The Hunger Games Movie Review

My friend, Anthony Thatcher, is uncertain as to whether his girlfriend will relish her birthday night-out watching “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins (2012). As a long-trusted childhood comrade, I desire to see Anthony create memorable moments with his adventurous companion named Theresa Jones. Besides passing time and getting entertained, I believe that the movie will help the couple to reinforce their connection, relieve stress, and appreciate art. Additionally, the film will sensitize them about social issues and offer unforgettable film therapy (Ross, n.p.). Since the narrative involves an apocalyptic world where a sixteen-year-old girl is relentlessly trying to survive in dystopia, Anthony and Theresa will discover new approaches to overcoming life hurdles and remaining focused on their personal and collective goals.

Unless Anthony first becomes conversant with the story’s plot, the idea of watching the proposed film is inevitably unpersuasive. The film is directed in a post-apocalyptic republic of Panem that was formerly called North America. The tale is told through the eyes of a sixteen-year-old girl baptized Katniss Everdeen. The Hunger Games (HGs) denote a countrywide yearly event where a girl and a boy aged twelve to eighteen years are selected from each of the Panem’s twelve districts to participate in a gladiatorial woodland battle (Ross, n.p.). Panem’s government dabbed the Capitol consists of the most powerful, connected, and wealthiest citizens. The HGs are deadly sports designed by the Capitol administrators to entertain themselves and discourage public rebellion.

The narrative begins with the announcement that Katniss from district 12 is the appointed female tribute. Katniss’s counterpart named Peeta Mellark is her former classmate who once saved her family from starvation. Katniss is disturbingly surprised by Peeta’s claim that he loved her since their childhood. The match began with the killing of nearly half of all the warriors over a fierce struggle for weapons and supplies. Katniss defies her mentor’s advice to flee, and instead, she hides in a thicket until when an unprecedented inferno forces her out. In the process, she is captured by Peeta’s sympathizers. Another tribute named Rue rescues Katniss before dying in these skirmishes. A moment later, rules of the game are changed to permit tributes from the same territories to contest as partners. Katniss and Peeta immediately forms a coalition and ultimately becomes the only surviving pair. However, bylaws are altered again to force Peeta and Katniss combat each other in a thrilling finale. These tributes defiantly arrange to consume lethal night-lock berries (Ross, n.p.). On discovering their plan, the game organizers declare both Peeta and Katniss as victors and awards them with a warrior’s reception in district 12. Sadly, Peeta realizes that Katniss’s actions were trickster strategies to gain sympathy. Despite their success, Katniss is troubled by the news that the authorities are planning to punish her for disobedience.

The omitted details on the plot increase the level of suspense that is evident at the end of the story. The unanswered questions in the synopsis along with the unfinished dramas in the summarized tale invokes the couple’s curiosity to watch the film. Specifically, both Anthony and Theresa will want to learn the actual background that inspired Collins to write her novel title The Hunger Games, which was afterward dramatized in the movie under discussion. Certainly, these young admirers will excitedly uncover that the narrative originated from the author’s obsession for channel surfing, fascination for reality shows, and her father’s experience in the Vietnam War. The Roman gladiatorial sport and the Greek fairytale of Theseus motivated Collins to create characters such as Katniss, Peeta, Rue, and Haymitch (Ross, n.p.). For instance, the writer killed young actors early in the story as a reflection of the human suffering in conflict zones. Thus, the film will entertain the couple and simultaneously inspire them to reminisce about their past and future.

The thrill of watching dangerous movie actions executed with a great sense of cinematographic skills will strengthen the lover’s bonds by changing their typical leisure activities. Since birthdays are largely special moments for young women, Anthony will successfully exceed her partner’s expectations of exceptional treatment. In particular, the film will create an exciting experience for them by combining humor with theatrical fright. For example, the audience will feel the tension that characterized Katniss’s courageous move of sneaking into the woods and covertly bombing the enemy’s supplies (Ross, n.p.). Just as other viewers, Anthony and Theresa will laugh and enjoy watching Katniss destroy the well-trained rival groups using a simple bow and arrows. The happy moments of melodramatic irony, comedy, and scare will revitalize the couple’s interests to try new leisure activities that naturally rejuvenate people’s romance.

Although a birthday-reunion typically involves feasting and celebrating life, Anthony and Theresa may watch the proposed movie for inspiration. Since the narrative depicts historic events and world heroes, the couple will discover significant truths about life and apply certain philosophies in their association. Undoubtedly, the film will allow the viewers to witness the transformation of ordinary individuals into national victors. Throughout Collins’s movie, the audiences are encouraged to perceive issues using multiple viewpoints and denounce cowardly actions. Simply put, the cinema will reveal to both Anthony and Theresa that confidence, selflessness, and dedication enable regular individuals to accomplish extraordinary results.
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