Self-Analysis Essay

Self-analysis or self-assessment is defined as a process of exploring and understanding one’s personality, emotions, and behavior. In essence, self-assessment is a self-description of one’s “values”. These values include sexuality, tastes and preferences, likes, our beliefs , and cultural attraction, and other identities. It is not always easy for an individual to define his/her identity unless told by others. Moreover, a person has more than one personality identities.

Regarding racial identity, I regard myself as an indigenous white American. However, I belong to the group of people that do not generalize others based on their ethnic profile as I believe that people should not be discriminated because of their color and social-cultural stereotypes. Regarding gender, I associate myself with the masculinity aspects. Indeed, it is my view that gender roles should be preserved in the society. Although I am a strong advocate of gender equality, I believe that some tasks are more inclined to the masculine gender while others are associated with the feminine gender. Regarding sexual orientation, I see myself as a heterosexual, but I respect the gender orientation of other people in society.

It is not always easy to evaluate oneself due to the effect of bias or own harsh judgment. Assessment by friends, colleagues, and family members give a true picture of an individual. Family members see me as a role model and a mentor for young ones Nad also a caring, dependable and a sociable person. However, my parents view me as an independent thinker, stubborn, and rebellious. Workmates and friends describe me as an independent person who cannot be influenced by peer pressure. Colleagues also perceive me as a team player and a dependable workmate in IT and computer related issues. However, some of them see me as hot-tempered, perfectionist, and strict.

In the future, I would want to become a loving husband and a father of three kids. I intend to be a successful businessman dealing with electronic merchandise. Having come from a humble family, I want to thank my parents with a house and car. I aspire to educate my kids in one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. I also intend going back to school for my post-graduate degree in computer science. Finally, I would like to participate in community activities that focus on environmental conservation.

How I Have Handled Past Relationships and Situations
My colleagues have also regarded me as caring for various interventions in the workplace. An incident that happened two years ago tested the caring tag that was synonym to a team leader for the company. One of my team members who is of African-American descent was involved in a car accident outside the company’s entrance. He had a broken leg and hard bleeding. The policemen had been called, but they did not arrive at the scene of the accident. Some volunteers were giving him first aid. The victim recognized me with a languid smile. When I realized he needed my help, I picked him up and placed him in my car and drove him to the hospital. At the hospital, I was told he needed a blood transfusion as he had lost much blood. Likely, my blood group and his were compatible, and so I volunteered as a blood donor. The patient had no medical card, so I paid for his admission fee before calling his relative. From this unfortunate story, one can find that I like to be useful for people as I helped the victim in taking him to the hospital, paying for his admission fees, and donating blood.

Availability of Unresolved Issues
All of us have unresolved issues either with the family members, friends, or colleagues. Similarly, I have various unresolved conflicts with my parents due to career choice being the main source of the misunderstanding. Firstly, my father who is a doctor wanted me to pursue a medical course to be like him. However, I felt that computer science course was more favourable for me. Consequently, my parents have never understood why I openly defied their wish to take a course similar to theirs. My lifetime partner is also another source of unresolved conflict between me and my parents, especially my mother. Being a white male , the family expected that I would get married with a white female; that is why my decision to marry an African-American lawyer did not satisfy my mother. I feel that my mother has not genuinely accepted my wife as her daughter-in-law. Moreover, my parents are followers of the Orthodox Church, and as I decided to join the Roman Catholic Church since studying in college, my it was also seen as a blatant rebellion towards my parents. Working in the management positions is susceptible to unresolved conflicts with the workmates too. Consequently, I have various unresolved conflicts with my junior stemming from my decisions to suspend, transfer, or demote an employee.

Source of Motivation
I feel that I am that person who is dedicated to a course, and it satisfies me to achieve the set targets in the workplace as well as at home. Indeed, I feel that I am a result-oriented person. However, this personality trait does not work with my subordinates who feel that I am a perfectionist, harsh, and strict. Nonetheless, it gives me pleasure to see my juniors meet their targets as well as the goals of the company. Therefore, it can be argued that I am motivated by passion and the fear of failing. Guilt is another source of motivation, especially at the workplace. For example, I take responsibility for the failures of my team members during the steering committee meeting in the organization. Consequently, I work hard and ensure that the company will not at risks for failures attributed to my team. Positive reinforcement (promotion, bonuses, and better salary) is another form of motivation for other members of the department and me, just like for other employees.

Do I Take Responsibility or Blame Others?
As hinted above, I do take responsibility for the failures of my staff in the organization. However, I cover a subordinate for only one time after which I take disciplinary measures against the appropriate staff. For example, the department has the unofficial verbal warning for first-time offenders and written warning for second-time offenders while third-time offenders are dismissed. However, the warnings are dependent on the degree of the offense. This strict disciplinary policy has reduced the number of offenses; hence, blaming is minimal. Moreover, taking the responsibility of other people could lead to work-related stress. Therefore, I ensure that the particular employees account for their failures as well as promise that similar offenses will not be repeated in the future. In the same way, as a husband, I take full responsibility for family-related issues, and I do not whatsoever blame my wife for small omissions.

Reflection on Self-Assessment
Self-analysis plays an important role in determining the social aspect of a person. For instance, an introvert person is likely to have lesser friends compared to an extrovert character. Moreover, the perception of a person towards others regarding religious, cultural, and ethnic views is also plays important role. However, it is paramount to note the difference between socialization and personality traits. Peer pressure will always result in an influence by friends and colleagues without listening to the inner voice. People who are principled in life are not likely to be influenced by such pressure. Love and care for others in the workplace do not mean that we shall not punish them when they go wrong. A conflict of interest will always occur when we mix friendship with management. Therefore, as a team leader, I believe in treating all the people equally irrespective of gender, age, and socioeconomic status.

Though one cannot be a good judge for himself, I assume that my personality traits have helped me to build a good relationship with the other people. Indeed, it is true that I have a broad spectrum of friends drawn for different races, religious groups, sexual orientation, and political inclination. Personal identities play an important role in determining the social aspect of a person. For example, when discovering the above personality traits, it was not easy to select the appropriate attribute that I associate with. Moreover, I had not thought about the personality traits before this assignment. Lack of self-belief is one of the reasons why most people are not able to determine their personal identity easily. Moreover, some people are anti-social which means that they are unlikely to compare what they do and what others practice. Besides, pretending is another factor that makes it difficult to identify our true originality.

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