Visual Art Essay Sample

The current assignment explores the importance of using visual arts in expression; it also highlights the impression it creates on an individual. People usually resort to fine art communication in situations that words and gestures cannot work to express their feelings, needs, and situations to others around them. The paper also examines how it feels to be Hispanic in the U.S. society. Arts is a living example of human thought and embodiment of the soul. I strive to discover different arts and cultures to see the difference between thougts and feelings of people. It is a valuable experience that gives new ideas to me. Primarily, this section will explore various challenges faced by Hispanics in the U.S. The last part will explore why I like traveling. The paper uses metaphors and similes to compare various aspects of visual art, how it feels being Hispanic, and why I like traveling.

Fine art allows people to express themselves and offers limitless communication forms. It allows individuals to disclose feelings, ideas, and thoughts in ways they would not do in verbal communication. Anybody can create a visual art provided he or she can hold a brush or pen on a piece of paper. Admittedly, one does not have to be as good as Pablo Picasso, a renowned artist, to create fine art. I consider fine art therapeutic as it has a healing effect on the human soul. I also consider fine art cathartic because it offers psychological relief to stressed individuals in society. Besides, it allows an individual to communicate with him or herself and the world.

Visiting the U.S. has enhanced my understanding of a variety of sociocultural aspects. Immigrants into the country have helped diversify the country’s culture. A majority of individuals who immigrate to the country are offered numerous opportunities of improving their lives. Likewise, the immigrants provide the country with cultural diversification, which introduces some new means of social development and conflict resolution. For instance, immigrants introduce some aspects of life that are helpful to the mainstream society in the country. Additionally, immigration provides people the opportunity to understand different aspects of life in the country, which is essential in reducing conflict between natives and immigrants.

I like traveling because it offers an opportunity for me to meet new people, learn about other cultures, and challenge myself. Traveling allows me to see some of the geographical features, which I have only studied in books over the years. I also travel to improve the quality of my health; arguably, traveling increases my stress tolerance and may limit my chances of developing cardiovascular conditions. The activity also removes me out of my comfort zone, allows me to think about critical issues, and face challenges in my life. In addition, it makes me smarter as I am able to learn a new set of skills from new people and the challenging situations I encounter. Furthermore, it allows me to embrace diversity and appreciate other cultures and ethnicities.

The results of this study reveal that fine art has a therapeutic value as it helps people with psychological distress deal with their conditions. Similarly, traveling helps people cut down on stress and reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. It also enables individuals to meet new people, learn about other cultures, and see geographic sceneries hitherto studied in theory classes. The survey also shows that Hispanics, especially young ones, face significant challenges in trying to establish their identity in the diverse U.S. society, as they do not know whether to identify with the European culture or Hispanic traditions.

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