Final Internship Report Essay

Carrying out my internship at A Fresh Start seems to be one of the best academic and career moves I could have made at this point in my life. Now, as I come towards the end of the internship period, it is my belief that I have gained far much more than I would have thought I would on the first day of the internship. The internship site provided an excellent opportunity for hands-on training, and it has given me a completely new perspective on my desired future career as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Not only have I gained invaluable insight into the day to day work of a neonatal nurse, I have as well become aware of all the support functions that enable such nurses to be effective at their jobs.

I believe that I have performed exceptionally well during this internship. All indications point to the fact that my supervisor agrees with this assessment. Most of the work that I did was in the back-end of the facility’s operations. I have been able to better understand the aspects that make a healthcare facility run, apart from the medical part. I have performed various administrative support roles in the last few months. For instance, I have gained an intimate understanding of the role of Human Resources, especially in a facility such as A Fresh Start, where clients are reluctant or unwilling. Additionally, I have learned more about the business side of medicine, which will doubtless be beneficial in making me a better Nurse Practitioner.

From more individual development perspective, I have managed to improve my interpersonal and communication skills during the internship. Moreover, I have learned much more about team dynamics and collaboration within a professional setting. As I move forward with my career, teamwork will become increasingly important, as I have noticed that an increasing amount of focus in healthcare is being directed towards multidisciplinary approaches. As such, for one to be an effective part of a multidisciplinary team, they must have these skills. In light of this, interpersonal and communication skills along with team work will be even more important going forward in my career.

Additionally, looking at my long term career goals, beyond being a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, I may find myself in a higher position within an organization where I would be able to influence policy and improve healthcare provision. To do this, it is important to not only to learn how the day to day healthcare provision is done, but to as well understand the role that the business side and support functions operate within such a context. The internship at A Fresh Start is a crucial first step to understanding these different roles within healthcare and their interactions.

Overall, I can safely say that the internship was a one-of-a-kind eye-opening experience. The things that I have learned about myself have only strengthened my resolve to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner.

The knowledge and skills that I have gained from A Fresh Start will be with me beyond this internship and well into my career. The site is excellent for people like me who may not necessarily have experience but are looking to learn. I especially enjoyed the fact that they care about the professional development of their interns, not just looking for someone to perform menial duties.