Hearing and Syphilis Victims in the US

1. Quotes and Questions Jean Heller Reading Quote: “However, of the 400 men in the original syphilitic group, 154 died of heart disease that officials in Atlanta said was not specifically related to syphilis. Dr. Millar said that this rate was identical with the rate of cardiovascular deaths in the control, or non-syphilis, group.” Question: Despite the fact that the findings of the research did not indicate any particular correlation between syphilis and the development of cardiovascular diseases, is it possible to state that the study resulted in any discovery? Answer: Yes, because the correlation between these two diseases is strange and peculiar.

Impacts of the European Colonization of America to the Native Americans

Introduction When the European invaded America in the years between 1492 and 1763, their main aim was to amass wealth and increase their influence in the world. They gradually settled in America and increased their influence and control overtime (Hoxie 39). The Native Americans embraced and welcomed them at first and it was too late for them when they realized that the invader’s intentions were to benefit themselves. The invasion of America by the European colonizers impacted the Native Americans both positively and negatively. Changes to the Native Americans way of life Initially, when the European colonizers arrived in America, the Native Americans maintained their traditional way of life. However, as the number of European colonizers rose, they started to demand Native Americans to behave and live in a certain way which they deemed fit. One of the demands that were made to the Native Americans was to convert to Christianity which meant becoming a Catholic or a Protestant. This meant that the Native Americans were no longer supposed to worship under their traditional shrines or observe their beliefs but instead, they had to adopt the invader’s religion.

Public Health Personal Statement

One summer afternoon, I was walking along the beach collecting seashells when a gathering of people drew my attention. As I went closer to inspect the commotion, I saw two boys who had drowned but were still alive and needed first aid. This information reached a nearby clinic, and within no time, a nurse had arrived and she administered first aid to one of the boys. Although the nurse gave us instructions to follow what she was doing to save the other boy, our lack of experience made it hard for us to do what was necessary. By the time the nurse was done with one of the boys, the other had already died. This is an experience that deeply moved me and it also served as an important lesson about how important the work of the health sector is.

Health Insurance Essay

Over the years, there has been concerns over what the high rates of uninsured people in the United States despite frantic efforts by successive governments. Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, are some of the legislations that have been made to ensure citizens acquired medical coverage. Moreover, there are many insurance providers for the different categories of individuals in the US. A better example of such a plan is Tricare, which is a representation of employer sponsored health insurance (ESI) that caters for military personnel. Its coverage and access rate is influenced by offer and acceptance rates.

Internet of Things Essay

Introduction More studies regarding the impact of the internet of things (IoT) continue to be done. Although the concept remains fairly unexplored, the importance of IoT in today’s business environments cannot be understated. The internet of things can be defined as a platform that enables the connection of smart devices through the internet using any network (Atzori, et al., 2010). In addition, these devices are able to connect real-time and from anywhere around the globe (Borgia, 2014). The internet of things is considered advancement on earlier technologies such as computers and phones. Traditionally, only information and communication technology (ICT) devices were used to connect to the internet. However, research has enabled the invention of IoT where the scope of connection has been expanded. Today, animals, human beings, objects, and even mechanical machinery can be connected through the platform.

Philosophy of Teaching Essay

Giving a reflection on my teaching career, my pedagogical stance is greatly influenced by the belief that students have a great depth of knowledge in the aspect of their ability to multi-task and make connections with various course concepts. In regard to this perspective, I ensure that students put into practice their greatest skills, which include incorporating classroom assignments with real life experiences. This will help them in gaining experience and knowledge on how to be actively involved with professional jobs. My experience in teaching profession has equipped me with the knowledge that students are motivated by creating a positive learning environment that involves promoting and respecting intellectual diversity amongst them.

Valve Train Tribology Research Essay

Executive Summary The valve train tribology exercise was conducted to explore the parameters influencing the selection of lubricants for valve train components. The analysis entailed the examination of variation of minimum lubricant film thickness with oil grade, camshaft speed, oil temperature and change of maximum Hertz contact stress with camshaft speed. film thickness data generated several insights, including the shape and type of plots that were drawn according to the operating conditions described below, and an explanation for the ensuing behaviors.

Family Lifestyle Report

The parents play a crucial role in ensuring the children grow in a safe and conducive environment. Apart from inculcating good morals on the children, they should pursue practices which do not affect the health of the children. The children should not be exposed to cigarette smoking because it can affect their health and development (Morrongiello & Bell, 2014). The family in this study, has created a suitable healthy environment for the children, however, there is need for awareness about things that can jeopardize their safety. According to the questionnaire, the parents are against smoking and that has ensured the children are least exposed to the smoke. Both parents are completely against the habit. However, the eldest son smokes while in the house.

Wehrmacht War Crimes on the Eastern Front

War crimes have become a topic of extensive contention over the past few years as the atrocities committed in historical wars continue emerging. Immediately after the end of the Second World War, Germany endeavored to purge itself of any trace of Nazism, seeking guidance from the West to establish a solid basis on which it would establish the new German state. After the war ended, Germany became demilitarized and was partitioned into four occupation districts which were controlled by the Soviet Union, Great Britain, France, and the United States. The German military, one of the major canons of German identity since the establishment of the present day German state, experiences major changes to free itself of the past Nazi trends and undergo remilitarization. The Wehrmacht, the term granted to the German army during the regime of the Nazi, was dispersed following the war, with the German army retaining its legacy. The Wehrmacht, existing as a Nazi establishment, was linked to the war crimes perpetrated by the Nazi regime.

Elements of Jazz Music Essay

Jazz music has attracted immense attention in the recent times. This is particularly predicated on the increased popularity of the music not only in the case of the old generation but also the younger generations. It is noteworthy that there are varying elements that make jazz music distinctive from other forms of music. One of the major elements of jazz is improvisation, which underlines the spontaneous composition where every musician has the freedom to determine what to play even in the course of playing the music. Improvisation often requires that the musician have the capacity to handle the instrument well, and possess a clear comprehension of music theory particularly how chords and notes go together. On the same note, they must have the capacity to play the music “by ear”, which means that they would be playing music that they hear even without reading the notes, while also possessing the musical vocabulary that covers a wide range of styles such as classical, pop, blues and rock.