The Presidency Essay

The president of the United States comes with powers that are conferred by the Constitution and the Senate. Certain responsibilities of the president need to be verified and supported by the Congress as and when they arise in the doctrine of separation of powers. The president has constitutional powers that are granted expressly by the Constitution in Article II. Moreover, he has executive powers to manage and plan for national and international interactions. Johnson and Crisp (2003) mention that the president has also soft powers – powers to attract and inspire certain actions in the country as opposed to coercing arms of the government to undertake the same actions. Furthermore, the president undertakes activities such as lobbying and backchanneling to interact with political and non-political organizations, thus influencing public and foreign policies. This paper examines the powers of the Congress and the president in relation to the management and issues of foreign affairs. Finally, this paper analyzes the powers provided by the Constitution, various laws, and responsibilities, as well as the relationship they imply between the president and the Congress.

The American Dream in The Great Gatsby: Fallacy or Not?

The American Dream is a concept that has existed since the unification of the states and can be found in some of the nation’s early readings. Just like today, different influential figures of the past defined the motif diversely, perhaps based on their context. For instance, for the Puritans, the American dream was perceived as in tandem to the pursuit of righteousness, for Thomas Jefferson, it was the fulfillment of his political ideologies, and for Benjamin Franklin, it symbolized the “self-made man” (Pearson 638). However, in a general sense, the doctrine holds that every individual, through his or her efforts, can achieve whatever goals they set for themselves, including political, social, and financial aims (Pearson 638). However, the post-World War 1 era characterized by economic prosperity brought with it changes to this American myth, and it started to be more and more materialistic. While this notion has been credited with building American society, it has also received scrutiny from various literary sources which have analyzed its inflated expectations.

Methodology and Results on Effectiveness of Sanctions Research Paper

Types of Research Designs Sanctions do not produce the explicitly intended results in most cases, while in others they do. In this research, the effectiveness of sanctions on nuclear hub North Korea is established. In theory, sanctions are aimed to constrict a country’s economy instead of coercing the leadership into a positive policy change. Based on this idea, only one out of three of the proposed turnover is achieved (Bapat and Morgan 2009). This research focuses on causes of failure of sanctions against North Korea. Furthermore, it will help to show how the country has managed to survive and even start thriving in the midst of increased sanctions from United States (US), Japan, China, European Union and North Korea among others (Noland 2009). The methodology used is the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the current economy in relation to the previous one. Through this we aim to establish what loopholes exist in these bans. From the results obtained on the gaps in the imposition of restrictions, new informed policies will be created to address the issue.

Climate Change and Land Cover Research Paper

Climate change is sometimes triggered by human activities as well as natural disasters, including volcano eruptions, among other examples. In the past, social structures were used to protect community members from the hunger associated with such harsh conditions. For this reason, Kawelka tribe’s unique gifting ceremony might have taken a different turn from this perspective, wherein the impact of climate change and understanding such interactions are mired in controversy over concepts that demystify whether pattern from climatic conditions. They concentrate on the effects of climate change by exploring their impact on the productivity of plants. Group Description The Ongka’s Big Moka documents certain cultural practices that are on the brink of extinction because of the rapid rate of modernization. The filmmakers decided to transverse 5 continents, exploring the behaviors and values of the endangered societies therein. The Kawelka tribe of New Guinea is one of such groups, which adhered to its beliefs at a time when values seemed to acquire new meanings. For instance, the Moka is a festive ceremony that is a useful tool for tribesmen who want some level of influence in matters affecting the community. One could only attain this coveted leadership stature through the number of…

Woman is to Nature as Man is to Civilization Essay

Nature and civilization are the foundational themes that ground the highly acclaimed work by Patel and Moore (p. 24). The text focuses on how capitalism has orchestrated a global ecological crisis and traces it way back from its origins in the 16th century. They posit that it is inadequate, if not misleading, to describe the current age we live in as the Anthropocene – we are rather living in the Capitolocence (pg. 1). The former would have implied that the dangers of climate change that we face today are a product of humans just being themselves. This is not true as our current planetary crisis is weaved on capitalism- a system that only benefits the minority and harms the planet in the process. The root of capitalism in the text is the distinction between Nature and society. It is argued that without this distinction, it is impossible to rationalize a world where profit is the driving force. The current assignment requires a discussion of the statement that woman is to Nature as man is to civilization. This implies that women are deemed as outsiders to civilization and subjected to exploitation synonymous with that of the natural world by the capitalist…

