Facebook: Making the World a Little More Open

Question One
In the market, Mark Zuckerberg has experienced age stereotyping after the approach by Yahoo to buy Facebook for $1 Billion. As such, in the case study, the author reveals that, “by rejecting the offer, some people leveled it as a missed opportunity that he could have utilized.” However, to overcome this, Zuckerberg has employed more experienced personnel to change situations in the organization.

Question Two
In the case of Facebook, its leader Mark Zuckerberg has effectively shown impression management after making various changes to fit every use across the world. As such, despite the available challenges, Facebook translates 70 languages in a bid to increase the number of daily users. Most importantly, he has relied on the social media to win the support of many in the market as a young CEO.

Question Three
As unraveled in the case, Mark Zuckerberg is an introverted person that is intuitive and creative. As a result, the leader has continued to work on increasing features for his application knowing that it basically connects people from different parts of the universe. In essence, according to the case study, “despite the stereotyping issue, his introversion nature has led to the further development of his organization by creating the mush needed impression.”

Question Four
Remarkably, Facebook highly promotes the growth of the extroversion personality due to the high exposure of people’s private information through offering details regarding an individual (Baylis, Steve, and Patricia). However, to satisfy all the consumers, the application allows people to limit the details they share on the public platform.

Question Five
Notably, one of the stressors for Facebook is the increased cases of criticism regarding the organization’s efforts towards satisfying each person in the social networking industry. As a result, the leadership has to continue relying on market research for the accommodation of every person’s need for success in the market.

Question Six
In the case of Sandberg, the first challenge she faces is the difference in generational thought system. As such, the author argues that, “she has to alter her style to cope up with the kind of employees in the company as well as the young CEO. Most importantly, offering enough support would help in fully developing the development of the young talents.

Question Seven
In the outside world, Mark Zuckerberg has remained to be a persuasive communicator where he has used the skill to deal with his critics (Baylis, Steve, and Patricia). Remarkably, the renovations in Facebook have effectively shut down its critics besides the CEO’s communication.

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