Being a Mentor Essay

Mentors tend to have a profound effect on their mantees because these people attempt to change the lives of men and women who need particular support and help. Undoubtedly, humans have to encourage each other to develop themselves as well as improve their living conditions. Thus, I decided to attempt to mentor the person as well because I believed that it was possible for me to improve the life of this individual.

When I was volunteering at a hospital a year ago, I met a boy there that seemed to be the same age as me. He was a member of a disadvantaged family, and that situation inspired me to become a person that had to demonstrate to him that he could change his life. According to the fact that my parents aim to provide me with various opportunities for my self-development, I consider that they play a crucial role in my success. However, this boy has to deal with all the difficulties by himself while his mother and father do not pay attention to his education. People determine whether they tend to become successful by themselves (Drucker 93). This boy agreed with this idea during our talking. I invited him to go for a walk in the park because this place seemed to be the most suitable for an honest conversation. While talking with the mantee, I realized that he needed to be supported, and I appeared to be a person that could influence his way of thinking and life in general considerably. As a result, I have understood that I tend to have a tremendous impact on this boy’s life because he expects me to help him, and this fact proves that the relationships between humans affect them significantly.

In conclusion, I will continue this mentor-mentee relationship because I believe that people’s primary goal is to help each other. I am going to invite this boy to attend various lectures with me as well as to provide him with the opportunity to get a decent education. Undoubtedly, he will make a successful career and help his parents to change their lives in the future. Thus, I am proud of being a mentor of this boy because he is persistent and has great potential to succeed in different spheres.
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