My E-Portfolio Sample

About Me
One of my strengths is that I am a good listener who possesses better communication skills. Through such skills, I have found it easier to interact with others. However, my weakness is lack of confidence especially when communicating with people.

Inspired Insights
The two idols that I love the most is my mother and sister. Since I was a child, I have always been close to both my mother. She has helped me understand some life challenges and how to overcome them. My sister has also played a major role in my life she is caring and loving. Mostly, when I have problems my sister has always been there for me as an inspirational person. In short, both my mother and sister are heroes in my life as they do make me strong and keep moving. I love them so much and always proud of them.

Wonderful Moments
One of the happiness moment was when I graduated from high school. At this time, my family were eager to attend my graduating and have a photo session with me. It was one of the greatest achievement in my live. Since I managed to bring my families together as one people. Another wonderful experience in my life is when I realized how I am loved by those around me and how supportive they are. My friends and family have always been supportive to me. I find it interesting to associate with me and focus on achieving the best in my life.

Magnificent Failures
My biggest failure was not being able to complete my assignments on time. However, after being encouraged by my sister, I was able to understand the importance of education and how to improve on the way I learn different contents. Having some time to figure things out enabled me to prepare to decide what I actually want to learn for my selected career. Another bad experience is fighting some of my friends in school. My focus has always been to make friendship with other people. However, at one time I found myself fighting with my best friend without any apparent reason.

Covid-19 Pandemic Experience
My feelings and experience about covid-19 pandemic is that it is really becoming too difficult to control. Majority of people have died because of this pandemic and nothing so far has been done to overcome situations. Secondly, I believe the right vaccine will be found and this pandemic will be eliminated completely and life will return to normal.

Programming Challenges
Working with different programming such as C++ has enabled me acquire different skills especially on how to operate the programmes. I have been able to prepare different portfolio using different programming languages and this has created a unique experience for me and how I handle different tasks. Besides, I was able to use Algorithmic programming test to assess my level of expertise in C++. However, I was able to experience programming challenges such as using coding with key aim of ensuring there is results that can help for further analysis.

In future, I would wish to join programming language class and learn more about Oracle C++. An Oracle database is considered a collection of information treated as the unit. The key aim of database is to store and retrieve a given information. Therefore, a database server is the key to solve many problems of the information management.
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