Food Study Essay

Responsibility simply means having control over someone. Taking responsibility may become very complicated, more so when trying to account for the life exchanged to feed us. Therefore, it is the state’s responsibility to provide land for the famers, offer education to farmers, such as technological ways of farming and also develop means of transport to enable farmers move their produce from the firms to urban centers. On the other hand, it is the company’s responsibility to protect farmers since farmers are working hard to provide them with raw materials; hence it is their responsibility is to ensure that the farmer’s effort is equated to the amount paid. Individuals also have the responsibility over the amount of food they consume since too much food intake may lead to obesity, and thus, they should be cautious of their daily consumptions. Finally, the community should ensure that available food is shared among the households depending on their respective needs (William, 1972). Moreover, they should also ensure food quality and safety besides the availability being in variety. Furthermore, each community should ensure that every member of a family benefits from the food consumed to have a good health status. Hence, the main aim of the community is to advance household food safety.

Convenient food system depends on the unawareness of the history of the food consumed (William, 1972, p. 68). Individuals find fast food systems where they consider their household income in relation to the price of the fat food. This practice also depends on the belief and lifestyle of the consumer. To the public, convenience has the following importance; time management, since it is readily available, cheaper in price and the modernity; everyone is moving towards the modern life where they do not have to prepare meals to eat (World Health Organization [WHO], 2003). In the private sectors, this practice is an economic development and source of income because most of fast food companies or farms are privately owned and due to the high demand of convenient food systems by both individuals and the public, it is a good business opportunity for them.

Food is a set of different products that are used for nutritional studies. Culture is a factor that identifies individuals; Culture is a series of rules, uses behaviors and communication. Consumer’s class tells a lot about the food he or she consumes and this depend on the amount of income he or she earns. Higher income people will be able to purchase fast food and canned food. Gender matters when it comes to the type and quantity of food we consume (Class Notes, 2019). For example it is believed that ladies do take a lot of snacks and light food compared to men who are believed to be taking much of heavier food since they use a lot of energy on their daily activities. Our traditions and beliefs has impact on the kid of food we consume that is some communities do not consume red meat and does not consume fried food which is healthy they believe in eating enliven food. Because my social class friends do purchase their food from a fast food hotel so do I.

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