Reflection on The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman is a film based on P.T Barnum’s circus story. Barnum, played by Hugh Jackman, rises from nothing, proving that dreams are achievable. The film shows a story of loss, struggle, and success. As it unfolds, it provides important messages about inclusion and empathy.

The takeaway regarding inclusion is that people have to stand up for themselves and declare their worth and acceptance. The film is about some individuals who are scared to show themselves to the world as the society perceives them differently. However, they become a community by holding hands with one another and declaring they are not different. Despite being oppressed and tormented by protesters, who claim they are not fit for equal rights, they fight for their freedom and acceptance. The film is set when protests and police raids scared people who considered themselves different. It took courage to fight and speak up for their freedom. The film’s songs further enhance the theme of inclusion. This is Me demonstrates the group was no longer afraid of being seen. The song invites the oppressed to speak up against oppression. Also, since the film’s narrative involves a mixed-race couple, Efron and Zendaya, it champions the idea that everyone should celebrate diversity. The film excellently romanticizes their relationship, making it difficult for the audience to oppose their love. Thus, the film advocates for racial equality and challenges historical stereotypes, many of which are still present today, about people who were born different.

Another key takeaway message is that we should empathize with society’s misunderstood members. The film engages with the audiences emotionally, making them identify with the characters. I resonate with Barnum’s struggle as he strives to become famous and rich. Barnum achieves his dream at a great cost as he almost loses his family. His wife takes their daughters and leaves over a risk that results in losing the family’s home and fortune. The last minutes of the film show Barnum’s circus in ashes. As he watches the hall burn, he is surrounded by his circus staff. He realizes that it is the people that he loves that matters during such moments. Barnum’s experiences evoke powerful emotions that I resonate with. Additionally, the film shows how outcasts spend their lives hiding due to their physical abnormalities. Barnum’s staff comprises individuals who feel they are not good enough. There are points in my career when I felt I was not good enough. Thus, the film’s storyline is packed with incidences that stir great empathy.

To implement these lessons in my career as a diagnostic medical sonographer, I will need to hone my interpersonal skills to work effectively with diverse professionals and patient populations. It would be fundamental to advocate for procedures, practices, and policies that ensure each sonographer’s voice and concerns are heard irrespective of their background. This strategy will further ensure that patients from diverse cultural and racial backgrounds receive healthcare services without discrimination. Additionally, since I will be dealing with patients with various emotional and physical states, positive patient communication will be a prerequisite to show empathy. This approach will help me act in a caring way even when the patients seem unreasonable, angry, irritable, or impatient. Thus, sharpening my interpersonal and communication skills will enhance my approach to patient-centered care.

In conclusion, the film encourages society’s misunderstood members to be themselves, no matter the oppression. It also advocates for acceptance and celebration of diversity. Finally, it demonstrates no person is incapable of achieving their dreams. As a sonographer, I will implement these lessons by improving my interpersonal and communication skills to relate with professionals and treat patients from diverse backgrounds.
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