Essay on Managing and Using Information Systems

1. In the information search systems, some controversial issues sometimes have negative influences on the information search. On of such results is the filter bubble that appears as a result of the personal search and causes the selection of information based on previous requests of the user’s search. Therefore, it can be dangerous because the found data separates users from those data that do not fit their preferences, and as a result, they can be in isolation of only their cultural and ideological space. For example, such a situation can happen in the Facebook personalized story news line where the user can see the news selected on the base of his ar her previous search and friend requests. One of the useful way to balance the information search on the Internet and decrease personalization it is the cleaning of the browser history. Deleting the browsing data provide the opportunity for avoiding the filter bubble and balancing the results of the search that will be less personalized.

2. There is a problem of disruptive innovation, which means a strong influence in the market and value of the particular products. Making changes to business processes can be gradual or radical and can take place through an evolutionary or radical approach; these approaches can be devastating for the normal functioning of the business (Pearlson et al., 10). The managers have to find a balanced approach to innovation implementations because both evolutionary and radical changes can be devastating for the business due to the complexity. In order to get benefit from innovation, they should be introduced taking into account business features and include both elements of evolutionary and radical approaches.

3. Social IT is used to work online and interact through the Internet and includes social networks and other programs that provide communication between people (Pearlson et al.,14). For example, the use of social media for informing buyers about new products, sales, and updates influence Walmart popularity (Petersen). Through social networks, Walmart also predicts the demand for products by conducting a variety of observations on the reactions of people to products on sites such as Facebook (Petersen). Therefore, Walmart uses the social business lens for better interaction with the customers and income increases.

4. The company also has IT resources that divided into IT assets and IT capabilities that are closely connected. IT assets are tangible or intangible, which can be used to produce products, such as the website of the company; the capabilities are specific development and achievement of the company in a particular sphere (Pearlson et al., 36). Capabilities contribute to the efficient use of company’s resources; this can increase productivity and benefit the company in the production of certain products. In addition, the success of the company can be achieved by the changing of the structure. Cognizer applied a matrix approach to changing the structure that envisaged the division of functions between the managers and ensured better management and customer service. Each project had two managers who had the same control over the work of the network, and this organization structure contributed to success.

5. IT technologies and information system represent an important part of management and company have to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of it. Such resources provide the opportunity for company development in case of adequate usage by the managers.

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