Hawaiian Language Essay

In the modern world, there are many languages which are rarely used in everyday life. The reasons may be closely connected to historical and cultural circumstances. For example, ‘Olelo Hawaii – Hawaiian language – now is widespread at Hawaiian islands among locals. Hawaii is considered the most recent state that joined the USA. It has two official languages: English and Hawaiian. The last one belongs to the Austronesian language family. During the 19th and 20th centuries, ‘Olelo Hawaii was suppressed (Schweitzer). However, its importance is discussed in society nowadays. Students at Honolulu Community College should be required one year of ‘Olelo Hawaii to earn an AA degree. In some way, it may be considered as the first step to revive and protect the language.

It is extremely important that in many educational institutions, it is possible to find special immersion programs that help to study the Hawaiian language. In addition, there are many websites such as Drops, which are aimed at teaching the basic rules of this particular language: “along with moves by local primary schools, secondary schools, and the University of Hawaii to offer Hawaiian language classes, has helped bring the language back from the brink of extinction” (Locker). It is also essential that Honolulu Community College supports studying the Hawaiian language. In order to get high grades, students must pass the exam from this subject.

Finally, protecting language means protecting the whole cultural heritage. It allows mentioning historical traditions, collective notions, and ideas. ‘Olelo Hawaii now is endangered, which proves that few people use this language in everyday life. Studying Hawaiian in colleges and universities, in this context, is a beneficial tradition and the first step to overcome the negative effect of globalization. The government should pay more attention to keep, popularize, and develop the language. It is significant to join the youth in this process and teach them how to use this part of cultural heritage.
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