Course Summary Essay

Public health plays a vital role in safeguarding me against the spread of diseases and epidemics, ensuring I receive quality healthcare in healthcare centers, protecting the environment, and providing education that allows me to live a healthy lifestyle. For instance, through public health, I received immunizations for life-threatening diseases, and my workplace has a policy against smoking. I believe that I can contribute to reducing cases of heart disease. Having come from a family with a history of heart illness, I am confident that I can help in its prevention by advocating healthy lifestyles. The high-risk factors for heart disease are interlinked; they include diabetes, obesity, and lack of physical activity. All these risk factors can be eliminated by recommending healthy eating and lifestyles. By running campaigns and door-to-door sensitization, I can influence the community to make positive choices regarding their lifestyles. Continue reading “Course Summary Essay”

Essay on Jewish In Concentration Camps

Holocaust period resulted in deaths and persecution of different Jews by the Nazi regime and the collaborators. It resulted in deaths of different innocent people, especially slaves. The Jews were wealthy, intelligent, and successful resulting in the Jewish genocide. The construction of death camps by Nazi Germany marked the Holocaust that resulted in the death of the Jews. Most branches of the sophisticated Germany bureaucracy were involved in the process of murder and persecution against the Jews. The Nazi’s were focused on stripping the properties and valuables of one of the Jews. As illustrated through the detention and killing of the Jews in the concentration camps, it is apparent that leaders dominate through dehumanizing the minority racial groups. Continue reading “Essay on Jewish In Concentration Camps”

Case Study – HBC: From Fur to Fendi

Question One
In the case of HBC, the organization has the Strength of being one of the oldest retailers in Canada giving it a higher competitive advantage. However, the weakness of the firm is the ever segmenting retail market in the country. Interestingly, in the case study, the author claims that, “the company has opportunities related to being able to change according to the present competition through its 66,000 associates.” Nonetheless, being able to keep with the current and increased competition level in the country’s retail market is one of the threats facing HBC. Continue reading “Case Study – HBC: From Fur to Fendi”

Cell Immunology Essay

Imagine the simple game of chess where each piece plays a specific role of conquering the opponent while also protecting their own king. This analogy can be used to explain the functionality of the body immune system. Similarly, just like in the ancient empires, there was a power hierarchy where specific individuals played specific roles in protecting the kingdom. The King was always the supreme leader and had to be protected at all costs. Just like in Chess, there were bishops who were tasked with giving strategic advice to the King, knights who were commanders of the battlefields and the pawns who were basically the soldiers protecting the kingdom from the enemies. In the human body, the immune system is solely responsible for protecting the body from any external invasions which might affect the normal functions. One important fact to note is that the human body is like a battlefield between the cells of the immune system and enemies of microscopic nature. The enemies of the human body can be in the form of microscopic pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and even fungi that also have the means to breach the body defense systems. These pathogens can get to the body through wounds, mouth, food or even when we breathe. Continue reading “Cell Immunology Essay”

Scaling the Dream and Removing Barriers Essay

We truly live in the world of tomorrow. We conduct our lives in the context of an astonishing ocean of people, a cosmopolitan potpourri of which our Founding Fathers could scarcely have conceived.

America has always been a nation of immigrants, of “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” (“The New Colossus”). Yet, the inexorable march of commerce and technology has led to a twenty-first century in which international borders are all but a formality. We daily intermix with persons of any and every faith, creed, and color. Meanwhile, as our accents proliferate and our skin darkens, we continue to excel above and beyond all other nations. America is the world powerhouse because she treasures all of her people with utter disregard for their demographic differentiation. Continue reading “Scaling the Dream and Removing Barriers Essay”

Evaluation of Lighting Design Essay

Description of space
Libraries come in all shapes and sizes. However, a complete perfect design of a library comes with a combination of art, technology and science all intertwined together good number of libraries have over time worked on their spaces to make the sleek and attractive. A good example is the State Library of South Wales whose design is competitively good. This library has remarkably good features to boast of relating to space description.

To begin with is the wonderous arrangement of books that has comfortably allowed the library to contain very many books. Over four million books have been stored in the library aide by the new extension of the book shelves. State Library of South Wales has come up with a new sorting system of book where books are store based on their physical dimensions increasing the capacity of the library by close to 40%. Frequently used books are available for browsing, while the rest of the collection is held in a non-public area but available for retrieval by staff. Continue reading “Evaluation of Lighting Design Essay”

China Economic Growth Research Paper

The growth of China’s GDP has fascinated economic theorists for years. The country has grown in a relatively short time from an underdeveloped nation to the second biggest exporter and consumer in the world. The growth can be attributed to three primary factors, namely, a government with extensive experience in the pitfalls of communism and a healthy approach to free markets, strong support from the primary and secondary economic sectors, and abundant labor and land resources. Besides, the entry of China into the global market sustained the growth. The admission allowed the country to focus on primary and secondary sector exports on a scale that few other nations can achieve. The combination of these factors is what has led to China’s rapid GDP growth. Continue reading “China Economic Growth Research Paper”

International Law – Memo Essay

In the first and main issue, the plaintiff, Ygritte Giantsbane-Snow, not only sustained injuries, but her husband was killed in the process as well. She was left bereaved by the deaths of several members of her extended family too. According to the plaintiff and Tab A (Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights) attached to the issue, the coordinated attacks resulted in the deaths of 250 civilians. Among the fatalities were Mrs. Giantsbane-Snow’s husband, John Snow, family members, and 44 civilian children. Moreover, the strikes wounded the plaintiff, which implies she sustained a combination of physical and psychological wounds. The plaintiff is presenting an honest and logical complaint with sufficient evidence of the defendant’s actions. Continue reading “International Law – Memo Essay”

Thailand Agriculture Report

Population, social, and cultural statistics
It is a well-known fact that there are many external and internal factors which have a great impact on the development of the particular country. For example, before analyzing the condition of agriculture in Thailand, it is necessary to pay attention to its population, social, and cultural features. Almost sixty-nine millions of people live in the country. It is essential that since the 1990s this number is growing. It has become the main reason why the government decided to implement different family planning programs and develop public health policies. In addition, the population in this country is mostly rural. It means that people live in villages, and their main activity is related to agriculture. According to social statistics, in Thailand, there are many different ethnoses. Among them, the most famous are Tai, Sino-Tibetan, Austroasiatic, and Malayo-Polynesian. In some way, it also means that Thailand is a multicultural country with a great variety of languages, beliefs, and nationalities. Continue reading “Thailand Agriculture Report”

Traumatic Brain Injury Research Essay

A violent blow to a person’s head or body might result in TBI, which may cause short-term or prolonged unconsciousness. TBI can either be severe or mild. The former affects the brain cells for a long time and may be permanent. On the contrary, the latter is temporary and may last for up to 30 days only. When a person has TBI, he or she could become unresponsive. Unconsciousness is a state of unresponsiveness, which implies that an individual cannot perform activities related to natural reflexes. In most cases, doctors refer to unconsciousness as being in a comatose state. This introduction script focuses on analyzing coma and its relationship with TBI. Continue reading “Traumatic Brain Injury Research Essay”