Concert Report Essay

I attended a Lil baby free fan concert held on April 2018 at Kansas City. Lil Baby is among the fast rising artists in Atlanta with extensive support from Quality Control Music. The label was established in 2012 and has contributed to the success of artists such as Lil Yatchy, Migos, and Rich the Kid making it a crucial player in the growth and expansion of trap music. Despite joining the group in 2018, Lil Baby has released over four songs with several viral hits. The Tuesday night concert at the Truman was electrifying though Baby’s performance with some of his tour mates displeased the crowd as they did not meet their expectations. They wasted an ideal opportunity that would cement Quality Control’s Music position in the hearts of his fans.

The stage was brightly colored with neon lights flickering in synchrony with the rhythm of the performed songs. The backup crew and dancers were dressed in fitted pants with red glowing stripes. Lil baby opened up his performance with his bolstered hit entitled “Yes Indeed” which features Drake. The drum set in the background and the dancers were helped to liven the mood of the audience. As his partner’s opening verse came to an end, Lil Baby took the stage and was welcomed with a jovial and screaming audience. He paused for a moment to bow down as a sign of appreciation before rapping the second verse. This enthusiasm was carried through the performance of “Oh Okay” by Gunna.

Lil Baby’s energy kept increasing with every subsequent show as he was determined to give the fans an entertaining performance and show his appreciation for their support through his musical journey. Although he exhibited a confident performance to his understated cuts such as “Freestyle” and “My Dawg,” the crowd seemed dissatisfied as only those standing at the front were singing and dancing to his tunes. As the lights gradually dimmed for the next song, four fresh dancers took the stage. The giant LCD screen behind them flashed videos and images of Lil Baby. Indeed, the value of his production proceeds him, with the lasers and dancers, smoke confetti, and the whistles and bells. I felt that he would have given it more effort since we relate to the lyrics of the songs and the backup dancers displayed breathtaking moves as they glided across the stage. He had also failed to prove himself as a force to reckon with on the stage and in the studio. Lil baby kept moving from side to side as opposed to reflecting latest dance moves such as dabbing and involving the crowd in his performance. He occasionally lost his rhythm while rapping though he quickly regained his touch.

To sum up, the Lil Baby concert was entertaining as it gave me an opportunity to listen to some of his latest songs and see renowned artists such as Drake and Migos. His lyrics and support from Quality Control Music contributed significantly to his rise to prominence. The four songs he has released are hits and his performance during the concert was electrifying. However, I feel that he would have done better because he works in collaboration with prominent artists and choreographers who would help improve the synchrony of his dance moves with that of the backup dancers.

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