Impromptu Speech Essay

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It was not my intention to take the floor; however the question is “Have you ever thought of how to communicate with animals”? Well, I seem to have a response which I want to share it with you today. There is an old saying that “A dog is a man’s best friend.” So, how would you make a dog or any other animal, your best friend if you do not know how to communicate with animals?

Another saying states that “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” Today, I want to give everyone present an opportunity to learn how to communicate with animals, and after this speech, it is upon you to make use of the advice given. As lovers of animals, it is crucial that we learn how to observe them, how they use their eyes, ears, face, tails if they have one, posture, and other parts of their bodies to convey feelings. Indeed, when we become observant we would easily know when they are feeling unwell, sad or happy. For instance, a dog could wag its tail to indicate happiness.

Animals are intelligent and helpful in our homes and society. Indeed, they are real members of the family as they keep us company and make us jovial. Thus, as a way of communicating with them, we should learn to listen to their vocalizations. Being able to differentiate different sounds would enable people to act as per the animals feelings. For instance, a cat could meow to indicate he is hungry or hiss to show anger, prompting the owner to feed it or keep away from it.

Talking with animals using different tones is an effective method of communicating with them. Although they might fail to understand what you are saying, they can pick up on the sound of the voice and body language. For instance, talking with a stern voice will help the animal realize that you are angry about his behavior.

In summary, we can indeed communicate with animals. This could be made possible by learning how to observe their body language, listening to their vocalizations, and talking to them. When we do this, we will connect with them and live peacefully and happily.

Thank you for listening

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