Philosophy of Teaching Essay

Giving a reflection on my teaching career, my pedagogical stance is greatly influenced by the belief that students have a great depth of knowledge in the aspect of their ability to multi-task and make connections with various course concepts. In regard to this perspective, I ensure that students put into practice their greatest skills, which include incorporating classroom assignments with real life experiences. This will help them in gaining experience and knowledge on how to be actively involved with professional jobs. My experience in teaching profession has equipped me with the knowledge that students are motivated by creating a positive learning environment that involves promoting and respecting intellectual diversity amongst them.

Writing contributes to the tendency in which students grasp information in the classroom. My focus in the classroom is to make students become better writers, which have a direct impact on diversity of intellectual ability of students in the classroom. Teaching career has taught me to also enhance a conducive learning environment for the students. Due to the fact that students come from different socio-economic backgrounds, it is my responsibility to ensure that I provide an environment that all students excel in their studies. During lessons, I incorporate my professional experiences so that students can integrate formal and informal learning.

In conclusion, diversity is an aspect that needs to be absorbed in the education system so that there is inclusion of a variety of reasoning and perspectives. As an academic professional, I have learnt that it is important to create positive relationships with students where we can express compassion and trust. I strongly believe that allowing students to learn from their mistakes is a great way of influencing their critical thinking.

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