Quality Improvement Project Example

Quality Improvement Project on Hand Washing among Health Care Providers Poor hand washing practices are primary causes of health care associated infections (HAIs) across the globe. According to WHO (2009), approximately 1 out of 10 patients in the world suffer from health care-acquired infections (HAIs). Mostly, HAIs are highly experienced in developing countries compared to developed countries. About 70% of health care providers neglect the routine of hand hygiene practices (Mitchell et al., 2017). Health care associated infections affect patients’ safety in various ways, including increased costs for patient care, increased resistance of pathogens to treatments, long-term patient’s disabilities, and long-days of hospital stays.

Proposal for the Introduction of Student Accommodations to Sloan/Dana Halls

The Procedure for Adding Accommodations The Dana and Sloan halls need to be renovated and extended to increase their functionality and ability to better serve the students who use them for learning purposes. As they are, they lack in dining area or cafe, lounges, and study spaces among other conveniences that have become standard across campus. The procedure for renovating and extending these halls will involve a series of steps that may lead to the minimal interruption of the students’ classes, consideration of the interests of all stakeholders, and improved standards of learning across campus. Efficiency in the construction process, and the utility of these buildings is also a priority (Xiaonuan, and SiuYu 343). The process should thus save time spent during construction and that wasted for students while construction continues.

Essay on Where Is The Mango Princess?

1. Describe the disability (type, origin, category)… Where is the mango princess? is among the popular accounts of the primary challenges that a family encounters. This text is primarily attributed to Cathy Crimmins. Nonetheless, in the text, Alan suffers from a common disability known as brain injury (Crimmins Chapter 1). This disability emanates from an unfortunate boating accident. 2. What was the family structure/dynamic (role each person played) Before the accident, every family member strived to ensure that they attain the utmost level of happiness. Notably, before the accident, Alan, the daughter, and Cathy decided to proceed on a Vacation to have some good time. After the accident, the family structure was disorientated as everyone was worried about Allan’s health status.

Leadership and Management Speech

Speech 1 Mr. Alfuraih discusses how potential leaders should build passion in their employees. According to him, employers must motivate their staff for positive productivity. Passionate leaders focus on achieving their objectives and empowering others. Being a leader is not just about succeeding but rather making it as a team. He suggests that the leader shares and is honest with the staff about the company’s objectives, building trust, and accepting suggestions for the workers to depend on them. The actions of a leader should empower workers to behave similarly. There is a difference between the passion that ignites a leader and a person who ignites others’ passion, which is a significant difference between successful and unsuccessful leaders. To achieve success, the leader allows themselves to share the passion with their colleagues. By talking about how to achieve success, what resources are necessary, and smaller goals will lead to prevailing of the primary goal. He also discusses the importance of a good education and studying Master’s in Business Administration. Being an MBA holder, a person can conduct research and differentiate a good leader’s potential from a successful one. Similarly, the way government institution finances are not the same as private institutions.…

Permission of Student’s Freedom of Speech

Permission of speech is one of the issues that has resulted in several contentious debates in schools. Some students engage in talks that sometimes offend others. Conflicts that erupt in some of the learning institutions result from hate speech. Students claim that freedom of speech is one of the human rights that everyone must enjoy. However, they forget that some of the words they speak can cause harm to the whole institution. Students engage in fights because of provocative words spoken by their friends against them. They end up hating each other because of the hostility that results from such comments. Restricting students from speaking is also a violation of their rights. It is necessary to give the students freedom of speech with guidelines to prevent them from hate speech. Schools teach communication skills, especially when they realize that students are involved in the racist statement. Such an action will help the student to enjoy their freedom of speech and improve their communication skills.

Scary Monsters from My Childhood

Stories of ancient mythical creatures have, for a long time, been used across societies to offer valuable lessons and preserve culture. In a sense, stories of scary monsters have acted as a source of valuable life lessons, especially among children. One such mythical creature is the bogeyman. The bogeyman is depicted as a creature who lurks in dark shadows of the night and who mainly targets children who are disobedient to their parents (Geller). The terrifying mythical monster, generally described as having long claws and haunting eyes, was used to scare children who walked alone in the dark or those who did not listen to their parent’s advice. Other mythical creatures used to scare children are vampires, who are portrayed as bloodthirsty monsters that walk at night and feed on human blood. Despite mythical creatures being scary, their stories can be used to shape the behaviors of children.

Guns, Germs, and Steel Essay

The Guns, Germs, and Steel movie was an epic detective story that explained the causes of inequalities in the world. Professor Jared Diamond had to travel across the world to seek answers to the causes of these inequalities. He found out that history depended on the availability of guns, germs, and steel. Therefore, the story explains why history unfolded differently and why Western European culture has dominated the modern world due to varying geographical locations. Jared Diamond argued that the answer to the domination of Western European culture in the modern world was due to the difference in geographical locations. The epic movie highlighted scenes showing how several physical locations with different cultures affected the societies’ establishment development abilities, such as agriculture and animal domestication, in achieving specific abilities like immunity to diseases. The end of the last ice age made the people survive hunting and gathering the available plants and wild animals. This act was advantageous when the resources were in plenty. However, scarcity of the resources later led to population decrease as there was no enough food for everyone and the people had to find food from wherever possible. Therefore, the difference in geographical location led to some…

Character Analysis Essay Example

Characters are an integral part of any fictional story. Authors use characters to showcase a lesson or a theme. The behaviors, physical attributes, and changes that a character can go through in a story build the story’s plot. The reader or audience relates with the characters by how they behave in a story. Phoenix Jackson is a character used in A Worn Path. Eudora Welty, the story’s author, presents an old woman walking across a weary path to a nearby shopping center. The entire story shows Phoenix, an old woman who is brave by courageously approaching various wild animals, humorous in making fun of the moments she has with wild animals, and caring by looking after her sick grandson.

Benzene Essay

In the contemporary world, people rely on industries for jobs and products, such as food and manufactured goods. However, these sectors expose workers and the surrounding populations to benzene, which adversely impacts human health. In the US, through Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the government imposes restrictions to reduce human contact with high levels of benzene (American Cancer Society 2016). For example, the agency limits exposure to this element in workplaces to 1 ppm during an average workday and a maximum of 5 ppm over 15 minutes (American Cancer Society 2016). Despite these efforts, benzene exposure is a widespread occurrence that causes significant health complications and diseases, such as cancer.

Race and Privilege: School Student’s Community

Social identity descriptors and daily experiences My collection of social identity descriptors in my daily life include race, gender, and religion. Race is my major social identity descriptor that has a considerable impact on my daily experience. Having come from a racial minority group, I sometimes feel alienated from the social structure in the United States. While dealing with a group of white students, it is easy to have a distorted perception and develop an inferiority complex when I am in their presence. However, as noted by McIntosh, my perception when dealing with people of other races is largely influenced by how they treat me (189). When they are positive and exhibit respect, I tend to feel comfortable and accommodated. My experience is relatively different from the student community that I relate to within the school because of our racial and cultural difference. As noted by Lingras, the action of different racial groups is largely influenced by what they learn or experience from an early age (11). Therefore, in the American setting, I have learnt that there are different forms of treatment among different people based on their race. For instance, as noted by McIntosh, whites are more likely to…