Accertify Review Essay

Description of the Company
Accertify is an international fraud prevention organization, established in 2007. The firm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American express leading in the provision of payment gateway solutions, chargeback management, and fraud prevention (“Fraud Prevention Company”).

Thesis: Accertify helps businesses in taking a proactive approach to driving down online fraud and managing risk by bringing together thought leaders, designers, analysts, and engineers.

How it Works
As businesses change and innovate, fraud adapts and evolves; as such, Accertify works as a vendor that meets both challenges. The organization provides a suite of highly configurable solutions that work in tandem with each other or can stand alone (“Fraud Prevention Company”).

Accertify’s team is made up of different types of highly skilled support personnel who helps clients in critical regions around the globe. The company adopts a flexible strategy for online commerce, ensuring that they address the unique challenges presented by different industries.


  • Lacks in-house technology.
  • It does not incorporate cloud-based operations.
  • Accertify does not include small transaction verification.
  • It lacks derived verification.
  • In fraud prevention and deterrence, it does not calculate a risk score, response to fraud scenarios, fraud alerts, or calculate risk score (“Comparisons of Fraud Detection Products”).


  • Accurate: The company can incorporate a real-time and powerful fraud screening engine that supports numerous guidelines along with in-built automation for fast order flow. Additionally, it ensures that high-risk orders are flagged for review, enhancing loyalty and high customer satisfaction.
  • Flexible: Accertify’s platform can be easily and quickly customized, expanded, and refined to address new trends of fraud fast.
  • Global support – Accertify has designed an Intercept as a Data Management Platform that supports local currencies and language thus incorporating a variety of global operations and IT infrastructure aimed at meeting security business requirements (“Accertify Fraud Management Software”).

Accertify assists various organization by enhancing its fraud management ability. They also offer greater flexibility aimed at addressing emerging fraud patterns on demand. Consequently, such firms have been able to reduce fraud and function with greater competence without compromising on honest customer service.

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