McCandless Argumentative Essay

Regarding our fast-paced contemporary world, there are a different type of people. Some grow tired of this multifaceted life, and the break-neck sped at which life is changing while other people purpose to have a more laid back and natural existence. There are common and true stories of personalities whom the inauthentic earthly lived trapped and bored them. One story of such an individual is told of McCandless, a young man. The story narrates of his life journey, revelations he encountered during his life and eventual demise he faced in his attempt to rescue himself free of the burdening society. This story is narrated by Krakauer’s novel “Into the Wild.” Although there is a significant number of authors and scholars who feel and argue that McCandless was a perfect example of a contemporary transcendentalist, he is a self-centered and arrogant narcissist.

The non-fiction account of Krakauer life of McCandless portrays him as a self-absorbed and reckless person. He is, in fact, an actual representation of Thoreau’s life in a purported transcendentalism. Ancient transcendentalists purposed to emphasize the notion that society is made up of inherently good people.

The novel portrays McCandless not only as a conceited person but as an also ignorant individual the author explains that “by design McCandless came into the country with insufficient provisions … a large caliber rifle, map and compass, and ax” (Krakauer 182). This is sufficient evidence justifying McCandle’s stupidity. Also, it portrays an extensive range of ignorance.

The author portrays McCandless as a thoughtful and calculating character. According to the author, it was justified for McCandles to use his best ways and capabilities in testing himself. The author (182) says of McCandles that he loved saying “that mattered” hence it was an appropriate approach giving him the opportunity to test himself in his own best ways.

McCandless was never a hero for the society; he was self-centered and a hero for his pursuit. He will never be a hero in contemporary society because each one of us has to make our paths that lead to self-discovery. As such, McCandless’s self-discovery is not a society accomplishment; it is a personal obligation.

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