‘Be Right Back’ Analysis Essay

“Be Right Back” is the first episode of the second season of a popular modern science fiction teleplay Black Mirror, directed by Owen Harris and released in 2013. The episode is considered the highlight of the season due to its original plot and excellent acting. Despite the fact that the series has presented the viewer with numerous different casts, conflicts, technologies, and outcomes, there is only one common theme that unites all of them. The opener of the second season is the most clearly articulated representation of this theme: while technology is progressing, people remain the same. The episode focuses on the topic of humanity and proves that technology can reveal much about people but it cannot entirely transform the essence of the individuals.

Change Management Essay Sample

Organizational change is inevitable to realize growth and improve the overall performance of the workforce. Quality and teamwork guided initiatives create an enabling environment where workers can interact, raise their concerns, and innovate ideas that align with the company’s expansion (Ali et al. 163). In essence, an institution realizes managerial success when operational modifications are introduced and implemented in a proper fashion. Nonetheless, if these alterations are not well supervised, the firm can register detrimental outcomes, including the incurrence of losses (Banutu-Gomez and Banutu-Gomez 61). Hence, in a work setting, managerial changes are adopted to establish both short- and long-term impact on company’s operations by creating a conducive environment that fosters quality delivery of services, workers motivation, and inventions.

The Importance of Noble Lies Essay

A noble lie is a falsehood that is excellent in its kind or seen as morally permissible. The assertion is that such deceptions will help preserve justice and protect public interests (Rowett, “Why the Philosopher Kings”). A real-world example of a noble lie is when parents lie to their children that babies are bought in a supermarket, to avoid describing how babies are conceived because the mental image may be disturbing. It ties into Socrates’ belief that it is acceptable to deceive people if the objective is to avoid social unrest. Another historical example was the noble lie perpetrated by Roosevelt during World War Two to the American people by saying that Stalin was a good leader to justify working with him to defeat Hitler, although history has proven this was a lie. I agree with Socrates’ argument that noble lies are necessary for preserving justice especially when the aim is to bring harmony, avoid the compromise of national security, and regulate beliefs.

Practice Development Nursing Essay

Provision of healthcare occurs under an environment of constant change, modernization, and transformation. Patients have a right to quality, timely, and affordable care, and practice development optimizes healthcare improvement through an anticipatory change approach to offer patient-centered, evidence-based care (Manley, Watts, Cunningham, & Davies, 2011). The third principle of practice development entails work-based learning approaches that enhance active learning within the workplace and the primary intention is to ensure the right mix of skills, enhancement of the nursing practice, professional activity, increased patient satisfaction levels, and noticeable change in practice (Manley, McCormack, & Titchen, 2013). In essence, this principle is critical because it facilitates a culture change an creates a favorable learning environment where nursing professionals can exchange ideas, learn from each other, and use the skills gained from the process to enhance the quality of service.

Soviet Union Invasion of Afghanistan Essay

It is astonishing that the president of the United States would retrospectively endorse the Soviet Union invasion and the murder of innocent individuals in Afghanistan. Personally, I am dumbfounded that President Trump uses falsehood and assumptions to justify the Soviet Union Invasion of Afghanistan. Specifically, President Trump states, “The reason Russia was in Afghanistan was because terrorists were going into Russia” (Cohen para.3). The president’s argument is a misstatement of history, which is unacceptable for an American president. Unlike President Trump’s claims, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan for political gain. The union included Russia, Asian, and Eastern European nations that invaded Afghanistan to spread communism. The communists seized the opportunity to launch a modernizing agenda, which focused on women’s rights and land reforms to target civilians in Afghanistan. The agenda enabled the Soviet Union to appeal to a section of the Afghans in Kabul. Clearly, the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan had nothing to do with terrorism, which makes President Trump’s statement irrational.

Allowance for Bad Debts Essay

Financial officers should recognize revenue when it is realized or earned. Selling of goods on credit basis results in sales and the creation of account receivables. Early payment of the debt leads to discounts that have to be factored in the amount of revenue received. Moreover, some of the account receivables may have problems paying up the money owed. Therefore, such a situation results in doubtful debts that reduce the overall amount of money collected. It is essential to evaluate the effects of doubtful debts on SIA.

Popular Culture in the Age of White Flight Essay

Introduction The article highlights the transformations that urban America went through during the past that are responsible for what it is today. This was after the period of war that the city was developing as the economy was being restructure and people were determined in working towards meeting their goals and objectives. In essence, this was the period of restructure when America was building itself from the war that has brought about instability and a poor economy. The society was integrated and there were no cultural barriers and individuals had put aside their differences in order to instill the spirit of hard work and motivation among all individuals. Therefore, the article mainly focuses on the authors thoughts on the modern city and culture in the American Society after the period of war.

Health Effects of Air Pollution Essay

Question 1 In the article “The Unexpected Health Effects of Air Pollution,” David Peden identifies air contamination as a significant environmental concern. It postulates that contaminated air causes more adverse human implications than just mortality (Peden 309). The discourse examines several other potential pollution-related illnesses, such as attention-deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, and neurocognitive disorder. Question 2 The primary sources of this article are scholarly journals and research reports. For example, the article utilizes data from the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health, which is a recognized commission for informing key decision makers about the cost of pollution on economic and health development. Therefore, the article sources are reliable since they are supported by evidence.

Climate Change and Its Effects Essay

Question 1 In the article, “Climate Change Caused by Human Activities is Happening and it Already has Major Consequences,” Kevin Trenberth argues that human beings are the central instruments of climate change. The author explains that climate changes caused by humans could keep up in future (Trenberth 463). However, the society is not doing enough to prevent this problem and mitigate its potential impacts. Question 2 The primary sources of information for this article are research institutions, such as the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP). The sources used are reliable. Additionally, Kevin Trenberth is a prominent scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, so his opinion and findings are credible and trustworthy.

The Man in The High Castle Essay

First 2 pages of the 1 chapter. In the first two pages of the book “The Man in the High Castle”, the author utilizes a variety of literary devices that allow him to depict the necessary background information to understand and describe the storyline. The use of direct speech, as well as multiple cases of imagery can be seen throughout these pages. In the second page, an interaction between Mr. Tagomy and Childan is encountered in order to set implicit information for the reader to acquire. The use of direct speech when Mr Tagomi is speaking is intended to start shaping the characters traits and personality, especially his arbitrary use of broken English. When Tagomi says “I can wait no furthermore”, he clearly intends to say, “I can’t wait anymore”.