How to Install a Window Essay

Modern windows are significant since they undertake several functions. Windows help in establishing a home’s visual character. Windows also allow both the air and light in the house. More so, windows help in framing views from inside the building. Previously, window installation processes involved setting, leveling, squaring among others. However, new installations are complexly designed to prevent water from getting inside. Moreover, the current window installation let water out if it ever gets inside. Home Depot offers in-home consultations to the builders. The company provides guidelines on the steps and the procedure to use while installing the windows to a new house or replacing damaged ones.

Home Depot begins by listing the tools for installations. Such devices include power drills, finishing nails and caulk guns. Further, the company lists 15 steps in order of their happenings. The levels run from fit-testing the new window to applying the caulk. Home Depot guides the installers to begin by centering the new window. Installers should use woodblock and shims support the window while placed below the horizontal jabs. Installers should also clamp the window. The company directs that after setting of the new window, level it.

Throughout the steps, Home Depot highlights the need to observe the safety warnings during installation. For example, the company warns the installers to avoid jagged window glass. Again, on their safety, drivers are advised to seek help while working above the first floor. Wearing hands and eye protection protects the installer from injuries caused by broken glasses. The company sites the consequences of failure to observe safety rules. More so, the Home Depot company advices homeowners to paint the window. The painting helps to match the rest of the house on completion of the window installation.

Home Depot fails to offer comprehensive guidelines on how to stall a new window right from the manufacturer. For example, the company does not guide on how to prepare the new window for installation. It assumes that the new window is just down the window opening in wait of installers to fix it. Further, Home Depot is silence on how to install the frames of the new window. There is no procedure on how to insert window casements on the window frames. In the case of a poor installation, the company fails to guide on how to rectify the mess.

Installers need to remove the casement of the new window safely. Locking pins should loosen using a screwdriver. Then, remove the protection foil around the handle. Mount the handle at the casement and place it safely. On the window frame installation, the builder should at first place the frame on the opening wall carefully. From there, check the frame’s horizontals and verticals. Then, align the structure with the accompanying washers. Washers ensure that the window open and close smoothly afterwards.

Installers need to fix the window casement after the construction foam has hardened. Carefully insert it and then re-attach the locking pins. Close the frame and ensure it closes adequately. The new casement needs to be adjusted with care to provide reliable thermal insulation after the window installation. A homeowner should receive detailed installation manual

Overall, Home Depot information on the guidelines is critical on window Installation. The steps offer suitable guidelines on how to achieve the desired window designs. Consideration of all safety guidelines prevents body cuts; for example, a piece of glass can cause eye damage. Home Depot, plays a significant role in educating new installers. Their laid down procedure assures the homeowners of a secure installation.

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