A Comparative Analysis of Two Works

The Winter’s Tale and Hamlet are two of the many plays written by William Shakespeare. The former takes place in two towns, Sicily and Bohemia. In the play, Sicily is ruled by King Leontes while Bohemia is under the rule of Polixenes. Based on the first scene of the play, it is evident that King Leontes and Polixenes, King of Bohemia, are close friends. In fact, Polixenes tells Hermione of their childhood, “we were as twinn’d lambs that did frisk I’ the sun,” (1.1. 83). However, after a series of events in the play, the friendship is broken and, at one time, King Leontes is perceived in pursuit of Polixenes, with the primary intention of having him arrested and charged for his sexual offense. On the other hand, the play, Hamlet, is set within a royal palace located in Denmark. The play focuses on different occurrences and emotions in the kingdom, from a broken family, romance, guilt, and revenge. While Shakespeare uses two distinct characters as protagonists in the two plays, his work illustrates common themes of gender and sexuality in society differently.

Law Essay on Human Rights

Human rights are the various provisions and freedoms that people possess by the fact that they are humans. As such, the development of human rights was aimed at ensuring the application of justice, equality, freedom, and peace for everyone in different countries in the world. The presence of human rights has been of help to the weaken in the society due to the availability of protective measures issued by the stipulations. Despite the powers held by an individual in a particular state, the government in question is obliged to promote human rights through the use of effective implicative methods. In some cases, people usually aim at exercising their rights to the extent of affecting others in their vicinity. Without the adequate consideration of the weak in the society, the high chances are that the international community will come to the aid of the oppressed. Thus, human rights are part of people’s lives in the universe as tabled in the United Nations Declaration.

Mental Health Facilities in Saudi Arabia Essay

Many people across the world suffer mental illnesses that require certain strategies of implementation for the healing of patients. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that has had such patients who require specialized care in order to manage these diseases. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the best recovery model that can be implemented to help affected persons. This study will seek to understand various principles that can be implemented in helping patients. According to Whitley and Drake (2010), people suffering from mental challenges require both internal and external care in order to heal. Internal care relates to activities that are known to help individuals manage their challenging mental health circumstances. On the other hand, external care involves participation in activities within a society that are likely to help the affected persons to recover from their mental challenges.

Speech: Becoming a Competent Conflict Leader in Christianity Perspective

I am pleased for the opportunity to talk to you about becoming a competent conflict leader from a Christian perspective. I am aware that you know the nature of human beings makes it impossible to eliminate all forms of conflict from society. As a leader, one should be ready to handle conflicts of varying intensities, as not a single leadership model can claim to have all the answers to the amicable resolution of disagreements (Tahir, Almas, Anis-ul-Haq, & Niazi, 2014). On the contrary, we should approach conflicts as sources of valuable lessons in humility and understanding. Difficulties and conflicts can herald a new grace of God if they are dealt with accordingly, but pray that God makes you a genuine peacemaker (Sande, & Johnson, 2011). Most models of the management of conflicts examine the concern for self against the concern for others. However, we are glad that we can learn from various instances in the Bible where people entrusted with leadership demonstrated appropriate approaches to conflict. In this regard, we shall examine ways in which a leader could manage conflicts from the Christian and Biblical perspectives. High levels of spiritual competency coupled with a concise of Biblical teachings and principles…

UK’s Foreign Policy Essay

Sound foreign policies are made with considerations of public opinion, impacts of globalisation, integrative tendencies of international bodies, and the influence of transnational non-governmental agencies. The logic underlying the drafting of foreign policy in the UK has remained somewhat stagnant over a long time. Ideally, elected representatives and experts in foreign policy matters formulate the terms of international relations based on informed deliberations on possible alternatives. Various tenets of history, precedents, and legal issues shape the choice of options among policymakers. Analysts believe that the strength of the UK’s foreign policy is on the decline, especially after the Brexit. From the conservative UK governments under David Cameron, which sought to shatter Tony Blair’s dream of putting the UK at the center of the 1998 Manifesto to the preempted economic woes emanating from Brexit, the United Kingdom is gradually losing the power it wields in the international circle.