Peer Feedback: Annotated Bibliography Essay

Menge. “Interdisciplinary Arts School.” 2018, pp. 1-3.
We began the academic year with a term paper that required the analysis of an iconic image where I focused on racial injustice illustrated in Colin Kaepernick national anthem protest. I also did an interview video assignment with Joe, my classmate, where we discussed and analyzed the NBA playoffs of 2018. In the third assignment, we were required to create a video on public service announcement. I chose to focus on three different methods of saving money on movie tickets. I collaborated with my classmates to complete the summer 2018 assignment where we researched on the Japanese pop culture. I studied how video games have revolutionized their culture. In winter 2019, I pursued a photography class where I completed a 3 photo series illustrating how past tweets from celebrities were scrutinized by the media. In another assignment, I used pictures to portray the recovery process of sexual abuse victims. We completed the photography class by making a film where I created a self-identity film on myself. The course was highly significant to me as I was able to explore my creative mature in different assignments on the creation of the self-identity film.

Elizabeth. “Artifacts.” 2017-2018, pp. 1-3.
The first assignment was a policy memo where I analyzed the issues surrounding the current death penalty policy. In the second artifact, I studied the lack of human rights in the health care provided for HIV/AIDS patients living in Togo, a country in West Africa. In the bid to explore my creativity and passion for writing, I submitted the first chapter of my fictional novel to a publishing agent. This artifact made me look at the possibility of having some of my works published. It was further enhanced in artifact four where I enrolled in a creative writing class. In artifact 5, we created a short video illustrating self-drive and development stages of a creator. For artifact 6, I created a blog page where I advocated for the elimination of social stigma directed towards people living with a disability. Artifact 7 saw me analyzing the current tobacco tax policy in the US and its role in increasing the chances of lung cancer. To further illustrate my passion for writing, I submitted a creative project of a fictional story for my eighth artifact. The project was significant as it set me in the path towards publishing my first fictional novel.
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