Live Love SUP Mail Marketing Campaign Essay

Love Live SUP is renowned for its quality customer service to enthusiasts of paddling. The company is committed to ensuring that its customers’ preferences and tastes are met and that it provides a variety of products that suit every client during the festive season. The organization operates in the global market, which means that it has to cater to needs of people from different cultures and with diverse perceptions. Therefore, the firm has designed a variety of products, such as t-shirts, mugs, and a variety of bags that can be used to gift the customers’ family, friends, and colleagues. The commitment of the corporation to its clients is reflected by the diversity of products that they can buy as gifts during the Christmas season.

As a valued customer of Live Love SUP, the company is committed to guaranteeing that you acquire the best gifts during this festive season. Subsequently, we have included our traditional products that are associated with paddling by collaborating with our partners and ambassadors. We are also involving you, as a community contributor, to engage with the firm to ensure that your needs and preferences are met this festive season. With support from the firm’s strategic partners, the company is committed to ensuring that the provided commodities enrich your paddling experience during the festive season and beyond.

Gauging the Success of the Mailing List
For the organization to maintain its affable relationship with its stakeholders, it has introduced a mailing list that will be used to enhance its ability to communicate with clients, ambassadors, partners, and contributors. The mailing list will be sent to various subscribers interested in the products or programs operated by Live Love SUP. The success of the mailing lists will be gauged through the application of two parameters: open-rate and click-through-rates. The two measurement methods will be crucial in ensuring that the organization can improve its conversions.

Open-rate refers to the percentage of total recipients who opened and read the email. Hence, the company should ensure that it examines different factors that may increase conversion. One of the determinants is relevancy of the subject line. For instance, the subject of the message attracts people who subscribe to the mail list. Subscribers will only open an email that will catch their attention. Relevancy is central for the open-rate to indicate a positive response from the writers. It is also vital in attracting people interested in different fields (Bilos, Turkalj, & Kelic, 2016). For this reason, for the mail to receive favorable open rates, it needs to address issues related to the community and paddling.

On the contrary, click-through rate refers to a ratio that displays how often subscribers who see the links of the organization’s messages follow them. For example, the Live Love SUP should count its click-through rate by counting the number of clicks that have been followed and the number of links that have been shown. For the organization to improve its click-through rate, it is imperative to ensure that the adverts and links from the website offer helpful and relevant information. Furthermore, it is imperative for Live Love SUP to ensure that the adverts and emails sent to the subscribers are attractive and capture the attention of the recipient (Todor, 2017). Having numerous clicks is an indicator that the marketing campaign is successful in appealing to the intended population. Subsequently, the marketing campaign will be efficacious in enhancing the success of the firm in attracting the target audience.

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