Dubai City Essay

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates. Tourists love it because of its ultramodern architecture, tall towers, and luxury shopping. Besides, people from different cultures, religions, and geographical locations reside there. With a ticket in my hand, Dubai is the place I will visit. It has several options when it comes to the traveling budget. For instance, the city has both expensive and affordable houses that suit people from different economic backgrounds. The price of petrol is relatively cheap, which implies that the cost of moving from one point to another is low. A night before the journey, I will ensure that I packed my luggage, including a skating board, sporting clothes, guitar, and laptop.

The first place I will visit is man-made islands in the region. This cite sounds interesting and attractive to every individual. Tourists recognize Dubai’s breathtaking engineering feats. Palm Island is located off the coast of Dubai. In particular, I will witness the seaside views. My friends talk about luxurious and expensive accommodation on this island. I will spend my first night in one of the hotels on the island. I love eating fish. I will not afford not to include it in the dinner diet. Thus, the Palm Island will be the first thing I will do after arriving in Dubai.

I will go to heritages sites and entertaining activities later during my stay in Dubai. The city has rich historical places, such as Seed Al Maktoum House and Dubai Museum. Besides, I love participating in festival events. Dubai introduced venues and promotions that aim to attract investors from different corners of the world. I will ensure that I participate in them. I will tour the city and accompany my friends to the festivals. These festival events will include, but not limited to Dubai shopping festival, Ed in Dubai, and Dubai summer surprises. It will be a great chance to interact with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Having experienced these activities and attractions, I will have an opportunity to witness other people’s culture and way of life.

Importantly, Dubai has introduced sporting events, exhibitions, and conferences throughout the year. It could be a coincidence that I will be traveling to the city when most of these events will be taking place. They would make the tour more enjoyable and entertaining. These events tend to attract a broad spectrum of people from different countries. I will visit them to experience something new. We live in a techno world where every people can use internet platforms to access online services. Therefore, I will use my smartphone GPS to locate different locations and access online services such as hotel booking. As a result, my trip will be both emotionally fulfilling and comfortable in terms of moving around.

In summary, the visit to Dubai will offer a great experience as well as acquaint me with a vast knowledge of the culture and lifestyle of the residents. Furthermore, it will give me an opportunity to meet new friends and have a taste of different cultures. It cannot be gainsaid that the chance to go to Dubai will change the way I view other people from other continents. It is during this visit that I will confirm the richness of Arab culture. In general, the ticket in my hand will bring a great change in my life as I visit the beautiful city of Dubai.
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