Short Essay on India

The notion of culture plays a crucial role in the process of defining the function in the healthcare system. Moreover, such aspects as language, worldview, education, and values determine the medical examination in every country in the world. The examples of Indian and Chinese cultures define the primary approaches to investigate the significant tools for identifying symptoms and discussing threats for health. In this regard, cultural differences matter for discussing strategies to treat mental illnesses and medical healthcare as a whole. As it improves the valuable identification for classifying the information about financial opportunities for the system. Therefore, Indian culture has a strong influence on treatment due to spiritual and political aspects. Continue reading “Short Essay on India”

Water Pipelines Rehabilitation in Phoenix

In Phoenix, Arizona, there is a single-source water line which delivers water to more than sixty percent of the city’s population. Therefore, as the most critical pipeline in the city, maintaining uninterrupted water supply services is non-negotiable. To this end, the city has undertaken to rehabilitate the existing water line so as to add fifty more years to it. The current water line system is more than thirty years old but needs to be rehabilitated, using trenchless technology. Continue reading “Water Pipelines Rehabilitation in Phoenix”

Summary and Critique Essay Example

Powell, R. (2017). Research Bets and Behavioral IR. International Organization 71, S265-S277.
Behavioral economics has become popular especially in determining the elements of rational-choice approaches regarding international relations. The field of economics deals with finding the link between assumptions and conclusions. The author highlights that behaviors of individuals tend to deviate from the characteristics mentioned in the standard international relations models. The problem with using the models is lack of individualism since they focus on aggregates. The models tend to offer insights that would be feasible for aggregates, such as political parties, ministries, departments, and interest groups among others. When dealing with the challenges posed in the IR models, it is possible to use quasi-behavioral approach that can study groups as unitary elements that do not have the classical rational-actor assumptions as individuals do. Another critical approach is using theories that revolve around individuals as the key actors. Overall, behavioral economics is necessary in showing the predictions in the standard model that emanate from varied assumptions. Continue reading “Summary and Critique Essay Example”

Organizational Behavior Problems in Walmart Essay

The paper at hand presents an analysis of the organizational behavior (OB) challenges that the leading retail corporation, Walmart Inc. faces in its daily operations. In particular, it focuses on analyzing various organizational behavior issues that are significant to the activities of the company to identify the present-day business problems that it experiences. Before problem identification and analysis, a brief overview of the company is provided.

Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, Walmart is a US retail chain operator that runs over 11,200 discount department stores, grocery stores, and hypermarkets. The multinational retailer, which was established by Sam Walton in 1962, operates in the U.S. and Canada under the brand name ‘Walmart; in the U.K. as ‘Asda’; as ‘Seiyu Group’ in Japan; as ‘Best Price’ in India, and as ‘Walmart de México y Centroamérica’ in Central America and Mexico (Gopalakrishna, Subramanian, & Fleischmann, 2016). Regarding revenue, Walmart is the largest corporation in the world operating with over $500 billion in receipts. It is noteworthy that, the company’s slogan is “Save more. Live better” as its strategy is designed to allow it extend the lowest prices possible to its clients. Continue reading “Organizational Behavior Problems in Walmart Essay”

Magiciens de la Terre Essay

Concept and Criticism
Jean Hubert Martin examined non-Western art during his landmark exhibition “Magiciens de la Terre” at a time when international exhibitions were majorly focusing on Western art only featuring artists from Europe and North America. The “Magiciens de la Terre” rocked the art world by provoking heated arguments among artists that did not acknowledge the works of non-Western artists. Martin featured artistic works from Asia, Latin America, Australia and Africa along the central pieces of art from the United States and Europe to depict the primitivism in unequal treatment of artistic works from the globe. In this paper, the provoking work of Jean Hubert Martin during the 1989 exhibition is examined as greater understanding on the influence of global art circuits and particular locations culture is sought. Continue reading “Magiciens de la Terre Essay”

