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I Know why the Caged Bird Sings Poems
In this poem, Maya Angelou describes her early life as an American writer. In this poem, the author was challenged by her friends called James Baldwin to write down autobiography. This poem however, is always perceived as a fiction because the author uses thematic development as well as other common techniques to develop the plot of the poem. According to Maya, the poem is criticizing and explaining the changes in the writing industry. The audience can feel close while reading this story because the author is a victim of most circumstances.

The author of this poem explores subjects like identity, racism, rape and literacy in the society. The author also analyzes the lives of the women in the society that men have a greater influence. Angelou is one of the character in this poem that symbolizes a black girl that is growing up in America. However, the author of this poem also uses themes that appear heavy to the readers. For instance, the theme of rape that involves defiling an eight-year-old girl is shocking. In addition, Angelou’s harsh treatment while fighting racism is a symbol of unity in the story. Despite the difficulties faced by Maya in the society, she decides to cope up in the bewildering world because she was literate and she could understand how things operate in the surrounding.

It is clear that most of the problems faced by Maya in the story emanate from the racism of the white neighbors. She is not at peace nor comfortable living in the society despite the fact that she is rich. She is enduring insults when she changed her name to Mary by a racist employer. In this regard, this story brings out the frustrations that the black community faced in the society. For instance, a white dentist refused to offer healthcare services to Maya because she was not coming from a white community. As a result, she endures the pain of a rotting tooth.

The Necklace Fiction
In this story, the author brings out the lives of people who were not luxurious in the society. Mathilde Loisel resides in an apartment with her husband. The husband is a clerk in the Ministry of Education. They live an average life because they are not poor not wealthy. However, Mathilde desires to be rich like others in the society. For instance, she envies the life of her friend Jeanne who had a large house. Mathilde feels upset when her husband invites her to attend a party. She complains that she does not have a descent dress to wear for the accusation. Her husband appears so kind and loving and decides to give her 400 francs so that the wife can purchase a new rifle.

Despite having a new rifle, Mathilde is not happy at the party. She complained again that she did not have a jewelry to wear together with her dress. The husband suggests that they could borrow the jewelry from her friend Jeanne Forester. The wife then decided to go to Jeanne’s house and picked a good-looking necklace. After that, they decided to attend the gala and it is apparent that they had fun. However, when they returned home, she realized that she did not have the borrowed necklace. The husband decided to go back to search the necklace but he did not find it. She decided to write a letter to her friend stating that he broke the clasp and she will have it repaired.

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