Solidarity and Moral Deference Essay

Solidarity is considered the most human value. It means standing with one another through tough or good times. The shared feeling or action, especially with common interests, is considered solidarity. It is a representation of the basis of other human values, including companionship, honor, loyalty, or friendship. There are various factors that can prompt individuals or groups to act in solidarity. Some of these include love for one another or shared disdain of certain situations, establishments, or prevailing aspects of the society. People can show solidarity by acting together to champion for their rights or to counter some undesirable establishments in society. Wilkins Donegal is an Ugandan-based Indian professor who has committed his efforts towards the support of equal rights for women. Wilkins has come up with a foundation in Africa where he offers training for women in various empowerment projects. Apart from offering training, he is providing monetary incentives to needy women so that they can be self-sufficient. According to Wilkins, women empowerment is a positive step towards solving poverty, which has gripped various societies in Africa. Women in Africa for a long time have been subject to uneven societal prejudices that favor male dominance. This has so far…

Marketing in Elective Healthcare Essay

Introduction There are various elective healthcare options available today, which people approach for different purposes. However, dynamism is the single most crucial factor in the competitive section, especially regarding marketing. Changes occur across various regions and sectors, with all efforts geared towards enhancing the effectiveness of the selling strategies used. Most patients who opt for elective care are well-informed and often exercise particular caution. Discretionary decisions for these elective procedures are, therefore, weighed against pricing, benefits, and convenience. Moreover, the economic rivalry in the field of elective healthcare services has been increasing dramatically, differing in intensity over the last few decades. Only a couple of years ago, such services were limited to the few practitioners with excellent credentials. Today, the same products have become a territorial battlefield for the non-surgical, surgical, and minimally invasive kinds of healthcare treatments. Therefore, the market of elective services grows rapidly, suggesting challenges to marketing strategies due to increased competition and broad choice available to consumers.

National Security and Military Strategy of Iran Essay

National security and military strategies denote guidelines established by countries with the intent to promote their safety and wellbeing. These strategies inform countries’ defense and offense approaches to ensure prompt and effective mitigation against immediate and future threats. National security and military strategies comprise policies that are unique to countries. They constitute written or verbal positions communicated either directly or indirectly by Heads of States and reflect a nation’s national ideologies, goals, and global influence. These strategies continue to shape the global landscape concerning hegemony and resource allocations, thus, affecting international relations, foreign policy, and regional and global stability. Owing to their national importance, it is arguable that national security and military strategies are public documents that ought to be accessible to the public for scrutiny. However, due to concerns over American and Israeli aggression, the Islamic Republic of Iran adopts a classified approach to its strategies, leaving analysts and researchers to construct these guidelines from a mosaic of information available on the subject matter. Such secrecy regarding matters of national and public interests often promotes distrust among nations, which contributes to tensions that require policy interventions to avert conflicts. This paper proffers an assessment of Iran’s national security and…

Leadership Effectiveness Essay

The intricacy of organizational management demands a leader’s creative imagination. Evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of a leader is a strenuous task. Organizational politics and undefined standards inhibit the successful assessment of leadership positions. Various leadership scholastic resources are accessible today, ranging from articles, books, personal coaching, podcasts, workshops, and seminars that contain various methods used in leadership appraisal. All the leadership education, training, and approaches available concur or differ in one way or concerning measuring leadership efficiency. The former assertion is caused by the disparity in methodologies, teaching angles, and opinions linked to secular and biblical approaches. This paper concentrates on focus, purpose, and end goal to examine both similarities and differences between the secular and biblical approaches for measuring leadership efficacy. The study explores both secular and biblical approaches portraying varying and homogeneous aspects. Biblical perspectives differ gravely with the secular conceptions about leadership as the latter operates on worldly philosophies and not divinity.

