Justifying Postgraduate Studies

There is the time in the life of every person when the need for making milestone decisions looms large on the horizon of propriety.

My decision to apply for the LLM program at UCL is definitely one of the aforementioned kind as I felt that I have been moving towards it all my life. However, it often happens that a human needs that little spark of a peculiar experience, event or a set of events for her to become sure that the decision she makes is the right one.

When I have been given my first practical task at the Veirano Advogados company of São Paulo, I have had an epiphany that I want to know more about intellectual property.

As a matter of fact, I am surely willing to know everything about it as living in the 21st century means dealing constantly with someone’s intellectual property. Therefore, being a profound specialist in the field not only grants one with marvelous career perspectives but also helps to grow as a comprehensively progressive individual. I do remember that when I started working in the domain of intellectual property, I thought that there is nothing much to learn about. Nonetheless, as I was progressing through copious tasks and missions, I have understood that intellectual property is the future of law and jurisprudence.

Over a short span of time, I knew that intellectual property is the domain that I am going to research until the end of my life. I am one hundred percent sure that there would be a lot to learn as this realm of knowledge evolves on a daily basis. I am ready to devote myself to this great cause of becoming a wonderful professional and Master of Law in Intellectual Property.

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