Essay on Pricing Decisions in Firms

Pricing is a critical component for a firm because of its close relation to the operations and performance of a business. It is the primary contributor to the profitability of a business. Interestingly, firms in a perfect competition have no control in as far as pricing in the market is concerned. The greatest desire for a company is to be able to influence the activities taking place in the market in as far as pricing is concerned. Influencing market price implies that the business has acquired market power and therefore determine profit-maximizing markup used in setting the price of a product.

Research Paper on Ethics in Sports Coaching

Introduction Coaches play a vital role in the lives of youth athletes. Not only are they supposed to teach young athletes skills but also life lessons such as tolerance, morals, ethics, and respect. Deflagate is one of the most renowned sporting scandals in the United States. Notably, the term is used to describe the national football league investigations of the New England Patriots. The supervisors began investigation in 2015. However, the case ended in July 2016 after several press conferences, court rulings, and twists and turns in the case (Mandel, 2018). The New England patriots were accused of under-inflating the balls used in the previous match with the Indianapolis colts. The New England’s patriots coach was not ethical in addressing the deflategate incident because he acted contrary to the coaches’ code of ethics that offers guidelines for professional behavior. The aim of the code of ethics is to set coaching standards and protect the welfare of individuals working with the coaches. Moreover, it offers reference points on how they should react in unwelcoming situations.

Migration, Death, and Positionality Essay

During the revolution of January, 2011, the Egyptians, both men and women, united to fight for their right to social justice and freedom. This revolution brought on debates on issues such as the future of gender inequality, the role of women in public eyes, and what manhood means. These topics generated a heated discussion among the scholars, activists, religious leaders, members of the public, and politicians in Egypt. The book, “Live and Die Like a man”, presents a unique discussion on the topic of traditional understanding on the subject of gender and gender roles. The author focuses her arguments on men and she delves deeply into the subject and discusses how men are generally produced as gender subjects. The book further emphasizes how masculinity is maintained and endorsed by men and women alike in the society under the influence of the fluctuating political and socio-economic conditions (Ghannam 9). Farha lived and conducted her study in Al-Zawiya, a low-income region in the northern Cairo.

Hydrite Chemical Company Essay

Hydrite chemical company was established in 1929 in the United States and is considered one of the best and trusted company as far as the provision of chemicals is concerned. They have partnered with other companies in the United States to ensure products are available to consumers and at best prices. Chemical products are considered lethal; therefore, should be produced using the best and trusted companies, which are able to integrate proper expertise with advanced machinery. There is a complex workflow within the departmental operations which is aided by better coordination among the stakeholders in the company. Their machinery and the mode of operation range from least to the most complex ones which concurrently work to ensure effective and efficient workflow throughout the system(Xiao, et., al, 2018). Advancement of technology has also been observed since the machines being used currently are not the same ones that were being used when the company commenced operation in 1929.

Essay about Australian Custom

Payment Under Protest Letter Dear Customer Service, On October 17, 2018, I received incorrect items from your online store. Despite my attempts to correct the mistake through the usual online platform, I am yet to receive communication on the refund. The shipped item attracted additional customs duty. According to the terms and conditions in the transaction, your company remains liable in such incidences. The delay in responding to the case through the online platform is the reason for writing to you this letter of protest. As noted in my email receipt (attached), I purchased safety glass sheets at USD$ 81, 000 inclusive of shipment charges and customs duty. However, the delivered items were different from the requested item thus attracting additional fees. Attached is a copy of the photos as evidence of the different types of products and a complementary list of the items I requested.

Poverty and Inequality in America Essay

Due to the increased global production, there is quite a modification between the 21st century and the 19th-century working conditions. During the emergence of industrialization, factory production was horrendous whereby employees worked for long hours just to be paid low wages with unsanitary working conditions that triggered several deaths. Sweatshop workers experienced grim working conditions where they literally worked hard to meet the high quotas and the demands of the customers just to be low wages. Today, the United States and Europe Nations have advanced their industry union hence, there are fewer problems faced. For instance, the labor force in California is faced with issues of income disparity which is one standard measure of inequality. Most African-Americans working class are poor as compared to Asians and Whites. The low wages remunerated to them explain why they live in the poor neighborhood that is susceptible to high crime rates (murder, rape, robbery, and assault) and poor living conditions that impact on the residents’ health. As such, the state lawmakers should push for policies that can help in closing the income gap.

Hamilton Musical Book Essay

Evidently, it is arguable that Hamilton’s musical is justified for their treatment of the American historical era. Basically, Hamilton is an American musical and book by Lin-Manuel Miranda, which talks about the history of America. It is inspired by the career and life of Alexander Hamilton, who took part in the American Revolution War. Hamilton also played a key role in shaping policies, structuring the government and the establishing constitution of the new America after the war. He uses his experiences in the war to tell the American history and how it changed over time. The musical show starts with narration from Aaron Burr who was Hamilton’s friend, a legal partner and a critic. “The first narration explores different subjects that affect everyday life and how the characters deal with it” (Cassandra 1). The musical aspect is justified in its treatment of the American era and does everything to ensure that the audience understands the context.

Examination of Three Paintings Essay

Introduction The current exhibition details three photos that denote their correlation with human and natural science. The first photo entails the work of Edward Munch called Ashes created in 1925. The photo shows a woman in forest. The photo can be argued to play a critical role in showcasing the relationship between human beings and the environment. The availability of trees from where the woman is located shows a good coexistence between human beings and the nature. She seems to be not happy perhaps to indicate her desperation because of destruction of the forests. However, she might be in deep thoughts about something that is not clear. Perhaps, it could be something related to her life. The mural print is a depiction of a man and a woman in a forest that is dusky. The atmosphere in the picture is relatively gloomy filled with both hopelessness and despair.

Financial Education as a Subject in Schools Essay

Money is an overwhelmingly popular subject. Preschoolers, youths, adults, and aged people all appear to be relevant when it comes to money. This subject fascinates me because most commodities that concern and controls human lives are never taught in school. If they are taught, the information presented is either outdated or insufficient. For example, in business classes, students are taught that a house is an asset. Banks will relate to the similar phrase when granting one a loan. However, considering that I will spend some amount on maintenance of the house, payment of electricity and water bills, and other expenses, it becomes clear that the house is presently a liability. However, it could be an asset if I had tenants in it. Financial issues are rarely discussed in classes and at home which makes them more challenging when someone wants to introduce relatable topic of conversations.

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Analysis Essay

“Who was more crazy? Me, or everyone else?” By: Brian Tallerico The author of the article talks about the film Mad Max: Fury Road in the general sense, praising its pacing, special effects, and the exciting experience it offers to the viewers while there is not much of a plot, but “one long sustained chase.” In the article, the author also emphasizes the well-fitting cast and Miller’s contribution to transforming post-apocalyptic genre in the movies, citing his past successes with the Mel Gibson franchise and the current attempt to release a thrilling product.