Texas Exceptionalism Essay

In research, it is generally mentioned that Texans have an undying ego, but in terms of the history of the United States, Texans are exceptional. It is the nature of humanity to seek the best interest. Psychologists argue that it is in the nature of individuals and groups to seek what benefits them the most. In this regard, Texans are exceptional because of their history in the U.S, particularly warding off colonization.

Research indicates that Texas Exceptionalism points to its origins as being once a leader in directing the business of the U.S.A. However, Texan exceptionalism is conceived as a king of white supremacy battle, which continues to cloud its real depiction and demonstration. However, for this reason, Texans constantly aspire for success in all aspects of their lives, which they have done, and which has made them content with moving nowhere else in the country. In this regard, I am of the view that the video represents the individuals who remain prideful Texans just as it would others who are prideful of being members of a particular state, race, or ethnic group.

I believe that the state of Texas should allow online voter registration for two main reasons. Firstly, it will increase accessibility to voting, which remains a sensible way of making it easier for qualified voters to exercise a vital democratic right. Secondly, it will lower the costs of voter registration. Paper registration leads to increased expenditures on human resources and consumes high levels of Texan money that can be used for other purposes.

In this regard, I strongly support the introduction of online voter registration in Texas, which is one of the states that are yet to do so. There have been many human errors with paper registration, while the costs continue to spiral as the population expands. Moreover, convenient channels such as the internet are quickly replacing mail carriers. Thus, it is essential to adapt in order to stay relevant.

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