Essay on Mental Health in Schools

We have selected mental health in schools as the social issue that we will discuss. Today, many school-going children are struggling to manage with their mental health amidst the increasing anxiety, depression, self-harm, and despair among them. For instance, Anderson and Cardoza indicate that up to on in five children in the United States show signs and symptoms of mental health disorder annually (par. 1). Unfortunately, about 80 percent of the children who need mental health services do not receive the services (Anderson and Cardoza par. 1). Therefore, mental health in schools is an important social issue that should be addressed.

We consider mental health in schools to be a significant social issue because it affects millions of school-going children in the U.S. and other parts of the world. Moreover, it leads to frequent absenteeism from school, low performance in class, disorderly behavior, and school dropout. Mental health in schools also interferes with the schooling of the children. For that reason, the issue is considered as a public or social concern because of its devastating effects on children. Conversely, the issue is an important concern to address since good mental health is fundamental success in education and in life.

We will follow the public/private partnership to solve the mental health problem in schools. The public/private partnership will enable us to ensure the views of all parties associated with mental health in schools are included in the organizational decision-making. Equally, the partnership should enable schools to contribute significantly and effectively to the mental health management and prevention. Schools should work hard to eliminate mental health issues to allow the children to concentrate on their studies.
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