Disability Concept in “Alice in Wonderland”

Alice in Wonderland is a classical fairytale that combines adventure with fantasy. Lewis Carol wrote the story during the 19th century. The storyline features a young girl named Alice who travels in a world populated by anthropomorphic creatures. Throughout her encounter with the animals in Wonderland, Alice demonstrates that disability is a significant problem in society. The story of Alice promotes the stigmatization of disabled people and the effect it has on the American culture regarding the concept of disability. The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) defines disabled persons as individuals with a physical and mental impairment that undermines their ability to carry out normal activities. The first encounter of disability in the story arises when Alice follows a rabbit and falls a long way through a hole, eventually landing in Wonderland. She eats a particular substance that makes her shrink in body size in an attempt to enter through the small entrance into the greater section of Wonderland (Deems 68). Her shrinking body size disables her from accessing a key intended to open the door. She then eats a second substance that makes her body swell so large that she hits the ceiling.

Quality Management through the EFQM Model

Introduction Organizations use different management strategies including EFQM to achieve their objectives, such as including productivity through proper problem-solving techniques. EFQM enables organizations to achieve their aims through continuous assessment of their frameworks in the success path. Companies face numerous challenges in their efforts to increase productivity and return on investment. Consequently, they must deploy diverse techniques to enable them to achieve the set objectives, and EFQM is one of the mainly adopted approaches. Any company can apply EFQM despite its structure, size, and industry. Therefore, the method has proven to provide valuable results that leaders rely on when making corporate decisions. Managers use it to improve business’ performance because it is a non-prescriptive technique that assesses the available strategies. Despite its efficiency, the framework has several challenges that might limit its effectiveness and require proper scrutiny to ensure it is maximum utilization.

Ethical and Social Issues Essay

Many corporations encounter issues that test their understanding of morality during their interactions with different stakeholders in the work environment. Ethical issues position organizations in a difficult spot with stakeholders, who question their approaches and intentions in some of their activities. Evaluating each policy’s impact before presenting it to individuals creates an opportunity that business leaders can exploit to discover the effects the regulations would have in the modern world. Understanding the different aspects that threaten the image of a company in the market environment compel departmental managers to develop a set of practices that dictate their employees’ interactions in the workplace. Engaging experienced professionals enables corporations to overcome challenges that affect individuals’ perspectives towards life in the contemporary corporate world. Ethical and social issues, such as privacy and confidentiality, employee discrimination, and accountability must be resolved using strategies that elevate an organization’s status in the market using approaches that enhance its market performance.

Canada and the Jewish Refugees

The Nazi regime of Germany brought a lot of suffering to the Jewish community living in Germany. Many of them were oppressed in various forms, and others killed. They lost their property, and families disintegrated. All these occurred because of the greed of the Nazi regime. Although the Jews were the top crème of the Germany society, the Nazi regime reduced them to nothing since they lost most of the belonging, opportunities, as well as investment. They were only left with unalienable properties, such as their knowledge and skills. In efforts to escape the oppression and other injustices that the Nazi regime administered on them, they sought refuge in the neighboring nations such as Holland, France, and Great Britain. However, this did not last forever as these nations also shut their doors, leaving the Jews to find another country to move. The Jewish voyage moved to Latin America, and the reception was poor, making them begin a search for haven. Canada was the next destination for this vulnerable community though it was marked with many challenges.

Reflection on The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman is a film based on P.T Barnum’s circus story. Barnum, played by Hugh Jackman, rises from nothing, proving that dreams are achievable. The film shows a story of loss, struggle, and success. As it unfolds, it provides important messages about inclusion and empathy. The takeaway regarding inclusion is that people have to stand up for themselves and declare their worth and acceptance. The film is about some individuals who are scared to show themselves to the world as the society perceives them differently. However, they become a community by holding hands with one another and declaring they are not different. Despite being oppressed and tormented by protesters, who claim they are not fit for equal rights, they fight for their freedom and acceptance. The film is set when protests and police raids scared people who considered themselves different. It took courage to fight and speak up for their freedom. The film’s songs further enhance the theme of inclusion. This is Me demonstrates the group was no longer afraid of being seen. The song invites the oppressed to speak up against oppression. Also, since the film’s narrative involves a mixed-race couple, Efron and Zendaya, it champions the idea…

