Popular Culture in the Age of White Flight Essay

The article highlights the transformations that urban America went through during the past that are responsible for what it is today. This was after the period of war that the city was developing as the economy was being restructure and people were determined in working towards meeting their goals and objectives. In essence, this was the period of restructure when America was building itself from the war that has brought about instability and a poor economy. The society was integrated and there were no cultural barriers and individuals had put aside their differences in order to instill the spirit of hard work and motivation among all individuals. Therefore, the article mainly focuses on the authors thoughts on the modern city and culture in the American Society after the period of war.

Outline of Avila’s Thesis

  • Structure of building the cities
  • Development of cities in America.
  • Cultural practices among individuals in society.

Evidence to Back up his Thesis
The author provides evince in line with the thesis that he provides in the article. The author argues that there was an urban crisis after the period of World War II and thus there was need for the different cultures living in America to come together in order to rebuild the cities. In essence, the economy was affected and the standards of living of individuals were very low and thus there was need to build the cities as a way of stabilizing the economy. He argues that, “The regional biases of such development were manifesting the post war ascendance of the Sun Belt, which cradled a compelling vision of the suburban good life” p.3. This is an indication that most individuals were interested on development issues and thus issues concerning war were coming to an end because the interests of the people were changing. In addition, the demands were increasing as most individuals were interested in this that could empower their lives economically. And therefore, building the city by setting up good houses and businesses was provided with the highest priority as it would offer the residents of the different cities with a higher payoff.

During this period, Avila argues that both men and women were participating in various duties to build the cities. This implies that traditionally the role of men and women in the society was different but at this period both were doing similar activities.

Also, women were traditionally asked to return back to their normal duties at home that included household chores as men continued with other various activities of rebuilding the nation. In addition, the author provides further evidence showing the list of developments that the individuals participating in the rebuilding of the nation were. First, he claims that there was development of movie palaces, parks, sports clubs and night clubs as well. This is an indication that different people from various cultures had put their differences aside and decided to put their efforts together in order to come up with a developed city. The New York City is listed among those that had been highly developed and those that attracted a higher population that needed to live around the place. In fact, this is what led to the development of the various cities in America that makes the country a first world country

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