Essay on Where Is The Mango Princess?

1. Describe the disability (type, origin, category)…
Where is the mango princess? is among the popular accounts of the primary challenges that a family encounters. This text is primarily attributed to Cathy Crimmins. Nonetheless, in the text, Alan suffers from a common disability known as brain injury (Crimmins Chapter 1). This disability emanates from an unfortunate boating accident.

2. What was the family structure/dynamic (role each person played)
Before the accident, every family member strived to ensure that they attain the utmost level of happiness. Notably, before the accident, Alan, the daughter, and Cathy decided to proceed on a Vacation to have some good time. After the accident, the family structure was disorientated as everyone was worried about Allan’s health status.

3. A-Identify what coping style/techniques (according to the class text) each of the family members used to adapt to the changes caused by Ali’s acquired disability?
The mother assumed the role of a caregiver and exercised paramount levels of patience and even coped up with the various personality and emotional statuses of Allan. Equally, the mother applied different strategies like comforting to deal with the traumatic condition of her daughter. On the other hand, Allan was subjected to different types of therapy that were instrumental in his recovery phase.

4. In what significant ways has the disability affected Alan’s personality (be specific)
The disability affected Alian’s personality in numerous ways. First, Alan became impatient and at times he threw tantrums and got annoyed more often ((Crimmins Chapter 4). Secondly, Alan was not capable of making normal and effective judgments. Equally, Allan performed dismally, especially in social circumstances.

5. Describe the supports and resources that impacted Ali’s treatment and recovery both positively and negatively and say how
The support that Allan received emanated from his wife and the healthcare providers. Arguably, Allan’s wife assumed the role of a caregiver and ensured that Alan received the necessary support that could facilitate his recovery (Crimmins Chapter 4). Besides, the health care providers provided and recommended effective treatment such as several weeks characterized by therapy. However, the treatment experience might have negatively contributed to Allan’s personality change.

6. Ali’s accident changed the dynamic of the relationships in his family. Choose either the Wife or the Daughter and identify 2 ways that the relationship changed after the accident.
Allan’s accident was unfortunate and it negatively impacted the dynamic and existent relationship between Allan and his family. For instance, Allan’s wife found it challenging to cope with the social awkwardness and personality change that was constantly exhibited by Allan. Conversely, Alan’s wife fought determinedly and coped with the emerging challenges.

7. What characteristics were exhibited by either the wife or the daughter as a result of the trauma of Alan’s accident?
Following the tragic accident, both the wife and the daughter underwent difficult times, markedly; Cathy struggled to cope with psychological stress and weeks of anxiety. Additionally, Cathy even blamed herself for Alan’s misfortunes. On the other hand, Alan’s daughter went through difficult times and she was often traumatized. In other words, the primary characteristics exhibited by Allan’s wife and daughter were unending psychological stress.
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8. A-What developmental stage is the daughter in when the accident happened?
The daughter was in early childhood when the fatal accident occurred. Early childhood is a critical stage of development that is normally characterized by emotional and social development,
B-As a teacher, what supports do you think would be helpful for her? and for her mother
As a teacher, I will recommend Cognitive processing theory as the predominant support that can be utilized to overcome the traumatic condition of Allan’s daughter. On the other hand, regular counseling sessions will provide much-needed support to the mother.

9. After reading the novel, you should have gained a better understanding of the importance of supporting the family, communicating information, and validating feelings of loss for the family experiencing an acquired disability. What was the most important thing that you learned as a professional?
The most important thing I have learned as a professional is that families may undergo difficult times whenever a tragic event transpires. Thus, such families ought to be accorded effective support that can enable them to overcome emerging issues such as mental health problems.

10. A-What treatment combination do you think was most instrumental in Alan’s “recovery”? Why?
Alan’s recovery process was dependent on a rehabilitation center and intensive care. Further, Alan was subjected to weeks of therapy sessions that played a major role in ensuring that he regained most of his capabilities.

B-Is this a group of people that you might someday like to work with? Why or why not?
I would prefer to work with health care providers so that I may comprehend the different mental health problems and the process of recovery.

Bonus Question
Describe briefly the “New Al”. What is life like for him now, how has his home life, work-life and social life changed? What do you think his future will look like?
After receiving effective treatment, Allan regained his initial capabilities. At the moment, his life might have transformed and he is capable of establishing a positive relationship with his family. Equally, he is better placed to associate with his fellow employees and friends.

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