Hot Pot Descriptive Essay

This dish is not prepared using a specific recipe or cut of ingredients, it is more of a technique. Typically, it comprises a sizeable cut of tough beef (which is preferably browned) which is prepared together with broth and aromatics to a melting tender state. The appearance of the hot pot dish portrays some brownish meat soaked in some heavy gravy. On the meat and in the gravy, there are sizeable pieces of carrots and green-leafy vegetables that make the meal appear delicious and healthy at the same time. Moreover, the gravy is thick suggesting that the meal took a significant amount of time to prepare. Notably, meal’s ingredients exist in a mixed manner that makes it look colorful and appetizing. To an extent, it appears as if it is sticky since the soup is relatively thick.

Consequently, the aroma is so fascinating – it is amazing; fresh yet aromatic. The aroma of the meal arouses the smell senses to an extent that one starts to salivate. The smell of roast beef coupled with that of garnished vegetables makes it irresistible.

Markedly, the taste is heavenly – the tantalizing taste awakens taste buds that one did not now even existed. Primarily, the slow simmering of the vegetables in the brown meat results to a hot pot meal tastes like roasted beef but with a distant flavor of fresh greens. To touch, the dish is tender and easy to take apart and chew. Thus, it does not require the use of a knife or fork to cut.

Undeniably, the way it looks matches its taste and feel/touch – it is magnificent and has a savory taste, which makes it a wonderful dish.

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