Thesis Statement and Outline Sample


  • Topic: literature research on the LGBTQ research
  • Introduction: This stage introduces our analysis of the LGTBQ rights on American society and the rest of the world. The conversation that persists in every sociological theory is the inequality that exists in our community. Violence has been the cause of inequality in society. Individual freedom in society describes how sexual rights are addressed under different countries’ laws. Sexual discrimination is condemned by understanding how society treats lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and those who are transgender in society. Discrimination of gender also relates to our understanding of why most communities express one gender as more superior than the other. Our research identifies LGBTQ rights as the basis for understanding the best approaches to explaining different rights and sexual freedom in American society. Also, we can relate the inequality with the conflict theory as advocated by Karl Marx.
  • Statement of thesis: The research focus on qualitative analysis describes how LGBTQ rights have been adopted in America’s united states. The research also focuses on the different literature studies that illustrate a campaign for accepting every individual in society. The research focuses on the effects of LGBTQ rights in the lives of people who were previously affected by sexual discrimination [1].
  • Body of the argument: In this stage, we will consider three steps of analyzing LGBTQ rights in American society. The sections give the background information, the explanation information of the research thesis, and an example of the effectiveness of LGBTQ rights.
  • Background information: under this stage, we summarize the chosen sources by focusing on the researcher’s theme in the researching process.
  • Reasons for the paper acceptance of the research: The analysis will focus on the different facts postulated by the LGBTQ rights in American society.
  • Contrasting ideas: This stage will analyze the contradicting information about the research.
  • Conclusion: the section elaborate on what LGBTQ right are in summary of the effects in the society.


  • Introduction. The research indicates that LGBTQ rights have adversely changed the sexual perception of the American people. Society could accept the existence of different sexual morals socialization process. We can understand that in most underdeveloped and developing nations, sexual orientation is not accepted worldwide. The sexual acceptance of each companionship in the society expresses how every society perceives sexual attraction and modes [2]. LGBTQ rights express the mode of eliminating violence and inequality in American society. Establishing the rights of sexual equality, eliminating family violence and social inequality to the different populations belong to the various active sexual groups such as lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual. Human rights watch work towards ensuring that human rights are accepted in all sectors of society. LGBTQ rights have also reduced violence since it reduces other forms of discrimination, such as gender and racism in American streets. For example, black Americans are associated with being bisexual and gender. The Caucasian Americans feel free to advance the sexual orientation and a woman companionship and reject the sexual relationship amongst the same gender [3].
  • Conclusion. LGBTQ rights have developed community morals on sexual matter in America. Society could accept different sexual orientation groups in society to reduce conflict and inequality in society. LGBTQ rights accommodate every sexual perception and theory to ensure the individual sexual desire is appreciated at all costs.

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