Consumer Decision Making Process Essay

Introduction The knowledge of buying behavior of consumers is necessary to understand the psychology of how they argue for and select items or their alternatives. This knowledge is necessary since it helps companies to improve their marketing campaigns to reach more consumers effectively (Hanaysha, 2018). There are different processes that are involved in the consumer behavior. A wide range of factors, specificities and the social characteristics of the individual come into play. The interaction of these factors consists of the consumer behavior. For instance, a consumer would first analyze what he would like to consume, and selects only goods or services that posses a greater utility. It is important to note that these factors vary with intensity and influence across regions, it is not always a straight forward and generalized process. It is therefore difficult for marketing managers to formulate and implement a suitable strategy to secure market segment. This is even made harder where the business operates in a competitive market with almost similar alternatives. The following paper will highlight the factors that influence a consumer decision making process.

Ekphrasis Poem

Poetry, like other forms of literature, mostly has the surface and deeper meaning. While a person may enjoy poetry from its mere structure and form, such as stanzas, rhymes, line breaks, and meter, the true aesthetics lies in the metaphorical meaning. Consequently, besides enjoying the lyrical and rhythmical features of a piece of literature, an individual should dwell deeper in deciphering the coded message to experience a wholesome interaction with the work. Since literature is also mostly a reflection of the society, real-life scenarios, objects, or experiences can be represented in codes that viewers could easily miss what they stand for, especially due to the arbitrariness between the signal and the real thing.

The Four C’s of Learning Essay

The cornerstone of becoming a successful learner relies on the availability of a connected classroom model that focuses on four key elements, known as the four C’s of learning. These elements include critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication. A grade four reading class lesson should involve activities for each of the four elements, as illustrated in the subsequent sections. Critical Thinking Scholars and educators often heed the contrast between what students think and how to think; they also attempt to monitor their thought processes. Critical thinking skills are essential for fourth graders as it helps them take ownership of their learning process. Other conspicuous characteristics of critical thinking that make this skill a necessity include an enhanced ability to reflect on individual thinking processes and make sound decisions (Slater and Groff 380). An appropriate grade four reading activity that could help establish critical thinking skills in the learners involves providing them with short stories to read and analyze their genre, exposition, purpose, and rising actions in each of the stories. The activity entails reading a short story such as “When Gertrude Grew Great” with the students, then providing them with a worksheet to analyze specific details about the story that…

Motif Analysis Essay

The Calcutta Chromosome is a 1996 sci-fi novel by Amitav Ghosh, a Calcutta-born British writer. The novel speaks of the secret society that influences the development of epidemiology and genetic sciences since the late nineteenth century in order to discover the secret of immortality through a complicated ‘reincarnation’ process of assimilating an external body with one’s chromosomes. Despite its complex futuristic and even theological themes, the novel presents a remarkable case of a post-colonial novel. Ghosh presents the future of cultural identity that resists being blended in a high-tech society of the near future, and, through making it interact with topics of mortality and negative theology of silence, provides a remarkably unique take on the traditional motifs of colonial legacy and cultural heritage.

Causes of Domestic Violence Essay

The fulfilling job of Roia Atmar, a citizen of Western Australia, was ruined after being doused by her husband, who set her on fire. After that, she was hospitalized with severe and horrific injuries, which would take a long time to get, healed (Parkinson, 2019). Her case is a synonymous incidence of domestic violence that is rampant throughout the world. Without the support of vigilant groups and family members, women and children live in an abusive environment unnoticed. Therefore, the prevalence of this vice is at the forefront of health concerns, not only in Australia but across all countries around the globe. One may wonder how domestic violence has many manifestations, despite the existence of many human rights organizations throughout the world (Parkinson, 2019). What is the underline cause of domestic violence in society? Are speculations that women have become unbearable for men the real cause of the problem? I hypothesize that extreme jealousy, difficulty in controlling anger, and low self-esteem are the major causes of domestic violence throughout the world.