Argument Building Essay

No one can reject Qatar’s latest visual tradition and the impact of present-day changes in this Middle Eastern country on general awareness. Sister and other relatives of Qatar’s leader Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani buy the most expensive works of Western artists. The Department of Museums of Qatar in recent years has opened several cultural centers in the capital, which were built by famous world architects. Therefore, Qatar’s desire for the development of art is strong, redundant, and presented in various museums and installations created by the best artists in the world.

US History Essay: 19th Century Poverty

The history of the United States of America has been full of events, both victorious and tragic, it has its rises and downfalls. The public image of the US is primarily associated with the mythology of success, with the concept of the American Dream and the idea of a self-made man being its primary subjects of idolizing. Indeed, the United States is a country of possibilities, and the idea that a single person can achieve literally anything, getting from the bottom to the top, has a real foundation to inspire. Nonetheless, people usually seem to ignore that it has its problems as well, and these problems are significant enough, such as an issue with US poverty, which peaked in the nineteenth century. The witnessing of the contemporaries of the era of how the poverty in New York affected the lives of those people who were the less fortunate than the rich and prosperous Americans, is showing that the history of American success has its dark side, and there are reasons for such disparity.

Failure as the First Step to Success Essay

In many parts of the world, failure is frowned upon. Given the stigma associated with failure, many people become hesitant to venture into areas where chances of success are not significantly high (Roger and Willett 88). Contrary to popular belief, every failure has a positive side. Consequently, one should adopt an optimistic lens when examining projects and ideas whose end result could be contrary to one’s expectations. In this paper, I am going to use my personal experience to show that rather than being viewed as a failure, undertakings that do not result in the realization of goals should be regarded as the first steps toward success.

The Use of Metaphors in Oroonoko Essay

One of the most intriguing pieces that have been written by Aphra Behn is Oroonoko. It is a piece that brings to light the impacts and experiences of slavery and slave trade. In this piece, there is the analysis of two main characters and their lives. The African prince, named Oroonoko and his stolen bride are the main protagonists in the piece. It is an evidence of use of metaphors, suspense and other writing forms. This is in a bid to gain the attention of the audience and alter their emotions. It also helps in the use of the audience as the judges of the occurrences.

Business Contract Paper

P.D & Associates Attorneys at Barristers 678 Orlando Street, Suite 9800k New York City Business Contract 1. Parties This contract is signed today 14/05/2018 between Cascades Inc, a body corporate under the Constitution of New York States by Rachel Erick, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) acting on behalf of Board of Management whose principal place of work (business) and mailing address is 440 South New York, Suite 100 City of New York 245 and Eng. Mike Harvey, contractor and President of Works Corporation, with the principal business and mailing address of 100, Suite 30 City of New York.

Research Proposal on Medication Errors

Objective The objective of the research is to study medication error as a risk affecting patient safety. The aim to understand the main causes of medication errors during management how frequent they happen and healthcare giver. Rational shall be clear based on our objectives. After identifying the causes, it’s recommended that better prevention techniques be used and encourage more reporting of medication errors.

The Role of Wilderness Areas in Sustaining Biodiversity

National parks, State Parks, and Wildlife reserves are vital in maintaining biodiversity on the planet. Biodiversity refers to the variety and differentiation of life on Earth. In essence, it represents the genetic variation of species and ecosystems in a given environment. Generally, terrestrial biodiversity is more evident at the equator as opposed to the tropics, due to the more favorable climate. Areas under legal protection have experienced an exponential increase in the last 25 years, since it is incumbent upon us to preserve nature especially with global warming and species extinction being on the rise, now more than ever.

Importance of Listening in the Business Communication

Although communication always was a key component for relationships in our society, nowadays it is a backbone for business development. Listening is one of the significant elements of great working relationships; however, some employees still ignore it because of diversity, competition, and the drive for quality, and ethical factors. Thus, it leads to misunderstandings and even conflicts between colleagues, there are some recommendations for successful conversation, such as listening to the main idea, letting a speaker finish before beginning to talk, and giving full attention to the speaker.

Research Proposal: Entrepreneurship and Value Creation

Introduction Entrepreneurs play an important role in creating value for themselves and the public at large; for this reason, societies that encourage such ventures reap improved economic growth and development. In businesses, value is the worth that consumers receive in exchange for paying a set price for goods. Consumers have a better understanding of their needs; however, they lack the knowledge of the best ways of fulfilling such needs and wants (Almquist, Senior & Bloch 2016). Therefore, entrepreneurs have a distinct responsibility in demonstrating the value provided by their products to consumers.

Gender Pay Gap in UK Essay

The gender pay gap refers to the variation in the mean hourly earnings of all women and men across a workforce. According to 2015 statistics, the median gender pay gap for the entire UK is 19.3%. These differences are largely associated with the variations between women and men in terms of their skillsets. Besides, rigidities in the labor market could also be blamed for the situation. This disparity is detrimental to the country’s economic growth and hence needs to be bridged. Moreover, closing the gap is necessary to ensure social justice for women as the pay inequality limits their choices and adversely impacts their lifetime earnings. Several legislative, collective, and voluntary strategies have been formulated to nurture an inclusive and gender-equal labor market. Elevation of the minimum wage floors, reinforcement of the legal and collective regulation, extension of the gender pay audits and action plans, development of progression chances in female-dominated job sectors, and facilitation of women’s retention in and return to work are some of the measures that have been taken in this direction . However, the enforcement of these policies in the UK is fraught with challenges, thereby rendering the closure of the gender pay gap a difficult…