Billie Eilish Essay

Pop culture, as one of the inherent elements of any culture, refers to ethnography as the instrument of its assessment. Due to ethnography, one can explore the transformations of a particular culture and assess its critical components. Within pop culture, such investigation can occur via analysis of singers’ and groups’ creative work, unique cultures, and specifics of fan clubs. Billie Eilish is the contemporary pop figure who represents the twenty-first-century adolescent angst culture.

Studying as well as a recording of human culture is a core purpose of the ethnography. The singer represents the relevant example of ethnographic analysis in the context of the unique culture. Fans all over the world have been trying to alter their appearances and styles of clothing to feel and show a sense of belonging. They may not necessarily communicate much, but they are always there for the people that need them. From the ethnographic perspective, such sense of connectedness and experiencing common emotions, such as love, depression, hope, complicated relations with peers, and losses predispose that the adherents of Billie Eilish culture view outsiders as individuals that can harm their emotional state and disappoint them.

In terms of the ethnography, it is necessary to note the pattern of the appearance and visual issues of the particular cultural group. The community of fans is trying to imitate Billie’s style in clothing and hairstyle to show their belonging to a particular crowd and still stand out from the rest. Billie’s distinctive style includes the abundance of baggy clothes in unique patterns and a vast array of colors together with accessories such as chains. Moreover, Billie’s hairstyle has made a lot of members of the community wishing they had the same one, which they consequently obtained after some consideration.

Also, within the field of ethnography and aspect of the cultural groups functioning, it can be claimed that people in the fandom can exist individually. However, many of them prefer to maintain a good relationship with the people inside the community so that they are exposed to like-minded personalities all the time. Moreover, when they plan on attending a sacred for the fandom experiences, which in this case are concerts. Henceforth, sharing the common values, aspiration, resembling experiences, and point of view, Billie Eilish’s followers, identify themselves with the ideas promoted in her creative works and style. By sharing baggy outlooks, the culture members confirm their belonging to this culture.

Billie is not just talking to empower. She is showing an example of how certain aspects of one’s life may be approached. All the factors, including Billy’s unique style, eco-consciousness, and genreless style, appeal to Gen-Z, which is the generation that is much less label-driven. The members of this culture, therefore, do not have to participate in initiation; however, copying the singer’s lifestyle would signify their inclusion in the group, which does not suggest social hierarchy.

None of the artists’ work falls within the previously built definitions of music. Being exposed to music culture since her early childhood, she later translated the respect and profound understanding she acquired throughout the years into her own works of art. The unique blend of music she produces redefined the contemporary notion of music genre. Such experiments brought her to the attention of people who were looking for something radical in a way. This time it happened to be the anti-pop icon’s new wave for the next generation. It is so good that people cannot resist hopping on board of her new but accomplished music.

However, her debut album may be easily the only thing adults have heard about Billie Eilish. Her fans experience a certain kind of thrill, knowing that she is their secret. The fan’s similar perceptions of contemporary pop culture, including music and fashion, as well as their worldviews at large, make them stick together. When it comes to the concerts, one could say that attending one could equal to participating in a sacred ritual. People who are just entering the fandom can get overwhelmed with how complicated the process of acquiring a ticket is. The reason for that is that the tickets sell out rather quickly, even if Billie holds three consecutive tour dates in one city.
The concerts are the magical experiences in themselves, which is why they are worth the wait even if one is standing outside at the beginning of March for a couple of hours. However, Billie communicated her point clear that she is not keen on making her followers feel like they are one of the millions. She gives an example of Justin Bieber, My Chemical Romance, and Lana Del Rey she has been listening to throughout her teenage years and is doing everything possible so that all people attending the concert feel the intimacy she wants to communicate.

Therefore, the artist takes part in making sure that the fandom’s Billie Eilish phase is much different than the ones the fans of other artists experience. The singer is trying to be available, which adds to the timeline of breaking stereotypes. People choose to follow Billie’s music religiously because of her music combining various aspects of one’s personality the person may have trouble accepting. Her music style has a dark and theatrical twist to it, which is the most explicit representation of angst. However, there is more to it than just teenage drama.

Billie’s music manages to combine everything about the Gen-Z culture parents are trying so hard to cease. Her music does not have a defined genre, but it still is image-conscious. The whole culture revolving around the artist is exceptionally digital but still manages to contain extremely private elements. Additionally, Billie does not stir away from discussing issues of mental health issues such as anxiety. Moreover, she brings about sincerity and emotional intelligence many are seeking out. In the end, she manages to mix it all with the classic teenage apathy.
However, these emotional lyrics and transitions are often stigmatized against and disregarded as everyday teenage angst. A variety of factors may have contributed to outsiders holding such opinions, including the rejection of innovation as well as the emergence of the extended group of people who disregard the established social norms regarding their appearance and identity. Therefore, multiple individuals may encounter some unfavorable situations, just looking the way they want to do.

Conclusively, within the framework of pop culture and ethnographic assessment, one can note that the culture that was formed around the artist Billie Eilish and her music and style is sophisticated. The singer is an active social media user, which also correlates with the fact of pop-culture importance for media trends. It is not difficult to distinguish a casual listener from a dedicated fan. However, one must take into consideration that such dedication can lead a person to be stigmatized against no matter how many benefits and positive sides there are to this anti-pop, but popular regardless, culture. It is advised, though, to look past such experiences and analyze the culture much deeper as every single person perceives it differently, which is why there is a possibility that there are some subcultures inside this one big culture.
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