Fragrance Line Essay

It is not always going to be easy to start up a new online business, but with the right marketing strategy, most of the challenges may be addressed. Opening a women clothing store which sells online will have its share of challenges. Foremost, most women want to fit the clothes, and where a wrong choice is delivered, a customer is likely to decline.

Competition is also high in this business. The beauty store is advantageous in the sense that a ready market is available given the fascination with the products, but again, the competition is stiff and challenges of delivery to distant customers still persist. A fragrance line also has a ready market since the product has a high consumption rate, making it a good choice of business. However, to be successful, one has to think about finding high-quality products that would sell and generating the desired traffic. These would be a challenge.

If I were to open a fragrance line, no doubt I would wish to market it online, given the number of social media and general internet users. Social media is where potential customers are. I would look for the renowned suppliers of perfumes, go for both high-end and other brands.

It is imperative to segment, position, and target the market strategically to sell to both low and high-income earners. I would occasionally sponsor some of my products on Facebook to generate more traffic, reach a wider base of customers, capturing the benefits and quality of the fragrance and converting the potential customers into real clients. I would involve a website designer with known experience and expertise.

iPage would offer me a good platform for hosting due to its popularity and low cost. I would also employ a few people to do deliveries around town. For the clients abroad, they would cater to the shipping costs. I will also include videos and customer testimonials in my adverts to convince the potential buyers of the desirable smells and quality of the product. Youtube is a good platform to share my videos of satisfied customers even as I will seek to solve any possible complaints or cases of dissatisfaction.

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