Dubai City Essay

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates. Tourists love it because of its ultramodern architecture, tall towers, and luxury shopping. Besides, people from different cultures, religions, and geographical locations reside there. With a ticket in my hand, Dubai is the place I will visit. It has several options when it comes to the traveling budget. For instance, the city has both expensive and affordable houses that suit people from different economic backgrounds. The price of petrol is relatively cheap, which implies that the cost of moving from one point to another is low. A night before the journey, I will ensure that I packed my luggage, including a skating board, sporting clothes, guitar, and laptop.

My E-Portfolio Sample

About Me One of my strengths is that I am a good listener who possesses better communication skills. Through such skills, I have found it easier to interact with others. However, my weakness is lack of confidence especially when communicating with people. Inspired Insights The two idols that I love the most is my mother and sister. Since I was a child, I have always been close to both my mother. She has helped me understand some life challenges and how to overcome them. My sister has also played a major role in my life she is caring and loving. Mostly, when I have problems my sister has always been there for me as an inspirational person. In short, both my mother and sister are heroes in my life as they do make me strong and keep moving. I love them so much and always proud of them.

Compensation Culture Tort Law Essay

English law allows the courts to make liable a person who, intentionally and without good reason, occasions the emotional distress and psychiatric injury of another. Specifically, an individual who negligently causes a nervous shock or psychiatric illness or injury of another should be held responsible. However, the possibility of an individual recovering damages for psychiatric harm resulting from negligent acts or omissions of another is remote. In White v Chief of Constable of South Yorkshire [1992], Lord Steyn held that the existing law on compensation for pure psychiatric harm is “a patchwork of distinctions which are difficult to justify” (50). Steyn’s statement on existing compensation law is justified by the difficulties faced in assessing both primary and secondary victims despite the changes that have been made with regards to rescuers as primary victims and “shock” as a requirement for categorizing secondary victims.

History of Jazz Essay

It is common knowledge that it takes tough conditions to generate a diamond. The same way, the most celebrated works of art have seen the light under devastating conditions for the artist that created them. Musically, New Orleans Jazz is a style that honors its African American folk principles, which gave origin to the polyphonic blocks now known as collective improvisation (DeVeaux and Giddins 25). Historical processes such as The Great Migration helped in spreading Jazz work, but New Orleans’ style owes itself to the way Creoles and Uptown blacks were able to influence each other (DeVeaux and Giddins 34). Importantly, the difficult socio-cultural and political environment of the once French territory of New Orleans, may account for the rough conditions that allowed the birth of America’s pride: Jazz.

The Impact of Online Activism on Developing Environment

Semi-structured interviews are gaining popularity in recent years. The approach is recognized for its open framework that supports focused, and conversational communication between the researcher and the participants (Kumar, 2020). Also, the majority of the questions are formed during the interviews, providing the researcher an opportunity to get in-depth details into a subject (Kallio et al. 2016: Evans and Lewis, 2018: Goldman, 2020). Nonetheless, to conduct semi-structured interviews successfully, one needs sufficient planning. Qualitative research studies seek to understand the world from the subject’s perception, an aspect that makes semi-structured interviews the most effective approach for collecting data.

Filmmaking and Photography Essay

Filmmakers use the concept of visual literacy to explain the historical, cultural, and technical aspects of the film language. Comprehending this aspect in film production is crucial because it facilitates the intricate design of cinematic stories. People who notice the features often appreciate the auteurs who are gurus of the widely acceptable universal tongue in art. Filmmakers continue to advance the language as they weave together separate storylines by cross-cutting through the scenes in different times and places. Other actions such as continuity editing and shot sizes involve camera movement, the use of color, close-up, and parallel editing. The aspects speak the language of filmmaking that elicits excitement in the audience, promoting favorable ratings in the movie industry.

Essay: When China Ruled the Seas

The Treasure Fleet of the Dragon Throne voyages during the rule of Ming was important for various reasons. First, this fleet was massive, implying that it could accommodate huge loads of military equipment. In a period where various rulers sought to expand their territories, strong military departments were fundamental in the protection of a given country’s possession. Besides, this development helped Ming to exhibit to the rest of the world the wealth and power that his country possessed. Thus, this strategy helped the Chinese government to secure loyalty from various countries that offered to act as tributaries to the strive for global economic dominance. Zheng He engaged in his voyage majorly to gain recognition from other parts of the world. His seven expeditions to various regions in the Indian Ocean were meant to show the world the level of progress that China had made in terms of the building of ships. Besides, he sought to illustrate the expertise that its military officers had when it came to navigation through the sea. Therefore, the voyages helped in announcing China’s economic preparedness so that other nations could feel the ease associated with transacting with China. Additionally, the Zheng He voyages that traveled…

Indigenous Family Violence and Colonialism Essay

The global effort to mitigate domestic violence and instill peaceful coexistence among different people has been going on for decades with little success. These interventions have been met by a different narrative where indigenous communities have claimed that cases of abuse and discrimination are still present, with some dating back to the colonial times. Domestic violence is an existential threat to stability and social development among indigenous families that needs to be addressed as it does not reflect well given the advances made in the world today. Regardless of the situation, the free finger has always pointed at indigenous families and has blamed their culture for their calamities and discourse. To neutralize the violent state and create a silent and partially stable condition in Aboriginal families, they tend to evade talking about violence which in real sense is present. A conversation on violence and abuse based on gender is a timely issue to be addressed to rest this matter and devise lasting solutions to this issue that was bred and fostered by colonialism. History of Indigenous Family Violence and Colonialism Indigenous women in Canada have since colonial times faced a range of social, well-being and domestic violence issues. Example of…

Terracotta Warriors Essay

The discovery of the terracotta warrior museum in 1974 by farmers is one of the essential artefacts that describe ancient China. This artefact discovery gave a better understanding of the history of what the ancient warrior looked like and the tools and material they carried together with them. The major characters to be analyzed in this piece is the emperor and the various unit of soldiers he had. The terracotta warrior museum not only symbolized a great historical discovery but give a huge insight into what the character of warriors and emperor looked like that gave the power to rule over other territories. The terracotta warrior’s details and characters are essentially so unique, individualised and intricate that it’s hypothesised that the soldiers were based on the emperor’s real soldiers who served him. The features and style of the hair are styled uniquely to each warrior, where some of them have goatees while others have top knots. Other warriors were equipped with loose tunics and caps. Other warriors wore braided hair in their heads and armored vests. The soldiers displayed various body expressions, standing postures and physical builds. Their decoration was done using a bright colour which helped in the individuation…

Annotated Bibliography in Risk and Knowledge Management in the Banking Sector

Akram, K., & Hilman, H. (2018). Effect of knowledge management activities and dynamic capabilities on employee performance in the banking sector: empirical evidence from Pakistan. Studies in Business and Economics, 13(2), 41-60. Using a case analysis of Pakistan’s banking sector, Akram and Hilman seek to confirm the hypothesis that knowledge management has significant effects on employee performance. Knowledge management activities examined include creation, acquisition, assembling, and application. The growth and sustained development of knowledge-based economies have aided the consensus that knowledge a key competitive advantage. At the workplace, this resource is associated with enhanced employee performance. The authors contend that knowledge-sharing as a tool of knowledge management is crucial to enhancing employee problem-solving and learning. To illustrate their argument, the authors’ introduced a conceptual model whose primary variable was knowledge management. They further use regression analysis to evaluate the relationship between knowledge management activities and employee performance. This paper is critical in identifying the importance of knowledge management in the banking sector and how it can be harnessed to improve employee productivity and competitiveness.