Angela had to respect the cultural believes that Mr. Harrak’s family had. A society should be analyzed under the different ethical codes (Cogin, 2012). Angela should understand that there are no cultural practices that should be harmful to individual health. Therefore, procedural assessment is essential to protect Mr. Harrak’s rights that are curtailed owing to the mistreatment she receives from his wife in the name of cultural practices. There exists a conflict between culture and ethical codes. The different moral principles do not thoroughly guide Angela. The ethical codes are divided into four sections, suggesting that the social worker focuses on the mandate given to them as approved by the delegate’s NASW assembly. The preamble ethical codes highlight the mission of a social worker in American society. The social worker’s mission is to promote human life and well-being in society (Nash & O’Donoghue, 2015). American society’s social workers have to ensure their…

Thesis Statement and Outline Sample

Outline Topic: literature research on the LGBTQ research Introduction: This stage introduces our analysis of the LGTBQ rights on American society and the rest of the world. The conversation that persists in every sociological theory is the inequality that exists in our community. Violence has been the cause of inequality in society. Individual freedom in society describes how sexual rights are addressed under different countries’ laws. Sexual discrimination is condemned by understanding how society treats lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and those who are transgender in society. Discrimination of gender also relates to our understanding of why most communities express one gender as more superior than the other. Our research identifies LGBTQ rights as the basis for understanding the best approaches to explaining different rights and sexual freedom in American society. Also, we can relate the inequality with the conflict theory as advocated by Karl Marx. Statement of thesis: The research focus on qualitative analysis describes how LGBTQ rights have been adopted in America’s united states. The research also focuses on the different literature studies that illustrate a campaign for accepting every individual in society. The research focuses on the effects of LGBTQ rights in the lives of people who were previously…

Time Travel Essay

The Mayans’ experience presented an opportunity to learn about the Maya civilization, culture, and political life. Interactions with locals provided vital insights into Maya’s rise to cultural and political sophistication. For instance, learning about the Olmec’s influence on the Maya culture established an understanding of their settlement area at the Yucatan Peninsula base. Some of the Mayans’ cultural gains included their grasp of the number system and the famous Mayan calendar. Upon settlement, the Maya started farming to feed their rising population, establish an economic system, and organize politically as a way of protecting their territory (Berger et al., 2016). Some of the crops farmed included cassava, squash, beans, and maize, among other farm activities that included cattle rearing. The construction of cities signified their sophistication, reinforced by the monumental pyramids that symbolized their civilization.

Description of Assets Essay

People People are the most valuable assets that will be present in this G7 event. Therefore, their safety matters. The identified class of people attending the event includes political figures, their protection service units, Sherpas, the negotiator staff, and the service staff. The political figures will consist of the heads of states and other representatives of the G7 member nations attending the summit. The groups will conduct discussions and negotiations between themselves. People present in the submit are of exceptionally high value because of their status as heads of states and national governments’ leaders. Therefore, these persons are designate as the most critical assets.