Essay about ATIGS

The African Trade and Global Summit (ATIGS) was organized by GAA exhibition & conferences and happened on the 24th to the 26th of June, 2018 in Washington DC. Renowned global economic players from more than 70 countries attended the forum. They included high profile African leaders, multinational investors, government delegates and project developers. The central theme of the event was “Driving trade, Unleashing Investment and enhancing economic development.” The event was fashioned to accommodate the ideas from the leaders in an attempt to foster and enhance international trade between America, Asia, UAE, Europe, and Africa. It provided a chance for the attendees to learn new strategies in business and served as a platform for them to visualize the potential ventures and investment opportunities that are available both within their local regions and in foreign countries.

The structure of the event was formatted to facilitate a close and direct peer engagement between the attendees. It integrated a good environment for more advanced deal-making and occasions of showcasing fundable projects, co-investments and making strategic partnerships. Prominent officials and other distinguished personalities were given a chance to participate directly through a speech where they presented their perspectives and ideologies about globalization.The event was flagged by other international events like the World Gas Conference and the SelectUSA Investment Summit (SUIS). The positioning was strategic because it provided an opportunity for the ATIGS to avail themselves in large numbers. In essence, the World Gas Conference was expected about 12,000 delegates to participate whereas the SUIS expected over 1200 global business Investors. Ultimately, the event ended up having a high number of country representatives and other stakeholders making it a memorable occasion.

Typically, the World Gas Conference which was hosted by the International Gas Union would benefit ATIGS delegates who majored in the Oil and Gas Industry. The managed to network with world leaders in the industry who had attended the conference. On the other hand, The SelectUSA Investment Summit which was aimed at promoting foreign direct investment in the US connected the delegates with global business investors and a high-level coverage in the media. During the three days that the event happened, the top agenda was to cover 16 main economic sectors, most notably in manufacturing, healthcare, infrastructure, transportation, power, tourism, and natural resources. The focus was on a high potential project in these sectors that were based in Africa which would stir the attention of international investors. Presentations of the items in the agenda were in the form of exhibitions, showcases and PowerPoint among others.

Also, the participants managed to experience large displays of companies from all over the world. The event roofed a gathering of Africa-global business opportunities. The ultimate target of the occasion is to provide direct access to African markets while connecting them with global investors. ATIGS was built on a rotational model where the location of the summit is expected to change after every two years. The next summit is scheduled to happen in Dubai, followed by Beijing, Brussels, Addis Ababa and South America respectively with a gapping of two years between consecutive meetings.

In Conclusion, the ATIGS was an exceptional event that provides a multitude of strategic business impacts not only for Africa but to the rest of the world. It serves as a significant step in achieving the dream of uniting the world as a global village while bringing ii innovations, developments and creating mutual benefits between countries and continents.

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