Evidence-Based Practice Policy Proposal Related to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting child health as children are increasingly becoming vulnerable as healthcare authorities prioritize adult wellbeing. My childhood health experiences have allowed me to gather critical information to help address infection rates among children as the world awaits an effective vaccination. In this regard, embracing trained immunity is an effective evidence-based practice (EBP) approach due to its efficiency. Therefore, trained immunity is a viable EBP protocol to address rising COIVD-19 children infection rates. COVID-19 infection rates among children are increasingly becoming a significant concern among healthcare professionals. According to Faber (2020), even as nurses struggle to comprehend and address COVID-19 infections in children, a new threat has emerged in children struggling with COVID-19. Faber (2020) asserts that Pediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome (PIMS) is an immune response to previous infections like COVID-19. Common PIMS symptoms include cracked lips, persistent fever, myocarditis, rash, abdominal pain, among other complications (Faber, 2020). The emerging threat comes after the Centers for Disease Control reported the escalation of COVID-19 children infection rates in the United States beginning March 2020 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2020). Also, there is a lack of adequate information on children’s infection statistics due to the prioritization…

Advanced Nursing Practice Essay

Introduction and Background Florence Nightingale was a British nurse born in a wealthy family in Italy. The nurse dedicated her life to serving humanity. She served as a nurse during the Crimean war, where she helped injured soldiers to recover. The nurse promoted cleanliness and hygiene within hospitals to facilitate faster recovery of wounded soldiers. She provided nutritious food to patients in the hospital to improve their health (Shetty, 2016). The nurse leader believed to have a calling from God to serve and enhance the welfare of patients. Her devotion to caring for people was manifested when she visited injured soldiers at night with a lamp. As a result, she was referred to as the woman with the lamp by soldiers. Florence Nightingale made significant contributions to the nursing profession.

Essay on Stands Without Fans

The most crucial problem of sports psychology is the conditions affecting the activity of athletes. One of these conditions is the presence of spectators at the stands and their behavior. The fans create a unique psychological background for the competition. From the perspective of sports psychology, they (even within the bounds of ethical standards) affect the athlete’s condition: either a positive or negative emotional background for the game is formed. The presence of spectators who support the athletes or the rivals and their attitude to what is happening can significantly impact the performance. The lack of fans in the stands affects athletes’ performance: even though they experience less performance anxiety, they are also devoid of the encouragement that fans normally provide.

Four Ways I Encounter the Government Regularly

Much as individuals lead private lives, such cannot be possible without some level of government influence on specific areas. While the interaction between the personal activities and the government may not be direct, daily activities are made possible mainly through the influence of public goods. Areas I encounter the government every day is through its provision of electricity, the inspection and certification of foods, the provision of safe drinking water, and the regulation of the workplace. After waking up each morning, I turn on the coffee maker and ensure that my phone is fully charged. The functionality of all these aspects and other activities within the home is dependent on the availability of power. The events lead to interaction with the government is because the Department of Energy under the federal government generates electricity and provides the infrastructure necessary for Americans to access power. The department also protects the grid from physical or cyber-attacks (U.S. Department of Energy). Therefore, it is through the public utility of electricity that I can enjoy my coffee and check my emails and social media activity before leaving the house.

Migration Project Sample

Flashback My daughter Tara and I celebrate her 13th birthday. When Tara blows out the candles, I mention that I have missed her seven previous birthdays. In that dark room, I feel lonely and tired; however, I remember one of the motivations for my escaping from Ghana. It was a desire to make a better life for Tara. It is known that Africa is considered to be one of the poorest continents in the world. In the observed continent, every second person lives below the poverty line. Generally, the most affected by poverty are women and their children; thus, most of them migrate to other continents, especially to America, to find better conditions for their future lives. The United States of America is a state that includes various nationalities from all over the world. Every year more and more people try to make their lives better by moving to the USA. Therefore, I also decided to migrate to the observed country for many reasons. As I have mentioned above, most Africans try to find multiple ways to migrate to other countries to avoid poverty, get medical insurance, or run their business. As for me, one of the reasons for my…

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Essay

The close reading is based on James Thurber’s short story “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. The literary genre of this piece can be categorized as a fantasy as the story is based on a fictional narration of Walter Mitty, who keeps elapsing from his real-world into fantasies of heroic quests. The plot of this story is based on a man who is driving with his wife to a routine weekend shopping. In the process of running these errands, Mitty gets into a series of daydreams where he finds himself undertaking various heroic duties, before relapsing back to his reality. For the purpose of this close reading, the first three paragraphs of the text were analyzed. The passage provides the first instance of a fantasy switch where Mitty is a military commander, ordering his crew to continue navigating despite the dangerous weather. This section contains several literary devices that gave the story the diction, tone, and the message it intended.