“The Message” Movie Summary

The film “The Message” is about Islam from the beginning until now. The movie start with Muhammad receiving a Koran from Angel Gabriel but its ends sadly with death. Like in most instances where a message start from a few then get disseminated to others, the spread of the Islamic religion and message started with the Prophet and a few followers. It was after this that the message spread to others. One of the notably features of the Islamic belief portrayed in the movie is the failure to publicly demonstrate or disclose the life and residence of Prophet Mohammad. Instead, the focus of the movie is on Hamza ibn Abd al-Muttalid, the Prophet’s uncle, popularly referred as Jesus by the Christians. Because of oppressions by the Mecca chiefs, Islam was founded by Hamza ibn Abd al-Muttalid.

The theme of the film is peace, kindness, and spreading God’s message. Also, the story of the film depicts a theme of sacrifice for God’s sake, i.e., dying for Allah. I love this movie because it reveals the good of Islam as a religion and sends a powerful message to extremists in the Middle East to embrace the goodness of Islam. The movie challenges those who have used Islam to promote terrorism. Watching the movie, you get to know the facts about Islam. Today, Islam is viewed by most people as a religion of terrorists and, badly perceived because of terrorist acts by extremists who commit sin in the name of Allah. The film reveals all truth and must be watched by not only Muslims but also Christians. Watching the film as a Christian, you get to know all that entails Islam and appreciate the religion. Also, you understand that Islam embraces peace.

Those purporting to be Muslim yet engage in terrorist acts are criminals who send blasphemy messages to brainwash weak-hearted Muslims. The film’s director, Moustapha Akkad, successfully portrayed Islam as a religion of peace and kindness the same as other religions. From the film, you get to understand; there is no much difference between Christianity and Islam. Both preach about peace. Islam, as a religion, orders us not to start wars, respect other’s faith, equality of the male and female gender, and obedience to God. The religion preaches against worshipping an idol. Islam preaches about thinking about the world, other creatures, and the purity of our body. The Koran mentions other prophets who are depicted in the film, for instance, a scene where Muslims visit Hebashe. King of Hebashe was a Christian then Muslim and talks about Saint Mary being pregnant. The same is mention by the Christian bible of the Virgin Mary, begetting Jesus Christ.

Since this movie is aimed at displaying the correctness of the Islamic religion, the Prophet is pictured nowhere. This is a must-watch film among the Muslim community. Watching the movie, you get an experience of a lifetime learning the meaning and roots of Islam. After watching the film, a true Muslim should be left in tears and speechless for a while. Watching a second time, the same should happen. The film has limitations or shortcomings: Prophet Mohammed, as the main character, is neither heard nor seen because it would have been a blasphemy for a human to play him. Although this takes time to get used to in the end, you get comfortable with how the film depicts the Prophet. However, the remaining section of the film compensates for this. Even though watching the film may not be sufficient for an individual to convert to Islam, but it has a powerful message to both the Muslims and non-Muslims.
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