Fendi Cosmetics Essay

As it is noted, “beauty is power; a smile is its sword.” Therefore, complement your outlook with beauty products that guarantee a bright smile and guarantee glowing skin. Premature skin damage may result in having a frumpish look which may eventually weaken the smile. Studies show that cumulative exposure to the sun may be detrimental to the facial appearance. As such, there is a need to have the best skin defender complimented with quality cosmetic products such as lipstick, lip-gloss, foundations, eyeliners and mascara.

That is why Fendi introduces a set of cosmetics and skin care products that would restore smile and ensure the satisfaction of the consumer. The company launches the first ever lip gloss that ensures moist and plump lips enhancing maximum beauty. Similarly, the company introduces a new lipstick that comes in various colors giving a touch of confidence to the user. Considering the health benefits of the consumer, the company launches herbal mascara that is synthetic chemical free hence reduced chances of side effects. The cosmetics line ventured by the business was subjected to testing, analysis, and verification by various personalities guaranteeing safety as well as beauty to the customers.

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“For me, makeup is like a secret weapon. Makeup can go from very subtle to a complete transformation depending on my mood, my look or the occasion. For that, I can be able to play and create in endless ways hence the funny part about make up. After years of experimenting with the best-of-best cosmetics and beauty products, I officially have found makeup products that guarantee satisfaction, enhance beauty while upholding consumer health,” said Fendi. As such, the company has been aspired by the need to develop makeup products that consider health while maintaining the glow.