Example Admission Essay

As a highly persistent and goal-oriented but at the same time, modest student, I need the scholarship to further my education and get an opportunity to pursue my chosen career. I am a responsible and confident person because I always complete all the tasks that are assigned to me and value responsibility and purposefulness in others. I understand that my education is not only the next stage in my life that I should successfully complete but the foundation for my future career and expertise in the field.

I believe that I have a potential for becoming a successful professional in the future because I am accustomed to learning significant loads of new information and expressing proactiveness, which, to my mind, is an essential feature of a successful student. Moreover, I consider myself to be a good problem-solver and decision-maker, but I lack the practical experience to test associated abilities and skills. The scholarship will help me enhance my knowledge and skills and support my personal and professional development. In turn, I believe that if I reach my full potential with the help of scholarship, I will show high academic performance, which will positively affect the reputation of our college.

Consequently, I highly appreciate the opportunity to get a scholarship and will do my best to show that I am the right person for that. My responsibility and thirst for knowledge effectively combine with my ability to be funny that altogether allow me to be smart, but not too smart, and have a sense of humor. I strongly need the scholarship and deserve it because I know that I can and will get the job done. Therefore, I am confident that the scholarship money would be a good investment in my future career and personal development.

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