Investment Portfolio Management Research Paper

Portfolio management is a significant practice in investment organizations. This is because they deal with a range of assets that must be effectively managed for such companies to keep running. This practice entails making decisions regarding the combinations of assets that a company owns and offers to the public. Furthermore, portfolio management involves determining the company’s objectives and the investments that can help attain them (Baptestone & Rabechini, 2018, p. 407). In the current world, the investment industry it faces with a number of issues that have deterred the performance of most companies. Therefore, organizations in this industry have to ensure that they adopt strategies that prevent them from losing their funds. The high competition in the industry is also causing pressure on these companies to manage their assets effectively. Evans Capital is one of the firms in this industry. The company offers several types of assets including bonds, equities, short-term instruments, and cash. By March 2018, the company had assets worth £500 million. Evans Capital has managed to maintain its funds through its 5-year long restriction of withdrawals by their investors. However, the organization’s fund inflows are still reducing and are projected to be less than the outflows by 2019. On this background, the report attempts to evaluate Evans Capital’s current situation and suggest different strategies that the entity needs to adopt for better performance. More specifically, the report contains an evaluation of the current issues in the industry, the company’s objectives and constraints, alternative asset allocation methods, a comparison of active and passive investing, and the appropriate investment style for the company. Continue reading “Investment Portfolio Management Research Paper”

Fragrance Line Essay

It is not always going to be easy to start up a new online business, but with the right marketing strategy, most of the challenges may be addressed. Opening a women clothing store which sells online will have its share of challenges. Foremost, most women want to fit the clothes, and where a wrong choice is delivered, a customer is likely to decline.

Competition is also high in this business. The beauty store is advantageous in the sense that a ready market is available given the fascination with the products, but again, the competition is stiff and challenges of delivery to distant customers still persist. A fragrance line also has a ready market since the product has a high consumption rate, making it a good choice of business. However, to be successful, one has to think about finding high-quality products that would sell and generating the desired traffic. These would be a challenge. Continue reading “Fragrance Line Essay”

Hot Pot Descriptive Essay

This dish is not prepared using a specific recipe or cut of ingredients, it is more of a technique. Typically, it comprises a sizeable cut of tough beef (which is preferably browned) which is prepared together with broth and aromatics to a melting tender state. The appearance of the hot pot dish portrays some brownish meat soaked in some heavy gravy. On the meat and in the gravy, there are sizeable pieces of carrots and green-leafy vegetables that make the meal appear delicious and healthy at the same time. Moreover, the gravy is thick suggesting that the meal took a significant amount of time to prepare. Notably, meal’s ingredients exist in a mixed manner that makes it look colorful and appetizing. To an extent, it appears as if it is sticky since the soup is relatively thick. Continue reading “Hot Pot Descriptive Essay”

Jazz History: The Swing Era

The jazz music genre is as fascinating as its sociopolitical and politico-economic underpinnings, the two latter narratives which virtually no scholar affords to skip or skim through carelessly without significant ridicule. The story of jazz is a narrative beyond music and one which evokes discussions that few researchers feel comfortable documenting. One notable jazz period that makes it to many research works even today is the Swing Era (ca. the 1930s to mid-40s) that many agree revolutionized jazz for the performing artists, the audience’s understanding of jazz as a music genre and to some extent the music industry as a whole. This paper reviews three works by three different authors on swing era jazz in a bid to uncover their opinions, subtle and explicit, on intriguing questions that span the art of music to the sociocultural realities of the swing era. It argues that of all jazz eras, the swing was the defining period when jazz became popular and gained acceptance outside African American community. Continue reading “Jazz History: The Swing Era”

Reflective Learning Statement Example

Learning from Service
I learned immensely about myself from undertaking the project. First, it is my understanding that working in a group is more beneficial than as an individual as I have before. My team members were really helpful and with their positive attitude towards the project we were able to achieve the best results. I discovered that I am a team player. The score for the presentation was however based on personal presentation. This quite challenged me as I got the lowest score. In that regard, through the project I was able to identify my weakness in presentation. As an international student this project has pushed me to greater limits as I was subjected to additional research in order to be at par with my team members. Nonetheless, it was a great learning experience as I learnt the importance of teamwork and research. Continue reading “Reflective Learning Statement Example”